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The Casbah now records select shows, available on CD immediately following show at the club & www.emusiclive.com.



Astra (CD release), with Earthless, Widows, Red Octopus, F-ck Yeah, DJ Jeff McDaniel - The Casbah

Album cover The freaky-folkies of Astra appear at the Casbah for the release of their debut CD The Weirding.

Guitarist Richard Vaughan from Astra says “We're playing with Earthless, Widows, Red Octopus, and F-ck Yeah in the Atari Lounge. and Jeff of Thirsty Moon will be DJ-ing. The Weirding will be released on CD and 2LP and the album art is done by the amazing Arik Roper. http://www.arikroper.comOur U.S. distribution is through Metal Blade. There will be no special guests or surprising covers, just all original music."

"As far as what else is new with Astra? We will be playing, along with Earthless, at the Festival de Psicodelia Castell de Guadelest. It's a 2 day psychedelic music festival in Alicante, Spain inside of a medieval castle - El Castell de Guadalest on July 24 and 25. I pasted the links for you to check out the festival. ASTRA just confirmed that we'd be there so we might be up on the main site yet. There will be a bunch of amazing bands playing the festival." http://www.festivaldelcastell.com  http://www.myspace.com/festivaldelcastell

The psychedelic sounds of Astra (formerly known as Silver Sunshine) come courtesy of guitarist Richard Vaughan, bassist Stuart Sclater, guitarist Brian Ellis, and guitarist/organist Conor Riley, who frequently whips out a vintage Mellotron, just in case anyone misses the band's intent to supply the missing link between Rubber Soul and Radiohead. Drummer David Hurley (formerly of Dura Mater) brings his own flute and a fully operational sci-fi Moog synthesizer to the acid-drenched analog party.

The band formed in 2001 and was signed Rhode Island-based Empyrean Records. "Our music is sometimes heavy, sometimes gentle, but always freaked," says Vaughan. "Lately we've been digging on heavier, progressive, and wyrd-folk sounds."

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The Modlins CD release, Writer, Hot TV - Whistle Stop

Album cover Also tonight, The Modlins are having a CD release party for their third full-length, Where Does it End?, at the Whistle Stop, with opening act Writer.

Album cover The Modlins are an oldies-influenced indie-pop band. Eric Killian (right-handed guitar) and Matt Sheridan (left-handed guitar) met in 2003, releasing The Daniel EP early the next year under the name "the.beat.less." Their temp drummer at the time was Daniel, of the Los Angeles band Spanish Archer. Thanks to a Craigslist ad, they found a permanent drummer in autumn 2004, Stoph Rhanor.

Album cover After changing their name from the.beat.less to the Modlins, they released The Andrew EP in spring 2005. It was around that same time that Alex Smith (bass guitar) joined the group, completing the band's rhythm section and adding a third harmony to their oldies-style vocal arrangements.

Album cover Commencing a series of shows with their first appearance as a foursome in May 2005, the group maintained their busy recording schedule, releasing their third effort, The Michael EP, in October 2005.

Album cover The next year, the Modlins made an appearance at mile 15.4 of the Rock and Roll Marathon, and performed a three-hour show at Oceanside's Rusty Spur. Their first full-length album  Here's to Being Happy, was celebrated with a CD release party at the Whistle Stop on February 16th, 2007.

Album cover Here's to Being Happy was nominated for "Best Pop Album" at the 2007 San Diego Music Awards. The band's 2007 release, With Friends Like These, took that award home in 2008.


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Slaid Cleaves and Eliza Gilkyson - AcousticMusicSanDiego

--> Austin-based singer/songwriter and guitarist Slaid Cleaves began playing music in garage-rock bands while still in high
school. In college, he learned guitar, and later spent a
summer in Ireland. He began busking on the streets in
Cork, and that was the turning point when he decided to
become a folk singer. Slaid combines his passion for folk
songs, blues and traditional country music into an
amalgamation of styles known as "Americana" music.

Everything You Love . . . is the followup to 2006‘s Unsung, a
lovingly crafted collection of covers written by some of
Cleaves’ favorite — if somewhat lesser known — fellow
travelers on the troubadour road. But it’s been a good five
years since Cleaves’ last album of self-penned songs, 2004’s
Wishbones, which fans had waited nearly as long
for in the afterglow of the songwriter’s 2000 breakthrough,
Broke Down. Though Cleaves may never be confused with
the infamously prolific
Ryan Adams, his slow-and-steady-
wins-the-race pace, not unlike that of
Guy Clark, yields
albums full of uncommonly fine-tuned songs built to stand
the test of time.

Eliza Gilkyson is a politically minded, poetically gifted
singer-songwriter, who has become one of the most
respected musicians in roots, folk and Americana
circles. The
Grammy-nominated artist has appeared
on NPR, Austin City Limits, Mountain Stage, etown,
XM, Air America Radio and has toured with
, Patty Griffin and Mary Chapin Carpenter.
In February of 2003, she was inducted into the
Music Hall of Fame
. The induction placed Eliza
alongside an exclusive list of Austin Music Hall of
Fame greats, including
Willie Nelson, Townes Van
, Nanci Griffith, Billy Joe Shaver, Butch
, Joe Ely and others.

Daughter of songwriter
Terry Gilkyson (“Greenfields”,
, and “Memories Are Made of This”, among
many others), Eliza Gilkyson has the voice of an angel
and the songwriting chops of -- well, her dad, for one.
Socially and politically conscious, many of her songs
reflect her views in those areas. But she's far from
being “just” a protest singer. Songs of love and humor
make her an all-around artist.



 Hedwig and the Angry Inch - Cygnet Theatre group, at the Rolando Theatre

The smash hit that started it all returns to the Rolando Stage, the story of Hedwig, the German wanna-be rock headliner and his/her search halfway around the world for identity, love and her/his “other half.” Probably the only rock opera/musical ever based on Plato's Symposium, containing one of the ten best-ever rock opera tunes, "The Origin of Love."

Hedwig and the Angry Inch

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Here is the band / showcase listing for [email protected] On the musical side of things, below is a list of confirmed bands and artists for the [email protected] events, which will be held at a club in San Diego (there will be a few extra surprises that are still being finalized, too.) Just to clarify, you may not have heard of these bands (yet), but they have brand new releases.) For more info about the entire event, please visit: www.narm.com

Sunday, June 7
Pink Spiders
Smile Empty Soul
Joe & Chico DeBarge
Trick Daddy
Love & Rockets
State of Man
Stephen Petree

Monday, June 8
Scott Russo of Unwritten Law
Big B
Crooked X
Aimee Allen
DJ Davey Rockit
Will Dailey
Butterfly Boucher
Amazing Miss Wendy

Tuesday, June 9
Matthew Sweet & Susanna Hoffs
Rhett Miller
Kydd Trell
DJ Davey Rockit

+ more......




 Following is a mailing list dialogue between me and writer Jamie Ralph Gardner, who had posted material about the old Sid and Marty Krofft ‘70s TV show Land of the Lost, the basis for a new Will Ferrell movie. 


Jay Allen  Sanford  JAS SAYS: I grew up when the Krofft shows were new, and always found Land of the Lost to be their weakest work. Well, maybe not as bad as Kaptain Kool and the Kongs on the Krofft Supershow, but LOTL was no PufnStuf or Lidsville. 


