Produce report

Strawberries and eight balls

This year's berry crop said to be "one of a kind"

It’s strawberry season for San Diego farms, meaning baskets of the bright, red fruit will be plentiful in April. Expect to find many locally grown strawberries at farmers markets across the county, and taste the ...

Rain damages crops, but washes away salt

A hail storm that blew through Escondido a few weeks back ruined a few important crops.

It’s not news to any of us that this winter has been the wettest in roughly a decade. While San Diego area farms typically do enjoy year-round growing conditions, the parade of “atmospheric rivers” and ...

SMARTS Farm gives nearby apartment-dwellers an opportunity to grow their own produce

Who wants kale?

Green, leafy vegetables will be plentiful in January, and leading the way is California’s ubiquitous winter mainstay: kale. Many organic farmers’ market stands offer great-looking bunches, including both the familiar curly variety and the dark ...

Craft beer and local produce

Maybe the smallest farmers' market in the country?

When Machete Beer House opened two years ago, there weren't many places to get craft beer in National City. There weren't many opportunities to buy organic produce either. On Monday nights, Machete offers both. The ...

Embrace the vegetables of November

National holiday, local produce

The Thanksgiving holiday was specifically built around the harvest of local produce, so perhaps mmore than any other month it makes sense to embrace San Diego grown vegetables in November. Make that herbs and vegetables. ...

Pumpkins to carve, pumpkins to eat

Get to know your gourds

October in San Diego continues the transition between summer and winter crops, so everybody’s breaking out the winter squash. While gourds aren’t something we automatically think about in terms of organics, winter squash is actually ...

Interesting fall vegetables

Where to find wax beans, purslane, persimmons, cascabella peppers, and sour gherkins

September enters what Suzie’s Farm likes to call “shoulder season.” “The ground is hot, the air is dry, and plants hate this just as much as we do.” In other words, the fruits of the ...

Korean melons and Hungarian peppers

The sweet, oblong, striped yellow fruit is said to be similar in taste to a honeydew, with notes of pear and cucumber.

August produce isn’t looking a lot different from July, but that’s great news, since San Diego’s in peak season for some of our region’s best loved fruits and vegetables, including heirloom tomatoes, chili peppers, melons ...

Black jacks and brown turkeys

Summer crop report

Summer crops are coming into full swing, meaning heirloom tomatoes are on the way. On the sweeter side, stone fruits will be joined by melons as the month goes on, with sweet and spicy peppers ...

Blueberries wane

By 1986, the organics had proven so successful the entire farm became certified organic.

Summer is coming, and while summer squash harvests are well underway for farms around the county, as June progresses we’ll see more and more local tomatoes, especially good news as a couple of producers will ...

Spring salad mix highlights spicy leaves and edible flowers

Find four shades of radish this season

Beets and summer squash continue to run strong around the county during the month of May, including at JR Organics, which is also enjoying some prime time in its strawberry season. JR Organics farmers’ market ...

Avocado prices plunging

Fruit too big in Mexico, too small in U.S.

The local avocado industry takes more bruising.

Candy cane beets in season

April farmers' market finds

As predicted, Be Wise Ranch has lots of strawberries coming to market in April. Beets are also plentiful, including chioggia, also known as candy cane beets for their distinctive red and white stripes. Rainbow chard ...

Sugar snap peas appear early

Also: Kohlrabi leaves make a decent substitute for kale

Stehly Farms Organics is currently selling some golden nugget tangerines at their shops and, for a limited time, cara cara naval oranges, known for their seedless red flesh and sweet tang. Large, buttery Reed avocados ...

San Diego’s cauliflower luck

All those paleo and Atkins diets

"Act of God,” is what Produce Alliance recently posted about cauliflower, “DEMAND EXCEEDS SUPPLY. We are seeing high prices and NON-EXISTENT supply. The crops in Yuma are very slow and the cauliflower growth rate is ...

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