DJ John Joseph

Karaoke Unchained

Lucky & Lana Luckyiam

'80s vs '90s

10 Years and P.O.D.

24 Seven

2nd annual San Diego Dubplate Appreciation

3 Guys Will Move U



45 Revolutions Open Mic

6ONE9 and Relax Max

80s VS 90s Mashup with DJ Biz Markie

8th Annual Brasil Jazz Festa

Requiem For the Living

A Bollywood Affair: Jai Ho! Dance Party

A Great Big World and Genevieve

A Static Lullaby

A Thousand Butterflies

A Tribute to Marvin Hamlisch

ABSU and Mictlantecuhtli

AJ DeGrasse Trio



Aaron Goldberg Trio

Aaron Neville

Abba Mania

Abbath and Tribulation

Abbey Road's Beatles VS. Stones

Abner and the Cory Wilkins Band

Absolute Merch Battle of the Bands

Acid Varsity

Acoustic Blues Jam

Acoustic Happy Hour

Acoustic Showcase: Ross Moore

Adam Block Duo

Adrienne Nims & Spirit Wind

Advance Base and Bouquet

African Drum Classes

Agent Orange

Aghori and Dark Measure

Air Supply

Aizuri Quartet

Albert Lee

Alex Guillen

Alex Maz Music

Alexander Jean

All You Need Is Love

All Your Sisters and Nylon Apartments

Allen Camp and Fuzz-Huzzi

Allison Adams Tucker's Saturday Spotlight

Allison Lonsdale and Eben Brooks

Almas Ocultas

Almost Famous Karaoke

Alphonso Johnson

Altar Boyz

Alvino & the Dwells

Ambi Subramaniam

American Killers



Amtrac and Hotel Garuda

Analog Karaoke

Anders Osborne

Anderson East and Dylan Leblanc

Andra Day

Andrea Gibson and Soak

Andrew Rayel

Andy Anderson & Nathan Fry

Andy Mauser

Angela Thomas Duo

Angelic Co.

Angelus Lenten

Ani DiFranco

Animal Liberation Orchestra

Anjelah Johnson

Annual Chamber Music Festival Showcase

Anthony David and Algebra

Anti-Flag and Leftover Crack

Anuhea and Through the Roots

Anya Marina and Panic Is Perfect




Armors and Kid Cadaver

Army of Bones

Around Dvorak

Arrival From Sweden: Music of ABBA

Art Laboe, Zapp, The Delfonics

Art Walk: Ray at Night

Art of Elan: Song Recollections

Artie Webb & His Hollywood Salsa All Stars

Ashen Earth and Last of Lucy

Assuming We Survive

Astra Kelly

AstroJump with Kill Quanti DJs

Astronauts, etc.