 JRG REPLIES: Land of the Lost is my favorite of the Krofft shows. It's been one of my favorite science fiction TV shows since I was a child. I watched it again on the Sci-Fi channel during the 1990s. It still held up really well. I will admit that the special effects are weaker then I remember as a child. Some people nitpick on the acting but I think the actors potrayed a likable family. The show went down hill in the 3rd season when they replaced the Father with the uncle character.


 The scripts during the 3rd year were not up to the level of the first 2 seasons. Land of the Lost had intellectual science fiction stories and message oriented episodes. There are times when Jay can be wide off the mark in his opinions.

I liked H.R. Pufnstuf as a child but I was very disappointed in it as an adult. Sometime, I will try watching it again to see if I can recapture my childhood fondness for it. I talked with [Carnal Comics publisher] SS Crompton about your being such as a fan of H.R. Pufnstuf and he couldn't understand why someone beyond 8 years old would be a fan of the show. SS thinks you like it so much because of the drug connotations of H.R. Pufnstuf. 

 David Gerrold (the author of The Trouble with Tribbles episode of Star Trek) was the story editor for Land of the Lost during the first season. Gerrold wrote 5 episodes of the show including the first episode. There were other Star Trek writers on the show such as D.C. Fontana (she wrote or co-wrote such Star Trek episodes such as By Any Other Name, Charlie X, The Enterprise Incident, Friday's Child, Journey to Babel, This Side of Paradise, Tomorrow Is Yesterday, The Ultimate Computer, etc.), Norman Spinrad (the author of The Doomsday Machine episode of Star Trek), Theodore Sturgeon (the author of Amok Time and Shore Leave episodes of Star Trek) and Margaret Armen (The author of the Cloud Minders, The Paradise Syndrome and The Gamesters of Triskelion episodes of Star Trek).

Walter Koenig wrote The Stranger, the LOTL episode that introduces Enik. Donald F. Glut and Larry Niven are other science fiction writers who wrote for Land of the Lost.


Jay Allen  Sanford  JAS SAYS: Yeah, I'm sure my fondness for Puf has to do with being so young when it aired, but I still enjoy it as an adult for the astounding sets and costumes and their trippy Wonderland-style iconography.


 I was a member of the Banana Splits fan club in grade school, and one of my first records was by PufnStuf star Jack Wild - one of the first movies I ever saw by myself in a theater was the Puf feature, which was also my first exposure to Mama Cass, so yeah, that has a lot to do with my fondness --- that, and the Puf music, and Jack Wild's talent.

 Lidsville was another fave, again for the imagination it displayed. The subsequent shows all seemed lesser and lesser, as did the lowlight stars like Johnny Whitaker (Family Affair) in Sigmund.


 The Kroffts did worse crap than LOTL, like those semi-live action Twain shorts. Perhaps it's the cheap look and wooden acting that most turns me off to Lost - as you said, the scripts were certainly ambitious.



 JRG REPLIES: I first watched Land of the Lost when I was 5 years old. I watched it from the beginning. It's one of my earliest childhood memories. This show is one of the things that got me interested in dinosaurs. I think the guy playing Father is fine in the series. I think the actors playing the brother and sister overact at times but I generally like them. I don't think the cast is wooden. I read that Wesley Eure poked fun at his own acting during the audio commentary for the Rhino Records DVD collections of the Land of the Lost TV series.


Jay, since you're a fan of William Shatner, how do you feel about people who criticize William Shatner for overacting? Michael Copner [publisher Cult Movies magazine] once said to me that overacting is not always a bad thing. He made a point that Bela Lugosi overacted in a good way that made his acting larger then life.


 I think one of the problems with Land of the Lost is that it was shot in videotape. Videotape shows flaws much more then film.


If the original Star Trek had been shot on videotape, it would look much less real. There are already people who complain about the special effects of the 1960s Star Trek. I talked to some boy who criticized the stop motion animation in the first Terminator movie. The boy prefers CGI effects. I'm not as picky as many other people when it comes to special effects. On another subject, I like the music of Land of the Lost as well, not just the theme song.


Jay Allen  Sanford  JAS SAYS:

I tried to watch some LOTL on Sci-Fi yesterday, and found the biggest hurdle was tolerating the MUSIC. I'd forgotten how astoundingly cheap and cheezy it was - monotone drones on synth, a repeating Mellotron loop, and hideous overuse of the Theremin, a lovely "futuristic" sounding audio invention used to great effect in Forbidden Planet thru many modern pop songs, but reduced to the equivalent of a whoopie cushion sound effect on Land of the Lost. I kind of understand the sci-fi "futuristic" aspect behind the soundtrack, even tho it was a prehistoric setting, but how wonky to soundtrack the entire show like an episode of Far Out Space Nuts ---


You having seen it as a kid inured you to that kind of thing, the same way I'm not bothered by the alphabet soup scripting in Puf-N-Stuf - the shows harken back for us a time when imagination was everything and the real world with all its darkness and scariness was still fended out of our purview by the warm light of the TV screen ---


Shatner has grown on me, after enjoying his run on Boston Legal. I'd still rather watch any of the later Trek shows than the original, with a handful of exceptions, partly because Shat could be so groan-worthy.


 Michael Copner and I had several spirited chats about his love of Lugosi, VS my own reverence for Karloff, tho both of us found much worthy work by the others' hero. Had Lugosi been given (or had he chosen) roles like Karloff scored, Lugosi could and should have been one of the greats.


 Man, how great would it have been to see LUGOSI playing the aging horror star in Targets, instead of Karloff (in one of his final U.S. roles)! Woulda been a whole different film -


I'm watching more LOTL marathon now - "The Musician" ep wasn't awful, and the ep before that reminded me that the Suliban of Star Trek Enterprise seem to be the same transparent critters with lightbulbs taped to them from LOTL ---
Watching "Split Personality" now, and WTF, the Marshalls see a ghostly image of little Holly beckoning, and Dad freakin' tells Holly to "stand still" and LET the spirit ENTER her, cuz "It wants to communicate with us, thru Holly!" This, after Holly complained about her first encounter with the ghost-image, practically crying "It wants to get INSIDE me!!!" (really, really creepy). Thanks a LOT, Dad!!! Some stranger wants to get INSIDE his young DAUGHTER, and he tells her to just relax and TAKE it?!?!?!
There's something mighty creepy about hearing little Holly say, all tranced out, "The rocks are inside of me...the other part is out the other side." Again, WTF???
I admit today's eps are more watchable than previous attempts I've made to see this series - still hating the "future music," but I kinda dig the occasional bluegrass banjo riffing and freaky-folk flute --- (Later post by JAS, after watching more of the Sci-Fi Channel marathon) Okay, I was 15 or 16 when the third season of Land of the Lost aired, so I wasn't watching much Saturday morning TV any more. But I can NOT be the only person watching the episode "Flying Dutchman" all these years later who CRINGES with horror at this twisted bit.... The old bearded Dutchman looks at little Holly (from behind her...), gazing longingly at her, and asks "Do you LIKE me?" Holly says something like "Sure, you're super," without really looking back at him. The Dutchman continues studying the little girl's backside, looking her up and down, and then he says, with weight and gravity (and what seems to be unconcealed lust), something like "It does get...." (looooong pause) "....LONELY out here." Jeez!!! Pedophile, much??? WTF???


