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A partnership linked to Las Vegas developer Irwin Molasky, friend and longtime business associate of late mobster Moe Dalitz and a focus of inquiries by Iowa GOP Sen. Charles Grassley over whistle-blower alleged irregularities in the financing of San Diego's posh new FBI headquarters, has kicked in another $2500 to the San Diego Republican Party, which is backing the mayoral candidacy of city councilman Kevin Faulconer.

As reported here last month, Grassley has written a letter to FBI chief Charles Mueller, III, requesting more information regarding reports that Molasky financed the new FBI complex here with money from Chinese investors seeking visas to come to the United States.

In order to attract investors, the Molasky Group apparently participates in seminars hosted in China by groups like Wailan Overseas Consulting Group.

Wailan’s website includes a picture of the Molasky Group’s Chief Financial Officer, Brad Sher, speaking in front of promotional materials in Chinese which include the English letters “FBI.”

Mr. Sher is also the manager of an entity known as “EB-5 FBI LLC,” which is used to solicit the EB-5 investment. All told, one website states that the LLC has raised $40 million from approximately 80 Chinese investors.

The so-called EB-5 "immigrant investor" program administered by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services in the Department of Homeland Security, gives U.S. visas to foreigners who invest at least $500,000 in American projects that purport to create new jobs.

Critics say abuses of the pay for entry program abound; Obama administration appointee Alejandro Mayorkas - current Director of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services - is being investigated by Homeland Security's Inspector General for unspecified actions.

His appointment by the president to become deputy secretary of Homeland Security remains stalled in the Senate.

Grassley's letter to Mueller raised a series of questions regarding the role of Chinese investors in the San Diego project:

How and when did the FBI learn that the San Diego Field Office and other federal buildings had been constructed with EB-5 funds?

What investigations, if any, have been conducted into the Molasky Group, any members of its board, or the Wailan Overseas Consulting Group?

If the FBI has determined whether any other federal buildings been constructed with any EB-5 funds, please provide further information.

How did the FBI become aware that its San Diego Field Office had been constructed in part through Chinese investments?

To your knowledge, have any of the EB-5 investor applicants associated with the Molasky Group been denied visas due to national security concerns?

According to a campaign funding disclosure filed yesterday by San Diego Republicans, a Las Vegas outfit by the name of PH FBI SD LLC gave $2500 to the party on September 30.

The same partnership, which disclosures identify as a Molasky operation, was listed as giving $10,000 each to both the GOP Lincoln Club and Republican Party in August of last year.

Last month Molasky made a personal contribution of $1000 directly to Faulconer's mayoral campaign fund. The developer and his family are also major financial supporters of ex-city councilman Carl DeMaio, the onetime GOP mayoral candidate now running for congress against Democratic freshman Scott Peters.

DeMaio assisted the family in getting the Molasky built and owned FBI building through city hall and did the honors at its groundbreaking.

Meanwhile, the American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees union, which as of Sunday had pumped $325,000 into an independent expenditure committee backing Democratic city councilman David Alvarez for mayor, yesterday reported spending another $25,000 for his cause.

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