Singer/pianist Normandie Wilson’s new “large-scale cardboard terrariums” installation opens next week at the Lafayette Hotel.
  • Singer/pianist Normandie Wilson’s new “large-scale cardboard terrariums” installation opens next week at the Lafayette Hotel.
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“I can guarantee you there will be more glitter present at the Glamorous Creatures show than anywhere else in San Diego,” says singer/pianist Normandie Wilson of her new art installation, debuting April 21 at the Lafayette Hotel. “I’m creating large-scale cardboard terrariums for people to wander through, sort of like the dioramas you used to make in elementary school, but human-sized. There will be stations through the installation where you can take your best selfies — not next to the exhibit but within the exhibit. This installation is about the interaction between the audience and the work, because the audience will be within the works.”


"Borrowed Time" Normandie Wilson Normandie Wilson

Mainly known as a performer, this is her first large-scale installation in San Diego. “I’ve always directed the visual aspects of my album art and carefully curated every visual element, from my makeup to my wigs to my costumes, to support the music. I’ve done this with every music video I’ve ever made and have recently made the move to more aggressively incorporating my own art into the videos.” One recent example of her Pee Wee Herman–esque set dressing can be seen in “Borrowed Time,” a collaboration with videographer Kay Piper featuring cardboard paintings similar to the Lafayette display.

“I prefer to create sets and use my paintings and creations in conjunction with video and photography, to bring worlds to life for the music to inhabit. I’m trying to bring people into my magical, glittery world.... We were able to schedule the [Lafayette] show during Earth Week, which is a great tie-in for the cardboard pieces. I’d like to start doing cardboard installations everywhere I can, so I figured I should start now.”

Lafayette Hotel, Swim Club & Bungalows

2223 El Cajon Boulevard, University Heights

She says there’s an endless supply of “canvas” in the dumpster near her home. “Once I realized the flexibility of cardboard, I began painting on every kind of cardboard I could find.... I’m creating props that can be rearranged into an infinite number of expressions. Cardboard helped me ease the fear and preciousness associated with working on canvas. I’m not afraid to make a mistake on cardboard.”

The show will also include a performance with her newly renamed band the Joyelles. “We cannot use the name Casino Royale anymore, as there is another band with the same name.... The Joyelles are more of an original and covers project.”

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