10-18-70: Pink Floyd performed in San Diego for the first time at the Intercollegiate Baseball Facility (a.k.a. the Polo Field) at UCSD. Touring behind their Atom Heart Mother album, they had played the previous month for their largest audience ever -- over 500,000 people -- in Paris. Despite their popularity in Europe, Floyd was third on the San Diego bill, behind Hot Tuna and Leon Russell.

Tickets cost $3.50 for the general-admission show, which started at noon. "There was a big marijuana protest on the grounds at the same time," recalls one-time concert promoter Dan Tee, a member of UCSD's Student Body Council at the time and one of the people behind the show. "About a hundred people were carrying signs and chanting 'legalize it, legalize it,' and it seemed like there were at least that many cops around too. "[The protestors] weren't too organized, though. Before long, most of them were going into the concert instead of protesting.... We used a bunch of their [abandoned] sign poles to prop up a temporary fence that gate-crashers tore down to get into the concert."

The San Diego date was one of the few where the experimental song "Alan's Psychedelic Breakfast" was performed by the band. It lasted around 20 minutes. "They actually sat at a little folding table and ate for part of the song," says Tee, "with tapes of voices and sound effects playing in the background."

The band returned to San Diego one year later -- 10/17/71 -- to play a show at Golden Hall that became widely bootlegged.

concert22 10-17-71 – Pink Floyd at Golden Hall: One of the most widely bootlegged concerts of the vinyl era, collectors of ROIOs (recordings of illegitimate origin) at www.pf-roio say of this concert:

"This is post-Syd pre-Dark Side Floyd at the height of their jamming power...Each instrument is clear and, for a change, Rick [Wright]'s organ is played up in the mix."

"Possibly the best currently available show from the fall 1971 shows...'Fat Old Sun' is the extended version, with an extra verse sung before the jam." "PF shows off their quad sound effects. The music fades out and somebody enters through a door, walks around in the room opening doors with different sounds behind them. After a while, 'Cymbaline' fades in again." Among the many bootlegs available of this performance, From Oblivion appears to have the closest to a complete setlist, now available on CD and frequently auctioned through eBay.

am85 SETLIST: 1. Careful With That Axe, Eugene 2. Fat Old Sun 3. Atom Heart Mother a) Father's Shout b) Breast Milky c) Mother Fore d) Funky Dung 4. Embryo 5. Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun 6. Cymbaline 7. Blues Jam

Here’s the group’s take on “Fat Old Sun” that night (courtesy Bart Mendoza): http://www. youtube. com/watch?v=PMGbwnB

 9-16-72: Pink Floyd at Golden Hall performing Dark Side of the Moon.

SETLIST: 1. Speak To Me, 2. Breathe, 3. On The Run, 4. Time, 5. The Mortality Sequence/The Great Gig In The Sky, 6. Money, 7. Us And Them, 8. Any Colour You Like, 9. Brain Damage, 10. Eclipse, 11. One of These Days, 12. Careful With That Axe, 13. Echoes, 14. Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun


 4-25-75: Pink Floyd at San Diego Sports Arena

SETLIST: 1. Raving and Drooling, 2.You Gotta Be Crazy, 3. Shine On You Crazy Diamond (parts I - V), 4. Have A Cigar, 5. Shine On You Crazy Diamond (parts VI - IX), 6. Speak To Me, 7. Breathe, 8. On The Run, 9. Time, 10. Breathe (reprise), 11. The Great Gig In The Sky, 12. Money, 13. Us And Them, 14. Any Colour You Like, 15. Brain Damage, 16. Eclipse, 17. Echoes

4-14-94 – Pink Floyd at Jack Murphy Stadium: "I could easily smell the burning stench of our failed drug laws," wrote Reader columnist Allan Peterson about Pink Floyd's first San Diego concert in 19 years. The immense scope of the elaborate show, with all its effects, movie screens, inflatable animals, and (excellent) quad sound, is not what ranks this show (sans the "real" Pink, Roger Waters) among great and historic local events.

Rather, it was the stirring performance of "The Great Gig in the Sky." Peterson says, "Singer Durga McBroom's take on that classic piece was seamlessly compelling and contained all that one could hope for -- longing, sadness, acceptance, raw beauty...the terrifying immediacy of mortality, the telling reality of loss." I felt the same chill down my spine during the rendition, and over a decade later, that's "the moment" everyone I know who was there still raves about.

Bootleg aficionados apparently agree, usually ranking this date -- and that performance of "Great Gig" -- among the best of the entire U.S. tour.

SETLIST: 1. Astronomy Domine 2. Learning To Fly 3. What Do You Want From Me 4. A Great Day For Freedom 5. Sorrow 6. Take It Back 7. On The Turning Away 8. Keep Talking 9. One Of These Days 10. Shine On You Crazy Diamond 11. Breathe 12. Time 13. High Hopes 14. Wish You Were Here 15. Another Brick In The Wall Part 2 16. The Great Gig In The Sky 17. Us And Them 18. Money 19. Comfortably Numb 20. Hey You 21. Run Like Hell 

Here’s “Astronomy Domine” from the show (thanks, Bart!): http://www. youtube. com/watch?v=GkBWeuBpLkQ 

And “Hey You”: http://www. youtube. com/watch?v=FSV3i_T01Y8

And “What Do You Want From Me”: http://www. youtube. com/watch?v=4l0-6s6JKQg


(Me backstage for Pink Floyd at Jack Murphy Stadium - mock if you must my fanny pack, stone-washed jean jacket, jogging pants, and mullet, but they had a killer catering tent and I was having the time of my life!)



Back in the Gaslamp for 2009, Street Scene has posted the lineup-so-far of this year's edition, again being headed up by founder Rob Hagey and Casbah PooBah Tim Mays. www.street-scene.com



AntiMusic reports: Stone Temple Pilots/ex-Velvet Revolver singer Scott Weiland has told the Las Vegas Review-Journal that STP is working with producer Don Was on material for a new album, tentatively due in 2010. (Click for more)

Mary Weiland, the estranged wife of Scott Weiland, will publish her memoir, "Fall to Pieces", on October 27 (Click for more)

Scott Weiland has issued a statement in response to media reports of the memoir. The statement, issued Wednesday (June 3), reads in part "At 16, Mary dreamed of being a famous model. She came close but she gave up her career for [the couple's kids] Noah, Lucy, and myself. She never got to see the 'what could have happened.' Well, as everyone knows by now, we are getting divorced and yes, Mary is writing a book which I have not read. But what I want everyone to know that it has nothing to do with infidelity. Neither the divorce nor the book. Please don't place the red letter upon my children's mother..."

Since January 2007, Astra Kelly has produced 123 radio shows for KPRI's local program, The KPRI Homegrown Hour. "As of May 23rd," she says, "I officially passed the torch to local music advocate, promoter and talented singer/songwriter, Cathryn Beeks. I will still be chiming in each week with in the field interviews that I'll record with different SD bands at various venues. Check out Cathryn's music HERE, and also make sure to visit her music site, Listen Local San Diego. Plus, KPRI has just re-vamped their entire website and now you can hear Podcasts of the Homegrown Hour each week!" http://kprifm.com/pages/homegrown

Switchfoot have announced their Crazy Making Summer Tour, set to kick off July 26th in Council Bluffs, Iowa, with guests Ours and Longwave. The band is currently putting the finishing touches on its seventh studio album, Hello Hurricane, produced by the band and Mike Elizondo (Eminem, Rilo Kiley, Fiona Apple).

