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Saint Archer launched its brand on Instagram

We did it guerrilla style

Can’t tell the young guys from Stone Brewing, Saint Archer Brewing, or Rowlberto Productions a thing about entrepreneurialism. All have employed innovative ways of reaching their business goals.

Suspected thieves caught at Temecula’s Chaparral High School

Nocturnal foray doesn’t help escape effort

Two men were arrested and booked into jail on burglary and other charges after police responded to an alarm at Temecula's Chaparral High School at around 3:20 a.m. on September 30. Arrestees Adam Macciocchi, 22, ...

Dredging of sediment begins in Tijuana River Valley

Ranchers relieved to see the pre-winter maintenance

San Diego city crews have begun dredging two congested river channels in the Tijuana River Valley, and ranchers, horse owners, and residents of the area, which is prone to severe flooding, say they are glad ...

Black light fashion

Show up right under black light

What to wear to your next black-light-themed party? Eve Kelly is glad you asked.

Blood, Sweat, and Spit: Memories of Adams Avenue Theater and the Rock Palace

A quarter-century after the concerts at Adams Avenue Theater and the Palace, a blogger imagines an entryway streaked with the scuff of Doc Martens and cigarette butts; blood, sweat, and spit in the hall; the pit, swinging fists and bodies, a stage bomb, a swan dive from the balcony...

German import

Yay! Beer!

The twinkle lights of the Joan and Irwin Jacobs Theatre at the Museum of Photographic Arts will once again shine upon German Currents, the third annual festival of German films. Limited to four films and ...

For-real deal on Congress Street

Ed feels guilty for getting a lunch so cheap at Christopher’s on Congress. “You know, that’s the biggest complaint I get,” Chris says. “People say I’m undercharging."

Sun Diego drops in on Nineteen Nineteen

Oceanside’s Ocean House was poised to become a big nightspot, say investors; then, Sun Diego, a surf-shop chain, allegedly agreed to pay $29,000/month in rent, $7000 over the price that was to be paid by the disappointed investors, a group of Carlsbad businessmen that included owners of the Boar Cross’n and Mas Fina Cantina nightspots.


Like Tupac Shakur at Coachella in 2012, ODB and Eazy-E were holograms produced by San Diego company AV Concepts. Interview with company co-owner Nick Smith.

Staricide saga

A collection of local experimental musicians and physics enthusiasts will be transforming the captivating saga of “staricide” — the tale of the sun’s impending death in six billion years — into death-metal performance Our Star Will Die Alone.

Mission Trails, Visitor Center Loop

The nation’s largest urban natural park, right off I-8

Encounter several natural habitats and an Indian acorn-grinding area on this short trail.

San Diego Center for Spiritual Living

As an altar boy, John Poleski’s pastor at the time said, “Watch that Poleski boy — he’s going to be a priest someday!”

The firing of Lane Kiffin

Another team lets Lane go

USC becomes another employer who has a hard time being satisfied with the coaching savvy of Lane Kiffin.

Ben Schachter, straight ahead

It’s a tough gig, straight-ahead jazz. To wit: on a Sunday night not so very long ago, I stopped in at a Thai eatery on Adams Avenue to check out the talent. It was just ...

Powwows and ghost dances

Mario Carrillo, singer/songwriter/guitarist of Cloud Feather, is a Native-American member of the Juaneño tribe. About a fourth of his band’s repertoire is about how rich tribes are not helping the poor ones.

This week in the San Diego clubs, October 3–9

Thursday 3Light ’em up and watch ’em rock, pop, and roll. From Laramie, Wyoming, Fat Wreck recording artists Teenage Bottlerocket shoot into town and go off at Soda Bar behind their fifth, Freak Out!, which ...

Thinking Flashes in the Sky (Part 2)

On 1947’s Fourth of July weekend, 500 people per day reported seeing UFOs…and we’re talking all over the country, not just flaky-nutty Southern California.

COMING SOON: The San Diego Beer News Complete Guide to San Diego Breweries

The first comprehensive, critical guide to San Diego's craft beer scene is en route

It was going to happen—it was just a matter of time. I have written a book. Not surprisingly, it is a guide to all of the breweries, brewpubs, brewery-restaurants, and other tasting venues in San ...

San Diego overlords and unions — who can stop them?

Big Business and Big Labor team up for downtown projects

Construction-related unions, which are persuasive among Democrats, sleep with corporate welfare mendicants, who are Republicans. Result: the construction of unnecessary and wasteful structures.

SOS — Save Our Sealife — in Chula Vista

Discovery Center faces closure this month

The Living Coast Discovery Center, formerly known as the Chula Vista Nature Center, announced on October 1 that it will close its doors on October 28. A South Bay landmark, the center includes exhibits of ...

Letters: Porridge-pourri

Porridge Request Re “Graveyard of the Godforsaken Gringos,” September 26 cover story. This Bukowskiesque opus is the most evocative writing the Reader has published in decades. More porridge, please. Sue Garson Clairemont Kid of War ...

Crépuscule du Matin

All night I wrestled with a memory Which knocked insurgent at the gates of thought. The crumbled wreck of years behind has wrought Its disillusion; now I only cry For peace, for power to forget ...