One of my favorite things to do--even as a San Diego native--is to take the ferry across from Downtown to Coronado "Island." Disclosure: It's not an island.

Anyway, Nicky Rotten's, which has a location in the Gaslamp, opened another spot in Coronado on Fourth Avenue (the main street). It's almost right at the landing. Maybe a tad bit of a walk.

My friends and I ended up there for a unique bachelorette party. We were shooting the breeze. Well, they were. I was en route back to the table from "powdering my nose"--when all of a sudden, the sound a bell dings and the patrons applaud! Really? They're so lucky I had just gone pee. Would have scurred the piss out of me.

Anyway, attention is drawn to a young gentleman named Kyle whose buddies did not want to give away his last name. In front of him, a massive burger is delivered. It's called DA ULTIMATE BURGER CHALLENGE.

A two and a half pound burger with lettuce, tomatoes and onions and Rottens sauce on a big bun with fries. "You have ONE HOUR to clean your plate," the menu reads.

He has 30 minutes to eat everything on the plate if he wants it on the house. He is generous with his time. People are flocking to him to ask questions, I'm clicking away at a photo opportunity. Everyone is silently rooting for his success. Strangers are asking questions as time ticks. He still carries a smile on his face and politely responds to their inquiries.

Alas, the last grain of sand falls. No attention drawn to their table. He has to pay for his $26.95 Ultimate Burger Challenge. We, Kyle's new fans, are saddened that he is not awarded a free tee shirt nor his name, city and state forever engraved at this new hot joint. He finished everything but the buns. Maybe next time.

The bell dings again.


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