The Fifth Annual Bro-Am will be presented by Switchfoot on June 27, with a surf contest and concert to be held in Encinitas. The event will benefit StandUp For Kids, a national nonprofit volunteer outreach organization that began in San Diego and is dedicated to making a difference in the lives of at-risk, homeless, and street kids.

Tweeter Travis Barker of Blink 182 (@trvsbrkr 162,628 followers) and DJ AM (@DJ_AM 61,128 followers) this week released the first ever Coachella '09 downloadable mixtape to fans "Free in exchange for only one tweet," crashing servers and exploding the digital airwaves! Fans went into a digital frenzy using the application built by Culture Jam Labs, retweeting the message and downloading the mixtape from the TRV$DJAM twitter website by tweeting the following message for the free download: "Download the new #trvsdjam mixtape Fix Your Face Vol. 2 - Coachella 09 in exchange for one tweet!"

Here is the official announcement from Culture Jam Labs: Superstar drummer Travis Barker and world-renowned turntablist DJ-AM are breaking new ground with the release of their second mixtape, "Fix Your Face Vol. 2 – Coachella '09". As social media enthusiasts, the two musicians have chosen to offer Twitter users an early download of their album for an unconventional price—one "tweet".

Apparently some online rat is impersonating Ratt frontman Stephen Pearcy. His official Myspace page warns fans, "If you're getting messages from Stephen Pearcy 'Under My Skin' myspace IT IS NOT from Mr. Pearcy. We have been getting notices that this imposter is sending messages saying he's Mr. Pearcy, which he is NOT!". Mr Pearcy? How un-rock n' roll. (Click for more)

Ratt have announced some new tour dates. In April, Loud & Proud announced the signing of a worldwide deal the band who are set to begin recording their first new material since 1999's self-titled album this spring. (Click for more)

Sepultura, who at various times has holed up at San Diego rehearsal rooms, will be heading back to Europe for the summer. (Click for more)

Idle Idol: Apparently it was mostly entertainment writers who were excited about this season's American Idol finale, and not viewers or fans of local oh-so-theatrical singer Adam Lambert (who poked fun at speculation about his sexuality on this weekend's edition of VH1's Best Week Ever). The karaoke contest show wrapped its eighth season Wednesday with the lowest rating ever in the 18-49 demographic for an "Idol" finale, even as the series touted its largest margin of victory yet over competitors this season. (Click for more)

Rancid is offering a full stream and a track by track commentary of their new album Let the Dominoes Fall on their MySpace page.

Rolling Stone's new issue (June 11) has a short article "Hot Scene: San Diego - a Noise Grows in SoCal ," mostly focusing on Waaves, Crocodiles, the Soft Pack, Christmas Island, and Delta Spirit.

Wavves is all over the internet, and this time not in a good way, after storming angrily from the stage at Spain's Primevera Sound Festival, leaving his drummer yelling and swearing for him to come back, only to have the sound turned off and be bum-rushed from the stage. The meltdown is being chatted up on Facebook, Twitter, Stereogum, Pitchfork, San Diego Dialed In, etc. Rosey at http://www.sddialedin.com/ has Wavves/Nathan's website apology, which was apparently removed from Nathan's blog but remains visible at a link from Rosey's site.

This one's not local, but it's my favorite news short of the day - Guitarist Oz Fox of reactivated Christian hard rockers Stryper will marry Annie Lobért, a 41-year-old former call girl who founded the international Christian ministry Hookers for Jesus, on June 5 in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Click for more than you'd hope for)

******************************************************* MORE NEW MUSIC STORIES THIS WEEK


Oh, Evan by Barnaby Monk

Brick by Brick books the 30-year-strong "smart-metal" band Kings X. The Louisiana-based trio is on the Inside/Out label and touring behind their 12th proper, XV, a hook-heavy collection that allmusic.com scored four of five ...


Crystal Antlers by William Crain

Tentacles, the debut full-length from Long Beach's Crystal Antlers, opens with a looping keyboard sound, but if you think this is going to be some kind of electronic album, you're in for a shock. Soon, ...


Joe Cocker by Dave Good

The history of air guitar has got to include a footnote for Joe Cocker. In the late 1960s, Cocker, a British rock star, was mainly known for two things: A voice that -- although agreeable ...


Come to the Cabaret by Jay Allen Sanford

"San Diego stands poised to rival such musically friendly cities as Austin, Texas," says Rafter drummer Andy Robillard, who recently took over booking the Ruby Room. "Now if only we could get those archaic cabaret ...


Tornado Magnet by Rosa Jurjevics

The first track ("Hook Up") on Tornado Magnet's album Double Wide is about a fishing hole, Lone Star beers, and the good old boys who convene on a Sunday to hook up. The second, "Pistolero," mentions a six-gun


Hey, Hoochie Mamas by Michael Hemmingson

In March of this year, Revolt in Style called the Buzzbombs "San Diego's Favorite Party Band." The rockabilly trio is all about having a good time. "Our crowds are always so much fun," says Johnny ...


Adam's Run by Josh Board

I've had two Thanksgiving dinners with Eber Lambert, father of American Idol Adam. Last November, before we all sat down to eat, Eber was doing a lot of texting. He said, "My son just made ...


Scoreboard! by Ken Leighton

Goodnight Caulfield, a local pop/rock quartet with limited exposure outside of all-ages venues and coffeehouses, has signed on with Variety Artists, the same agency that books 311 and Incubus. The band's agent at Variety is ...


Communication Breakdown by Dorian Hargrove

After two years of playing drums for alternative rockers Demasiado, Wade Youman has decided to move on. "There were some creative issues with me and the bass player [Eric Shefstad]. We were banging heads, and ...


http://www.reverbnation.com/controller/fan_reach/pt?eid=1361450_13060946&url=http://www.myspace.com/cathrynbeeksordeal CATHRYN BEEKS’ WEEKLY LISTEN LOCAL HOTSHEET


Tonight/Thursday 6/4 - The Game at The Oasis in Sorrento Valley, the title is NEXT EXIT.  Write a song to that title and play it with others doing the same.  Get there by 7 to get your name in the hat, $5 cover.  Email me for directions!

http://www.reverbnation.com/controller/fan_reach/pt?eid=1976529_13060946&url=http://www.kprifm.com/ http://www.reverbnation.com/controller/fan_reach/pt?eid=1976529_13060946&url=http://www.myspace.com/paulecannon http://www.reverbnation.com/controller/fan_reach/pt?eid=1976529_13060946&url=http://www.myspace.com/scion http://www.reverbnation.com/controller/fan_reach/pt?eid=1976529_13060946&url=http://www.myspace.com/cathrynbeeksordeal

Friday 6/5 - BIG NEWS!  Thanks to Scion and KPRI's Homegrown Happy Hour Concert Series, beginning this week we're back at Sunset Plaza in OB (on the deck at Nicks, Tower Two and Shades) every Friday from 4 to 6pm.  You'll hear sets from your favorite Homegrown artists plus there's other fun stuff like drink specials, big prizes and of course, that view.  This week hear Paul Cannon at 4 and The Cathryn Beeks Ordeal at 5pm.  See you there!


http://www.reverbnation.com/controller/fan_reach/pt?eid=1976529_13060946&url=http://www.lmvma.com/lmv_car_show.html Thursday nights: La Mesa Village's "Back To The '50s" Car Show on La Mesa Blvd. between Acacia and 4th happens on Thursday nights from 5-8pm through August and they're looking for 50s, 60s, and 70s music.  This is an exposure opportunity, bands must have their own equipment and there is no pay, however, they do give certificates to restaurants.  If you're interested, please contact Deena.

