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The vast majority of U.S. customs officials are expected to remain on duty throughout the United States government shutdown. According to Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officials, 52,673 of the 59,561 CBP employees will remain on duty.

The 88 percent of those remaining at work are deemed essential government employees.

The majority of other immigration services will also remain operating at some capacity.

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FatCatSegat Oct. 2, 2013 @ 6:30 p.m.

HAH! PHOOOEEY! BULL-PUCKEY, and any thing else you can personally come up with. Where do I start? Hmmm, oh,...thats an easy one. Children are not getting the lunches they count on for a daily meal because of this political disgrace that fully informed politicians are committing in Washington!!! Countless of other federally funded programs that are needed have also been shut down. Here in San Diego there are people being affected today. And they're not even in the military! What amazes me is they keep voting these clowns in and then they fatten their pockets and do this. Heres the real smasher, they'll vote 'em in again come election time. By all means, lets protect our borders, you know? But hey Boehner!,(doesn't matter how you spin it, its pronounced bow-nur) my wife was just sent home today and we can't afford that. Hello?, do you get it? His smug and even flippant demeanor actually more than rub me the wrong way. "I know I can't win but hey, I sure can muck up the process." Meanwhile, as is usual the poorest suffer first. Wake up America! Your vote does count,...so get 'em out! (Ooooh, I gotta copyright that. Done!)


Visduh Oct. 2, 2013 @ 7:32 p.m.

Well, "K", does this continued vigilance (or what ever it is) on the border upset you? Were you hoping that the gates would be left open? The fences unpatrolled? As puny and ineffective as our border control is, I'm happy that it is still there. How about you, "K"?


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