At the Gates and Decapitated

Atreyu and Devil You Know


August Burns Red and Between the Buried & Me

Authentic Sellout

Autograf and Speaker of the House

Aztec Choir & SDSU Symphony Orchestra

B-3 Four Band

BJ Jezbera

Babey Drew

Bach Collegium San Diego

Backwater Blues Band

Bad Cop/Bad Cop, the Maxies, Dudes Night

Bad Penny and the Pistols

Bag Raiders and Plastic Plates

Baltimore Consort

Band of Gold

Banda Magda

Banners and the Moth & the Flame

Banquet and Monarch


Bar Dynamite Saturdays


Basia Bulat

Bass Explorations with Bert Turetzky

Bassmnt Fridays

Bassmnt Saturdays

Battalion of Saints


Beacon and Natasha Kmeto

Beat Farmers Hootenanny


Beats Antique

Bella Novela

Ben Powell

Ben Rector and Gavin James

Benedetti Trio: George Harrison Tribute

Bert Turetzky's 83rd Birthday

Bi-Polar Express


Big Bad Voodoo Daddy

Big Business

Big City Dawgs

Big Willie Style

Bill Harris

Bill Magee

Bill Magee Blues Band

Bing Crosby Tribute

Bitch, Alchemy, Kantation

Black Lives Matter Concert

Black Pearl

Black Tiger Sex Machine

Black Tusk and Holy Grail

Black Violin

Blaise Guld


Blood & Glitter


Blown Fuse

Blue Eyed Soul

Blue Skies

Blue Vinyl

Blues Farm

Bob Wade

Bobaflex and the Veer Union

Bollweevils and White Kapps

Bomb Squad

Bongzilla and Black Cobra

Boogie Dynamite

Boogie Live Blues

Boom Bap

Bootie Shakers

Booty Bassment


Born of Osiris and Veil of Maya

Bossa Lounge Project

Boundary Birds

Breaking Benjamin

Breakthru Entertainment Presents


Brent Curtis & Mike Myrdal

Brett Bodley and DJ Obscene

Brian Fallon

Britt Doehring

Britt Doehring

Brodie Stewart Band

Brogue Wave

Brown Sugar

Bruce Dale Betz

Bryan Stars and Johnnie Guilbert

Built to Spill

Bull Twist


CRSSD Festival

Cadillac Wreckers

Caitlin Evanson and Kennady Tracy



California Celts

Camarada: Irish Legend & Lore

Camron Zibaie DJ Set

Cannibal Corpse, Obituary, Cyptopsy

Carol Curtis

Casey Hensley Band

Cash Cash

Cassie B.

Cassie B. Band

Cassie B. Project

Casual Friday

Cat Karaoke

Celeste Barbier

Center Children's & Youth Chorus

Center Chorale: Mozart and Haydn



Chad Baker Duo

Chad Lada Duo

Charlie Arbelaez

Charlie Chavez y su Afrotruko

Charlie Hilton

Cheap Date

Chelsea Grin and Oceans Ate Alaska

Chet & the Committee

Chickenbone Slim & the Biscuits

Chickenbone Slim and the Biscuits

Chini & Camberos

Chris Cerna Trio

Chris Cutz

Chris Kennedy

Chris Lea Jazz Trio

Chris and Brian

Christine Parker

Christopher Cross


Citizen Cope

Citizen and Turnover

City Mouse

City to City

Civic Youth Orchestra Spring Concert

Classic Buzz

Clay Colton Band

Clint Davis and Tim McNalley


Club Kingston: DJ Carlos Culture

Club Musae

Coastal Cities Jazz Band

Coastal Communities Concert Band

Cody Johnson

Cody Lovaas


Combo Libertad

Common Misconception and Bleach

Commune Wednesday

Condor, Desert Suns, D.P.I.