http://www.reverbnation.com/controller/fan_reach/pt?eid=1976529_13060946&url=http://www.actionsportsphoto.smugmug.com/ Dennis Andersen posted GREAT photos from the last AA show.  Thanks Dennis!

http://www.reverbnation.com/controller/fan_reach/pt?eid=1976529_13060946&url=http://www.gomangoinvasion.com/ The First Friday Music Club has been doing INCREDIBLE work connecting kids with music for years (the Blonde Brothers, for instance!) now they're asking for donations so they can continue the important work they do.  Check out the website then contact Judith Fisher at 619-223-0651 to help.

http://www.reverbnation.com/controller/fan_reach/pt?eid=1976529_13060946&url=http://www.applyliberallyenterprises.com/ Martha's Bargain Basement Sale happens Saturday June 6th and will include lots of beautiful, unique and very functional home and garden decor, kitchenware, etc. Doors open at 8:30am until at least Noon.  10940 Roselle Street, San Diego CA Questions?  Martha Sullivan (858) 945-6273

http://www.reverbnation.com/controller/fan_reach/pt?eid=1976529_13060946&url=http://www.chriscantore.com/blog/ Have you heard (and seen) the Chris Cantore Show on LegitRadioTV? It's weekdays at random times.  :)  Hand picked music, social commentary and good vibes.  We love you Chris!

http://www.reverbnation.com/controller/fan_reach/pt?eid=1976529_13060946&url=http://www.berkleyhart.com Berkley Hart is at Canyon Folk this Saturday, June 6, make your reservations now!  Suggested donation is $20.00 and includes dinner/dessert potluck buffet, coffee, tea, bottled water, some wine and beer.

http://www.reverbnation.com/controller/fan_reach/pt?eid=1935780_13060946&url=http://www.myspace.com/kprihomegrownhour Link of the Week:  In case you missed the big announcement on The KPRI Homegrown Show last Saturday night, Astra is passing the torch... to me!  She's gotten hella busy with her work at Studio West, her new band (just signed!) and some other endeavors so she's handed the show over to me.  I'm super honored to be given this opportunity and can't wait to play your songs.  I need your CDs!  Best way to get them to me is to visit the calendar to find out where I am and drop them off in person.  I look forward to hearing your music and to hearing what you think, tune in this Saturday at 9pm!

Thanks for the kind words about my first show, I know some of you were unable to "listen online" on Saturday, sorry about that!  Hopefully soon the shows will be available as podcasts that you can listen to any 'ol time, stay tuned for details.  If you'd like to receive an email update every Friday with a "sneak peak" at this Saturday's playlist plus other news just for friends of The Homegrown Show, Join The Homegrown Hour Mailing List.  This is different from the list you're receiving this from, you'll need to be on it to get important updates and music news specific to The Homegrown Hour, hope you join. 

http://www.reverbnation.com/controller/fan_reach/pt?eid=1935780_13060946&url=http://www.rhythmandthemethod.com/index.php From Danielle LoPresti:  "Some of you may have heard that our friend Rhythm was the victim of a hate crime last week....here's what we came up with to try and help.  We went to her house and filmed her with our new camera. Then Alicia learned an editing program and put this all together. I'm so proud of her, and so grateful that Rhythm wants to speak up. We hope to inspire others to tell their stories, as well. Please pass this on to as many folks as you can."  *sigh*  This is so distrurbing.  Be careful out there this weekend, be safe and happy.
http://www.reverbnation.com/controller/fan_reach/pt?eid=1835281_13060946&url=http://www.sandiegomusicfoundation.org/npmt/music_fest.html The North Park Music Thing is still accepting bands for San Diego's own version of SXSW, which happens the weekend of August 7-9th.  All artists interested in performing must submit their music and an online promotional package, along with a $15 submission fee online via Sonic Bids.  Apply NOW here.  If you would prefer to send a package by regular mail, please click here for the performers application. Please send the registration form along with a non-refundable $25 submission fee to:  North Park Music Thing, c/o San Diego Music Foundation, 4876 Mount Royal Place, San Diego, CA 92117.  Promo packages, CD, DVDs etc will NOT be returned.  Selected artists will be notified no later than July 1, 2009 if they have been selected to perform.

http://www.reverbnation.com/controller/fan_reach/pt?eid=1869495_13060946&url=http://www.sandiegomusicfoundation.org/ The San Diego Music Foundation (the crew in charge of The San Diego Music Awards and The North Park Music Thing) just added a page to the Music Award's site which explains eligibility and gives more info about the whole nomination process for the big event in September.




Th 6/4: Elvis Costello
Fr 6/5: Paris Hilton, Steven Wright

Mo 6/8: Mos Def
Tu 6/9: Julia Roberts, Black Eyed Peas
We 6/10: Sonic Youth
Th 6/11: Denzel Washington, the Jonas Brothers
Fr 6/12: Sandra Bullock, P.J. Harvey with John Parish


Th 6/4: Gwyneth Paltrow, John Mayer Trio
Fr 6/5: Ryan Seacrest, Chickenfoot

Mo 6/8: David Duchovny, Anna Friel
Tu 6/9: Bonnie Raitt
We 6/10: Dane Cook, Rancid
Th 6/11: Jim Gaffigan, Neko Case
Fr 6/12: Jamie Foxx, Kevin Nealon


Th 6/4: Elizabeth Perkins, Mark Burnett, Bernie Williams
Fr 6/5: Seann William Scott, Henry Cho

Mo 6/8: Kevin Bacon
Tu 6/9: TBA
We 6/10: Chris Matthews, Theresa Andersson
Th 6/11: Larry King, Anna Friel
Fr 6/12: Mary Steenburgen, Peter Travers


Th 6/4: Jessica Biel, Rachel Dratch, Jason Sudeikis, Doves
Fr 6/5: Bradley Cooper, Denise Richards, Mandy Moore


Th 6/4: Will Ferrell


Th 6/4: Dag Soderberg


Th 6/4: Thomas Haden Church, Ed Helms, 311
Fr 6/5: Michael J. Fox, Chuck Wicks, Julianne Hough, Asher Roth (R 4/28/09)

Mo 6/8: Adrien Brody, Steve "Lips" Kudlow & Robb Reiner, the Airborne Toxic Event (R 5/14/09)
Tu 6/9: Paris Hilton, Ken Jeong, No Doubt
We 6/10: Dominic Monaghan, J.J. Abrams, Bang Camaro (R 4/29/09)
Th 6/11: Artie Lange, Adam Perry Lang, Blink 182
Fr 6/12: Paula Abdul, Ty Murray and Chelsie Hightower, Todd Glass (R 5/12/09)


Th 6/4: Portia de Rossi, "American Idol" castoffs Jasmine Murray and Jorge Nunez (R 3/16/09)
Fr 6/5: Jessica Biel, Kathy Freston, Kellie Pickler

Mo 6/8: Felicity Huffman, Shawn Johnson and Mark Ballas, Rascal Flatts (R 3/12/09)
Tu 6/9: Halle Berry, Flo Rida (R 3/31/09)


Th 6/4: Vernon Jordan
Fr 6/5: Nia Vardalos, Azadeh Moaveni


Th 6/4: Candy Spelling, Jason Kennedy, Sarah Colonna, Josh Wolf
Fr 6/5: Daisy De La Hoya, Greg Proops, Natasha Leggero, T.J. Miller (R 5/28/09)


