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Jacumba really is out here

Everything about it oozes mystery and intrigue.

Jacumba is at the epicenter of an ongoing struggle for economic revival tempered by a grassroots commitment to natural preservation.

The Obama effect

Interview with U.S. president gets local 'tween singer some internet love

As revealed in the recent Reader cover story “What WikiLeaks reveals about San Diego,” former Blink-182 player Tom DeLonge is apparently obsessed with interviewing federal and military bigwigs about the truth behind UFOs. However, local ...

Bad audit times at iHigh

Staffmembers "improperly paid"

San Diego Unified’s iHigh Virtual Academy, “a tuition-free public high school offering students the opportunity to earn a high school diploma primarily online,” per its website, has an overspending problem. So says a report for ...

A caveman Thanksgiving

Easy paleo options for Turkey Day

“We soak cashews, swell them, and cream them down so that they act like a kind of cream cheese.”

Straight into bed

Caramelized onion and short rib make crazy love together between the buns

"Uh, is that Russian you’re speaking?” Long silence. “Not Russian. Romanian.” The guy looks at me. “Excuse me for saying so, but next time you are not sure, it is better to suggest Czech, or ...

Hipster laughmongers

Unpleasant, obscure, dark.

Dear Hipster Lore Master: You mentioned Louis C.K. in one of your recent dispensations of wisdom. It got me wondering: What kind of comedy works best for hipsters? C.K., I could see working because of ...

Now you know: The Lulls

...the calm after the storm of Ed Ghost Tucker

"Our music is something like surf rock meets shoegaze, but there’s a lot more to it than that,” says singer/guitarist Rutger Rosenborg of the Lulls. “It’s a little post-punky and ambient, but it also has ...

SDSU’s six-figure club

It's bonus time at San Diego State

It’s November, extra cash time for executives at San Diego State University, where bonuses are being handed out by California State University trustees for “established goals met.” Provost and senior vice president for academic affairs ...

Fourth-wave surf rock

Jason Lee isn't a kid anymore, so who's taking the next surf-rock set?

Local surf rocker Jason Lee and his bandmates are putting the finishing touches on their sophomore release, Monsters and Mai Tais, due out in Spring, 2017. Featuring members from both of his bands — the ...

Brush up on your Shakespeare

Despite its age, Measure for Measure is still surprisingly relevant.

Watching Measure for Measure — performed as part of the Old Globe’s “Globe for All” program, which injects free productions into unconventional venues all over town — I got deja vu listening to Angelo, the ...

Wet your toes on Torrey Pines Marsh Trail

The Marsh Trail is worth a visit for bird lovers, native-plant aficionados, and day-hikers.

The Torrey Pines Marsh Trail is not easily found, much like the cave of the hermit who carved a home out of the sandstone bluffs along the trail. The Marsh Trail does not appear on ...

Two films on photography and more this week at MoPA

"Something old, something twisted, something new, and something experimental"

It’s always nice to welcome an old friend back to town, particularly one who is as bright and talented a filmmaker as Wolfgang Hastert. After years spent studying and getting his graduate degree from Duke ...

The Edge of Seventeen — the kids of today

Hughesian youth

Writer-director-producer Kelly Fremon Craig’s The Edge of Seventeen offers a verbally frank take on the horrors of adolescence — difficult parents, difficult siblings, difficult romantic interests, and even difficult best friends — gentled just enough ...

Late life for the San Diego Music Awards

After being announced it was off for 2016, the awards are back on

It was announced on 91X’s Loudspeaker show November 6 that the San Diego Music Awards was taking a year off this year with hopes to return next year. Through November 7 the SDMA website was ...

Why club fishing?

Experience, community, conservation

Fishing is my life away from the hassle of making a living. Wherever I’ve found myself I’ve found a fishery, whether it was the Colorado or Montana high country, the lakes of north-central Texas, or ...

Road-trip musical Miss You Like Hell pulls into La Jolla Playhouse

“Where you used to be, there is a hole in the world, which I find myself falling into at night.”

Miss You Like Hell, world-premiering at the La Jolla Playhouse, tells the reunion of Beatriz and her estranged daughter Olivia. They ride a beat-up blue Datsun pickup from Philadelphia to Yellowstone National Park. On the ...

Catch Toruk, go skating, go fishing, go running, go drinking

Things to do before Thanksgiving hits

Thursday | 17 Fantasy on Ice The old Horton Plaza ice-skating rink has been permanently relocated to a new Liberty Station location. The venue has changed, but the event continues to benefit the Peckham Center ...

Gogol Bordello: not boring world music

Gypsy-rock big band rolls the caravan into the Observatory Saturday night

From a handwritten “artist statement”: “Gogol Bordello’s task is to provoke audiences out of post-modern aesthetic (illegible word) into a neo-optimistic communal movement towards new sources of authentic energy.” This, from a singer/songwriter and former ...

Anna Danes's up and down year

Jazz singer has a cancer scare followed by a hit record

“The whole thing was made and produced in Los Angeles at Capital Records,” says jazz singer Anna Danes, on the phone from her home in Solana Beach. We’re speaking of her brand-new release Find Your ...

Ampersands are cool

Unmistakenly hipster

Dear Hipster: (1) What’s with the trend of local hipster places with two words separated by an ampersand? Like: Herb & Wood, Soda & Swine, Craft & Commerce, Ketchup & Vodka, etc. (2) Are those ...

Will digital newspapers edge out print?

How much money has been wasted on digital newspapers?

"Get a horse!” From 1900 to the 1920s, those were the words that made a comedian out of every American who shouted them. Those bellowed beratings were, of course, aimed at people who had purchased ...

Dakota pipeline protesters flood Kearny Mesa courtyard

Water vs. oil war brought to Army Corps of Engineers' doorstep

Despite a call from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers on Monday (November 14) for a round of additional studies that would temporarily delay construction of the controversial Dakota Access Pipeline, supporters of residents at ...


for Bunny 1. The Early Stages of Our Move Hammer Out a Simile In our case, it was stress from moving, though It’s a mundane variety. The house We couldn’t think, for thirty years, of ...

Last-minute contributions to Measure A campaign

Loaded railroaders

Wealthy out-of-town contractors doing business with the San Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG for short) continued right up until the end to give big money to the agency’s ultimately failed sales-tax-raising Measure A, which fell ...

Lord Mayall, Lord Stax, Red Fang and the Man in Black the best of the rest in San Diego clubs this week

Sunday 20The 83-year-old British bluesman John Mayall was the leader of one of the more prominent ’60s blues groups, the Bluebreakers, which included in its ranks over the years a shifting lineup of musical greats, ...

Mad Doctors, Moon Hooch, Night Beats, and Neko Case the best of the rest in San Diego clubs this weekend

Thursday 17“We are all (mal)practicing doctors in various fields. Dr. Applebaum is a surgery ‘specialist,’ Dr. Park is a veterinarian, and Dr. X — well, that is undisclosed for various legal reasons,” the Mad Doctors ...

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Not There This Week On page two you usually have a comic (Obermeyer). I don’t see it this week (November 10). I was just curious what happened, if whoever writes it doesn’t do it anymore ...

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