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East Miramar Marines escort bikers out and confiscate their bikes

“They told us we would have to plead guilty"

Please: More signs on the edge of the Marines’ Miramar base.

Three poems by Pianta

“Air,” “Ethnobotany,” and “The Well We Drink From”

Air sharks skirt you as you hold the line the eagle rays take conchs into their mouths consuming their flesh as bits of shell drift empty to the ocean floor the barracudas crosshatch themselves above ...

Tropical Maugham

Better served not to mention Somerset Maugham

The Old Globe has created a new musical based on the short story, Rain, by Somerset Maugham. Transferring the stark characters of Maugham’s story into a musical theater setting is a daunting task. Maugham’s characters ...

Lunging into a burger in the People’s Penthouse

Come on, li’l burger

I am the captain of my ship. I stride my bridge deck. I scan the scuddy blue seaway ahead of me. Tallships bob everywhere below. That’s how it feels anyway. Star of India, HMS Surprise, ...

The multitasking Mr. Boyle

Folk Art Records owner on what Record Store Day has in store for him

“That would be the goal that I’d like to achieve. Longevity.” Brendan Boyle bought Folk Arts Rare Records from the owner/founder, Lou Curtiss, who was an old man at the time of the sale. Boyle ...

Carl Saunders schools SDSU

Jazz trumpeter blows into town for two shows on Thursday, April 14

No, jazz is not dead after all. While a fairly recent Nielsen rating revealed that jazz listenership in America had sunk to a comatose low, I predict that the art form will survive well into ...

Food without the TSA hassle

Eating and drinking on the Pacific Highway

Those who crave the taste of airport food without the bother of navigating Transportation Security Administration checkpoints may soon have a new option, according to a request for qualifications issued March 24 by the San ...

We blow you up

O.B. reggae duo remembers time in Iran with new single, "Black Line"

Based in Ocean Beach, electronic reggae band Trans_Conduit is fronted by Osprey Recording studio and label owner Kevin Mankins, alongside Cape May Sound operator Ed Fletcher (Cubensis, Electric Waste Band). An experience from Mankins’s service ...

Tunnel of shrubs and countless species in the Cuyamacas

Take this short hike to view wildflowers, insects, and post-fire habitat recovery.

This short walk has such an array of habitats, insects, and plant species that a longer trek may not reveal much more of nature’s palette in the Cuyamaca Mountains. The loop is a triangle of ...

People choose to turn to God or not

"As clergy, we get too caught up in doctrine, dogma and drama."

Southeast Community Presbyterian Church Pastor: Deb Mitchell Age: 58 Born: Fort Wayne, IN Formation: Perdue University, West Lafayette, IN; Mount St. Mary’s, Los Angeles, Bethel Seminary, San Diego Years Ordained: 4 San Diego Reader: What ...

Rain falls on the Old Globe stage

We all want new lives

“She’ll be starved and tortured...I want her to accept the punishment of man as a sacrifice to God.”

Cardboard selfies

Get into Normandie Wilson's new installation at the Lafayette

“I can guarantee you there will be more glitter present at the Glamorous Creatures show than anywhere else in San Diego,” says singer/pianist Normandie Wilson of her new art installation, debuting April 21 at the ...

Ghost buildings haunt Tijuana

No romantic approach toward saving old buildings.

Puerta Mexico, a.k.a. La Concha (“the shell”), a googie-esque immigration office on the Mexican side of the San Ysidro border crossing, was demolished in 2015 . Constructed in 1961, the structure also served as a ...

Taste Hillcrest, Point Loma, and Fallbrook

Or go to Coachella

Thursday | 14 This group of eleven performers from Colorado combines ballet and modern dance. The Boston Herald called them the “classically trained company of the future.” Time keeps on slipping slipping slipping...for everybody but ...

I'm the kind of pizza that guilts you for not ordering pho instead

Never forget about Crystal Pepsi or the Smiths

About 18 months ago, I responded to a question about what kind of bicycle I would be, if I were a bicycle. Since then, contrary to what I would have assumed, inquiries along a similar ...

Birth of the cruel

Both Miles Ahead and Born to Be Blue find their subjects in the midst of career lows

The Miles Davis moment continues. The jazz (sorry, social music) trumpet legend and subject of director, star, and co-writer Don Cheadle’s Miles Ahead already showed up for a sort of preview appearance in last week’s ...

Isbelle's thrill for life

Local rock-roller Toni Isbelle dies when her car is hit by an airplane on a Fallbrook roadway

Shane Zelm was one of the couple hundred friends who paid tribute to Toni Isbelle last Monday at Skateworld in Linda Vista. Tears were flowing as fellow members of the Starlettes roller-derby team paid tribute ...

Yay: No festibro at Waterfront Park’s anti-rave

The crowd looked like understated Parrotheads dabbling in seapunk.

Coachella 2004 was kind of a big deal for me. Having no idea what we were getting into, a carload of friends and I drove 13 hours from the Humboldt State dorms to the desert ...

Live on Coronado’s 1st Street

The ultimate in...everything

Sales literature that almost achieves mysticism.

Avocado growers disappointed by El Nino

Fruit too big in Mexico, too small in U.S.

The local avocado industry takes more bruising.

Money for helmets, not for books

Say goodbye to Lexis-Nexis

Money for college sports at tax-funded San Diego State University has been growing at a rapid clip. Not so, the school’s library funding, according to a dire State of the Library report presented April 5 ...

We get what we deserve

Letters from readers

Correction Regarding the article in the movie section, “Cemetery of Kings.” The article mentions the filmmaker as being Taiwanese when, in fact, he is Thai — from Thailand. Name withheld via voicemail May Seem Trivial ...

Enjoy the Coachella spoils recent Rock Hall of Famer Steve Miller, Frankie Cosmos, and the El Vez Punk Rock Revue

Thursday 14Time keeps on slipping slipping slipping...for everybody but Steve Miller, apparently, who railed at a Rock Hall of Fame press officer Friday night, just minutes after being inducted: “No, we’re not going to wrap ...

Who would try to kiss us?

We removed the “No Girls” sign...

Post Title: Living in Tree Houses Post Date: March 19, 2016 When I was 10, my girlfriends and I disappeared into the woods after school and climbed up the big oak tree to the shack ...

Acid Mothers, Sheer Mag, the Damned

...and the best of the rest in San Diego clubs this week

Sunday 17Soda Bar stages Japanese noise-rock pioneers Acid Mothers Temple & the Melting Paraiso U.F.O. on Sunday. Freakout guitarist Kawabata Makoto has been the only constant in the collective’s 20-year career, which this year saw ...

All about that bass

National Bass West is a tournament series in California and Arizona. In the San Diego region, the tournaments are usually held at Lake Hodges, Lower Otay, and El Capitan. This Saturday, April 16, will be ...

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