Th 6/4: Christopher Buckley
Fr 6/5: David Cronenberg, the Amazing Kreskin, Bradley Cooper


Th 6/4: Lance Bass, Niecy Nash, Todd English (R 11/24/08)
Fr 6/5: Donny and Marie Osmond, David Tutera (R 1/27/09)

Mo 6/8: Jo Frost, Kaley Cuoco (R 2/6/09)
Tu 6/9: Tony Danza, Roselyn Sanchez, Jesse McCartney (R 12/9/08)



"A vibrant and unique member of our community was the victim of a hate crime on May 14," says Abby Schwartz, aka rapper MC Flow. "Most of you know Rhythm Turner as the lead singer of Rhythm & the Method, a successful local band that has been playing at Pride festivals and venues around San Diego for years. Some of you may simply know her as the bright, outgoing person she is – creative, spiritual, laid-back. She has a cheerful, ’60s vibe and teaches yoga when she is not in class as a full-time student."
"On May 14, Rhythm and her girlfriend were approached in the parking lot outside a San Diego venue, as they were hugging goodbye after one of Rhythm’s gigs. The attacker asked the two women to kiss and became violent when they refused. Rhythm, who has no medical insurance, was left with serious facial fractures and a fractured nose, and now requires surgery to repair the damage."
In an effort to speak out about hate crimes, she has since made a video about the incident, which can be viewed at www.youtube.com/watch?v=f5tGpnspl80.
"Rhythm’s attacker is not currently being charged with a hate crime, but she would like to see the charge added. Fundraisers are beginning to pop up around town to support Rhythm, starting with the first one this Thursday at FlawLes’ Thirsty Thursdays at Universal. A larger benefit with live music, raffles and silent auction is scheduled to take place at Humphrey’s Backstage Lounge on Saturday, June 13, from 1 to 4 p.m."
For more information on upcoming fundraisers or to send Rhythm a note of support, visit www.myspace.com/rhythmandthemethod.

 Queer Abby - http://www.gaylesbiantimes.com/?id=14756


col53 Local Record Release Roundup - June

The Predicates release their fourth album Words Teeth Sleep on June 6, with a performance at Lestat’s. “The Turtle Project is also on the bill,” says singer/guitarist Gregg O’Connell, “and we’ll be doing a cover song with them for their last song, to streamline the final two performances so attendees won’t have to wait for the next band.” The album – their second full-length collaboration DJ D-Fab, whose studio recorded it – is self-released. Says O’Connell, “Who needs a record label these days?”


Joey Harris and the Mentals are promoting their new 10-track self-named album with a June 14 release show at Brick by Brick. “Mojo Nixon and Paul and Caren Kamanski will be joining us onstage,” says Harris, “as well as Scottie Mad Dog Blinn of the Mississippi Mudsharks, who produced the album and is releasing it on his Double Barrel label. We’ll also have a special appearance by Slim Crowbar and the I.O.U.s.” Brick by Brick is where Harris was once chatted up by Frank Zappa, circa 1980. “I’d just played with Fingers, [and] Frank said he loved the band’s energy and the songs and asked me to contact his manager in L.A. on Monday morning. I did try. There were a lot of messages, but nothing ever came of it.”   


Jeff Berkley’s 5-piece rock band Citizen Band will appear June 21 at Brick by Brick, to launch their new album Breaker Breaker My Heart. “We’re gonna put our own spin on a Bill Monroe and Peter Rowan bluegrass tune,” says Berkley, best known as half of the roots duo Berkley Hart “CB allows me to do things I don’t get to do in BH, like kick and yell, or have a smoke machine, moody lights, distortion, and tape echoes. Also, there’s more drinking in CB. But BH is just the two of us.”


The freaky-folkies of Astra appear at the Casbah on June 5 for the release of their debut CD The Weirding. The same night, the Modlins are having a CD release party for their third full-length, Where Does it End, at the Whistle Stop, with opening act Writer.


On June 21, Sublime-ly groovy jam band Irieside celebrate their full-length debut on Above Ground Records at the Boars Cross’n in Carlsbad.


Stranger releases their new album at ‘Canes on June 5. Candye Kane’s new full-length Superhero (Delta Groove Records) debuts with a June 19 appearance at Anthology, her final San Diego appearance until her current world tour wraps up this October in Australia. Summer will also see new albums from Irish rockers Skelpin (The Singing Bird), acoustic blues guitarist Joshua Blatchley, headbangers Wolves of Eden, the Brit-inspired Modlins, and a live set from songstress Anna Troy.


Chuck Schiele’s compilation of Ocean Beach-based performers, Waves, is set for release June 27, with several acts appearing at that weekend’s OB Street Fair. “Everybody knows the jam band thing has a pretty strong foothold here,” says the Grams frontman and operator of StudiOB. “I work counter to that.”



True stories about a former porn star named Susan I dated and (briefly) lived with ---
I was driving her somewhere, and she was fascinated by my ocular defect that makes it hard for me to distinguish colors, particularly on the orange/red end of the spectrum. As we pulled up to a stop sign, she asked "If you can't see red, how do you know to stop here?"
 I reminded her that I CAN READ!
Less than 48 hours after getting a boob job, despite the doc warning her not to shower, bathe, or get the stitches wet lest she develop a serious infection, she went swimming in the ocean. When I found out, I asked - astounded - why???
 She said "The ocean is salt water, and that's what my new boobs are made of anyway, and salt water is sterile or they couldn't put it inside me." (yes, I nursed her thru the subsequent infection).
While she was staying with me, I came home to find my kitchen stove scorched by fire and inoperable, extinguisher foam everywhere. She explained that she'd put leftover Chinese food in the oven and she had no idea what had gone wrong.
 The Chinese food had been in a styrofoam container, which melted and caught on fire - Susan explained "Well, it works fine heating it in the microwave, but I wasn't in that much of a hurry."
Within a couple of days, I moved her into her own apt where I gladly paid the rent - far safer than continuing to live with her.
BTW, I eventually began to understand her strange logic - she once asked me to drive her somewhere in San Diego, but she had no idea the address, the neighborhood, or the roads to take to get there. I asked how she expected me to get her from my place off 70th street to her appointment, and she said "Follow the seagulls."
 So I fired up the car, jumped on route 8 west, and headed for the ocean - sure enough, she recognized an exit just after Hotel Circle, we took it, she directed me from memory of where to turn, and I actually got her to the appointment. On time. In a city the size of Connecticut. Starting only with "Follow the seagulls."
I had clearly lived with Susan too long already at that point ---- if I showed you photos of her, tho (pre-and-post boobjob), you'd understand -------

NOW AS FOR THE WOOORRRSSSTTT GIRL I EVER DATED, you have to come with me to the northern mountains of Georgia, when I was staying up in Gilmer County - The girl I dated - we'll call her "Floozie" - lived in a converted trailer...with a built-on screened-in porch!! On a dirt road. With plumbing via hand-fitted PVC pipes running ABOVE ground to a nearby house. With a chair made of Bud cans on that porch. I can still remember how blown away she was the first time I took her somewhere with an automatic-flush toilet, which she'd never seen - her own toilet only flushed when you dump a bucket of water in the bowl. The girl, her son, her father, her mom, and one of two brothers have all been arrested and served time for either making or selling meth. The non-felon brother is gay (and runs a hair salon near Atlanta!!). Everyone thinks the gay guy is the one "bad seed" in the family.... She’d met her previous boyfriend in a DUI class. The boyfriend before that was in prison, for – yep – manufacturing meth. Every word true!!!! And that's not even mentioning the time I think I caught her kissing her passed-out-drunk son on the lips, which she said was just her "flossing his teeth" because the only time she can do it is when he's passed out drunk. I've never seen dental floss in that house or in her possession.... Not only have I never seen dental floss in that house, but I never saw evidence that a single member of that wacky Chainsaw Massacre klan EVER USED dental floss - probably in their lives, given how their mouths all looked like the front end of a crashed El Camino.... I swear, not even an exaggeration in any of above --- After that girl, I didn't date the locals no mo ---- JAS *********************************************************

Jay Allen  Sanford  WHAT I’M LISTENING TO...

I came across the MySpace page for local punk rockers The Bugs/Dangerous Dave - all their songs clock in at around one and a half minutes, but my favorite was "Dave Navarro's Goatee F-cking Sucks," which made me fall off my chair laughing! There's a terrific video, with shots of Navarro that hopefully won't get the band sued. I was so inspired, I created a 45 single sleeve for the tune ----http://www.msplinks.com/MDFodHRwOi8vZ29vZC10aW1lcy53ZWJzaG90cy5jb20vcGhvdG8vMjc0Njc3NTUyMDEwMzk0Nzc1NUNua0lOaQ==

Checkout the tune here - The Bugs/Dangerous Dave on MySpace

“I wrote the song when he was on that Rock Star Supernova show,” says “Dangerous Dave” Swain of the Bugs. He used to be in Jane’s Addiction/ Now he’s on TV trying to earn a buck He was so much cooler when he was on drugs/ Dave Navarro’s goatee f-cking sucks “All that makeup and jewelry,” says Swain, “what a jerk. Where the hell is he getting off wearing all that crap? He’s so full of himself. Anyone with any soul would want to tell him to go [screw] himself.” The Bugs may have a problem with their video for the song, which features a couple dozen enlarged photos of Navarro on a screen behind the group as they mock his facial hair. “I keep waiting to hear from his attorney about the video,” says Swain. “I’m sure they wouldn’t appreciate us using his pictures without consent. If they do email me, I’m printing it in the insert of the next album.” With tours booked around California, are the Bugs worried about running into the rock star? “I’m really not the fighting type. But if he came at me, he’d definitely get a little chin music. I don’t really want to [meet him]. He may try to French me.” The band’s other songs include “No More Emo Haircuts,” “Meth on My Mind,” “Lesbo Lesbo,” and “Email From a She-Male” (also an amusing video). Clocking in at around two minutes each, the songs will appear on the Bugs’ upcoming Cabana Records seven-inch vinyl album. “Yeah, that’s right, the whole album fits on a seven-inch. And there’s still room for another song or two!” ***************************************************

Jay Allen  Sanford  WHAT I’M WATCHING...

 So I finally watched one of the new Futurama movies, Bender's Game - I was falling down laughing ---

"Eat the wizard
eat the slut
eat the robot's shiny butt!"
 The Scary Door/Twilight Zone bit rocked - there were a buncha Scruffy cameos, but my favorite was when I spotted him cleaning up centaur poop. Not sher how many people "get" the Mork attack (the creatures all quote Robin Williams punchlines from the old Mork and Mindy TV show), but I almost bust a gut with this one:
Lela: Is that a hobbit?
Farnsworth: No, it's just a hobo and a rabbit. But they're MAKING a hobbit....
My face hurts again just from typing it ------


 THE CHE UNDERGROUND WEBSITE AND REUNINS: Memories Of a Long-Gone San Diego - Founded in 1980 as an all-age vegetarian eatery and gathering place for those interested in radical politics, the Ché Café at UCSD quickly became a haven for San Diego’s underground music scene. Though touring bands eventually became a staple of the venue, early shows mostly featured local groups that played punk, garage, mod, and psychedelic sounds...


Detail: Manual Scan/Answers Anders flyer, July 18, 1983 (art by Jerry Cornelius, collection Dave Fleminger)Detail: Answers/Upper Cut flyer, April 30, 1983 (artist unknown, collection Dave Fleminger)Detail: Universal Export/Answers/Cause flyer, July 8, 1983 (artist unknown, collection Dave Fleminger)Detail: Noise 292/Wallflowers/Hair Theatre flyerDetail: Wallflowers/Rockin’ Dogs/Neophytes flyerDetail: Pandoras/Answers/Odds/Noise 292 flyer (collection Dave Fleminger) 


Band Members  EVERYBODY VIOLET IS REBORN - Everybody Violet was an all-girl band which formed at the end of the punk, Mod and psychedelic era in San Diego, cued by the dispatch of the notorious Morlocks to San Francisco...



 TROPHY WIFE DOES IT IN THEIR PJS - "Last Sunday we played at The North Park Festival of the Arts," emails guitarist Joe MacAskill of Trophy Wife. "We were scheduled to play on the main stage at 10am. we knew it was pretty early for people to see us play..."



 FROM A QUEEN SONG TO A BETTER MUSIC SEARCH - UC San Diego electrical engineering Ph.D. student Luke Barrington presented a new model for music segmentation that can capture both the sound of a song and how this sound changes over time. The system "listens" to songs it has never heard before, labels them based on the actual sounds in the song, and then retrieves songs, as appropriate, when people type descriptive words—like "mellow jazz"—into the team's experimental search engine...



SARAH LAVELY BREAKS THINGS FOR A LIVING - Or rather, her clients do! One day, she had a vision of having a place where she could just go in and smash everything in sight...



 BEWARE OF BOOTLEG GUITARS - “I’ve heard too many stories of kids who are saving their money for their dream Fender Stratocaster or Gibson Les Paul, only to find out later they’ve been burned by a cheap fake,” says guitarist David Szabados. “Counterfeit instruments are being produced in China and Korea, and then sold off here as the real thing by unscrupulous sellers on places like eBay, Craigslist, local storefronts, and pawn shops..."



 DO BANDS EVER MOVE FROM L.A. TO SAN DIEGO? - The list of local performers who seek success by moving near L.A. is long – from Ratt and Stone Temple Pilots through Stolen, Delta Spirit, Anya Marina, the Soft Pack, and more. But, once in awhile, it works the other way...



http://sezio.list-manage.com/track/click?u=bd66de50204bb5088333319f8&id=21daffe6db&e=1fcc3c39fc A MESSAGE FROMhttp://sezio.list-manage.com/track/click?u=bd66de50204bb5088333319f8&id=c71ef992a5&e=1fcc3c39fc

Greetings and Salutations. We just posted the last set of videos from our Live at Luce Loft series. Joel P. West and The Paddle Boat have never sounded so good. Click here to check em out.


am103  THE GRATEFUL DEAD IN SAN DIEGO - A tragical history tour thru several local dates, back before the head Deadhead was dead and featuring the tie-dyed and squinty-eyed... 




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"Where Have All The Deadheads Gone?" Local flower children, after the head Deadhead was dead.




am70  50 HISTORIC LOCAL CONCERTS: http://www.sandiegoreader.com/weblogs/bands/2008/dec/29/15-years-ago-today---nirvana-at-sports-arena-plus-/


 THE DAY NIRVANA PLAYED OFF THE RECORD: 10-24-91 - Detailed feature on Nirvana playing a tiny local record store, just as their first album was hitting the charts, featuring interviews with OTR staffers, rare video footage of the event, and more... http://www.sandiegoreader.com/weblogs/bands/2007/sep/03/the-day-nirvana-played-at-off-the-record


THE DAY JIMI HENDRIX CAME TO TOWN - 5-24-69: From my extensive interviews with Hendrix bassist Noel Redding, here's the inside scoop on a legendary (and highly bootlegeed) local concert... http://www.sandiegoreader.com/weblogs/bands/2007/sep/03/the-day-jimi-hendrix-came-to-town


THE DAY BEACH BOY BRIAN WILSON GOT BUSTED IN BALBOA PARK: In June 1978, Brian Wilson - without telling his wife or fellow bandmembers - decided (inexplicably) to escape his life entirely and hitchhike to Mexico. He wound up in San Diego a few days later, mentally fogged, barefoot, and unwashed. “He was on a binge," according to Stephen Love, brother of Beach Boy Mike Love and sometime-band manager..... http://www.sandiegoreader.com/weblogs/bands/2007/sep/18/the-day-beach-boy-brian-wilson-got-busted

Monkee Business

THE DAY THE MONKEES TURNED DEL MAR INTO CLARKSVILLE: 9-11-66 - Del Mar was renamed “Clarksville” for the day, as part of a promotion for the Monkees TV show, which would debut the following night. The Sunday event marked the first time the foursome ever performed music in public.... http://www.sandiegoreader.com/weblogs/bands/2007/sep/16/day-the-monkees-turned-del-mar-into-clarksville


WHY MEXICANS HATED ELVIS: May 1959: While Elvis Presley’s popularity in the U.S. was arguably at its all-time peak, Mexico was in the midst of a huge anti-Elvis backlash. Tijuana tabloids called him a racist and homosexual, after the singer reportedly told gossip columnist Federico de León "I'd rather kiss three black girls than a Mexican." A Mexican woman in the same column was quoted saying "I'd rather kiss three dogs than one Elvis Presley”..... http://www.sandiegoreader.com/weblogs/bands/2007/sep/13/why-mexicans-hated-elvi




Al Kooper

The legendary Al Kooper has been making regular appearance at the old Normal Heights church that hosts the Acoustic Music San Diego series. During one visit, he ran somewhat afoul of music columnist Buddy Blue; on Kooper's return, he took issue with a Reader columnist.... http://www.sandiegoreader.com/weblogs/bands/2009/jan/09/why-al-kooper-hates-local-writers-but-loves-san-di/




The Metallica San Diego footage streaming on the band’s website is top-notch, pro-shot, and fairly impressive – I can take or leave Death Magnetic, but it looks like they still command and destroy on stage. They’ve been such cartoons of themselves, for too very long now.... http://www.sandiegoreader.com/weblogs/bands/2009/jan/09/why-al-kooper-hates-local-writers-but-loves-san-di/



Famous Former Neighbors - The Article: Underground With The Celebrity Dead - Local gravesites of the rich and famous... http://www.sandiegoreader.com/weblogs/bands/2008/jan/31/famous-dead-neighbors-plus-public-access-mtv



Do It Yourself Music Television - A history of local public access music TV shows... http://www.sandiegoreader.com/weblogs/bands/2008/jan/31/famous-dead-neighbors-plus-public-access-mtv


wb25   wb31    

Weird Beatles Merchandise - WTF were these licensors (and bootleggers) thinking... http://www.sandiegoreader.com/weblogs/bands/2008/feb/06/my-brunch-with-yoko-plus-weird-beatles



My Brunch With Yoko - Brunch with a Beatle bride... http://www.sandiegoreader.com/weblogs/bands/2008/feb/06/my-brunch-with-yoko-plus-weird-beatles



Yoko Ono Comics and Stories  - When Johnny Met Yoko, with dialogue and captions paraphrased from published Lennon interviews. Plus John Lennon: A Life in the Day... http://www.sandiegoreader.com/weblogs/bands/2008/feb/06/my-brunch-with-yoko-plus-weird-beatles



Snotley Crue Comics and Stories  - spoofing U-know-hooey... http://www.sandiegoreader.com/weblogs/bands/2008/jan/30/snotley-crue-comix-and-stories


When Your Love Is Locked Up - On California women's prisons and the families and loved ones of prisoners. Focus is on my good friend Danielle Barcheers, the 2nd youngest female ever convicted of a capital crime in CA state history (now ten years into a 20-to-life sentence). Plus 100 Rockin' Local Lawsuits.... http://www.sandiegoreader.com/weblogs/bands/2008/jul/30/when-kids-go-to-prison-plus-100-rockin-lawsuits


"Before It Was The Gaslamp: Balboa's Last Stand" - Cover story 6-21-07: In the late 70s/early 80s, I worked at downtown San Diego's grindhouse all-night movie theaters, for the owner of the Pussycat Theatre chain, Vince Miranda - this detailed feature recalls those dayz, the death of the Balboa Theatre, etc.

More Before It Was the Gaslamp


"Battle Of The Peeps" - feature article about a weird gig I had in the mid-'80s, running a strip club called Jolar, for the nation's second biggest pornographer, Harry Mohney (Deja Vu Showgirls founder).

More Battle of the Peeps - An Insider History of San Diego Porn Shops

"Field Of Screens" - Cover story 7-6-06: Complete theater-by-theater history of San Diego drive-ins thru the years, including a few which screened X-rated fare for awhile.

More Drive-In Theaters in San Diego: Complete Illustrated History 1947 thru 2008


"Pussycat Theaters - When 'Cathouses Ruled California" -- for the first time, the detailed inside story of the west coast Pussycat Theater chain of adult moviehouses, which peaked in the '70s but later died out. Told by those who actually ran the theaters!

More Pussycat Theater History: When Cathouses Ruled CA


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JamieRalphGardner June 5, 2009 @ 11:11 a.m.

I'm surprised by your criticism of William Shatner. You have spoken so highly of Shatner's acting in the Thriller TV series. I think Shatner did his best Star Trek acting during the first season of the show. His acting could be quite different, depending on the episode. I think Harlan Ellison's The City on the Edge of Forever has one of William Shatner's best acting jobs. With the exception of Richard Matheson's The Enemy Within (during which Shatner plays the good and evil Captain Kirk), his acting is way more toned during the first year.

I have noticed his haltering acting style is something he does when speaks outside of acting as well. In a book that Shatner wrote, he said that the reason why he halters when he speaks, is that he is pausing to remember his lines. Shatner says that he would deliberately overact to make silly situations seem more real. He has written about his acting in The World of Suzie Wong play. Shatner claims that when he overacted, the audience got more in to the play.

I think the "The Musician" is one the weaker episodes of the first 2 seasons of land of the Lost. I think a flaw of the 2nd season is that Chaka and his ape people got used too much. They were being used too much for comic relief. I like Chaka but I prefered it when he was potrayed in a more serious way. Most of the famous science fiction writers were gone during the 2nd season. Even though the 2nd was uneven, the show still had a signicant number of good episodes.

I'm glad you started watching the shows before the 3rd season. Many land of the Lost fans are very critical of the 3rd season. If you just had the 3rd season to go on, this would reinforce your negative opinion of the show. I would recommend you see the first season, this is when the show was at it's best.


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