Condor, Ritual Potion, Nebula Drag


Cougar Canyon Band

Counterparts and Expire

Cowgirls From Hell

Coyote Blues Redemption

Cradle of Filth and Butcher Babies

Crosstown Band

Cruz Radical and Crime Desire

Culture Abuse and Strange Wilds

Culture Club

Cumbia Machin

Current Swell and Cave Singers

Custard Pie

Custard Pie

Cœur de Pirate

DJ Aazar

DJ Adam Salter

DJ Aleks Exact

DJ Alex

DJ Antonio Aguilera

DJ Bad

DJ Bamboozle

DJ Beer

DJ Beto Perez

DJ Bodyrawk

DJ Brandon

DJ Brett Bodley

DJ Chuckie

DJ Crooked

DJ Cros

DJ Dank

DJ Demon

DJ Dida

DJ Dirty Kurty

DJ DrewG

DJ Dynamiq

DJ Dynamiq and DJ Young O

DJ Freeze Karaoke

DJ Fresh One

DJ Greyboy

DJ Harvest Karaoke

DJ Hektik

DJ Ikah Love

DJ Joey Jimenez

DJ K-Swift

DJ Kiki

DJ Knights


DJ LA Mafia

DJ Lexicon Devil

DJ Luke Allen

DJ Mario Orduno

DJ Marshall Islands

DJ Mike Czech

DJ Mikey J

DJ Nawtee & DJ Kien

DJ Qenoe

DJ R-You

DJ Ramsey

DJ Rell

DJ Rico

DJ Roman

DJ Ruckus

DJ Saul Q

DJ Saul Q: The Strokes Night

DJ Schoeny

DJ Scooter

DJ Scooter

DJ Slowhand

DJ Spida

DJ Tristan Jaxx

DJ Tumbao

DJ Waistline

DJ Who


DSB and Mirage

Da Mac

Dale Desmuke

Dale Peters

Dale Thursday

Dallas Smith

Dan Porter Duo

Dance Party

Dance Yourself Clean

Dance Yourself Clean

Dancing With the Movies

Dangle Zone

Daniel Hendrick

Daniel Porter Ratcliffe

Daring Greatly

Darkwave Garden


Dave Good's Jazz Jam

David Crosby

David Patrone

David Wilcox

Dead Man's Party Valentines' Ball

Dead McMahon

Death By Dancing

Debora Galan & Silk

Dee Lucas

Deep Sea Diver and Radiation City

Definitely Not Robots

Del Rio

Dengue Fever

Dent May

Desert Suns, Zed, Nebula Drag

Detroit Underground

Devils Due

Diana Ferrer

Diane Coffee

Diane Reeves

Diatribe and Worthiest Sons

Dig the Kid and Attaloss

Dirty Dishes

Dirty River Boys and the O's

Disco Bloodbath

Distant Cousins and Rivvrs

Disturbed and Breaking Benjamin

Divino Thursdays With Vince Delano

Doc Bones

Domingos de Banda

Don Howell

Donna Larsen and Randy Hodge

Doors & Janis Joplin Tribute

Doug Hartley Trio

Dover String Quartet

Downbeat Big Band

Dr. Dog and Hop Along

Drag the River, John Meeks, Ypsitucky

Dreamers and Arkells

Drew Holcomb & the Neighbors

Drew Thams and Raymond the Sparrow

Drive Like Jehu

Dropkick Mickey's

Drought Tolerant Bluegrass Band

Dub B

Dubbest and Twisted Relatives

Duping the Public and Mittens

Dustin Jake

Dwarves & The Queers

Dzeko & Torres

EC Twins

Eamon Carroll

East Cameron Folkcore

Eleanor Friedberger

Electric Six and Parlour Tricks

Electric Waste Band

Elephant Revival and Mandolin Orange

Eliot Sumner

Elliot Thomas

Emily Wells

Empty Caverns

Engelbert Humperdinck

Enter the Blue Sky

Equinox Trio

Eric Hutchinson

Eric Love

Erika Davies

Escape the Ordinary


Euphoria Brass Band

Evan Bethany & Saba

Evan Christopher

Evans Academy All-Stars

Eve Selis Band

F.A.B. Friday



Falcons and TastyTreat

Falling Doves

Family Beatdown

Father Psalms and Roots Covenant

Fedde Le Grand

Ferruccio Furlanetto

Fetty Wap, Post Malone, Monty

Fictitious Dishes and Blood Ponies

Fiji & Drew Deezy

Filner Headlock and Foreign Bodies

Finish Ticket and Vinyl Theatre

Finnegan Blue


Fish & the Seaweeds

Five & Eric

Fking in the Bushes

Flamenco Night

Flashback Friday

Fleetmac Wood

Fleshgod Apocalypse

Flight 42

Flipside Burners

Fluid In Motion

Folding Mr. Lincoln

Fooz Fighters and Midnight Satellite

Foster Body

Fourth Friday Jazz: John Reynolds

Foxing, O'Brother, Tancred, ADJY

Francoise Sims

Frank Lucio

Frankie J

Fred Benedetti Trio: Love Songs

Freddie A. Dream Trio

Freddie Gibbs

Fresh Sound: Ashley Bathgate

Fresh Sound: The Westerlies

Freunde con Krampus and Sein und Zeit

From Indian Lakes and Soren Bryce

Fuerza de Tijuana

Full Moon Fever

Full Strength Funk Band

Funk's Most Wanted

Fuzz Junkies and Shadowplay

Fuzz-Huzzi, the Hollow, Garth Algar

G Jones and STWO

G Street Sessions

Gabriela Aparicio

Galactic and the Record Company

Garden Echo and Mrch

Gary Clark Jr.

Gary Hankins and Tara Castro

Gary Heffern Fundraiser

Gary Santo Pietro

Get Back Loretta and Brothers Weiss

Get Groovin'

Gillian Margot's Black Butterfly Project

Ginger Roots and the Protectors

Gino & the Lone Gunmen

Girl's Night Out

Girls & Guitars

Gladkill, Pumpkin, Marques Wyatt

Glass Spells and Sound Lupus


Glenn Phillips

Glitter Wizard and Death Hymn Number 9

Gonzo and Iya Terra


Good Times

Gospel Brunch

Graham NanCarrow

Grand Ole Office

Greg Goldman

Gregory Martin Campbell

Gregory Page

Gregory Page CD Release

Gregory Page Trio

Griffin House

Grim Slippers

Grupo Global


HM3 with Harley Magsino

Habitual Defilement and Gortuary

Hank Easton

Hank Easton


Harlem Quartet

Hausmann Quartet: Beginning, Entr'acte, Finale

Hawthorne Heights


Heavy Doses

Heron Oblivion

Hey Marseilles

High Rolling Loners

High Tech Tuesdays

Highway Starr

Hip Pockit

Hip-Hop Fridayz

Hip-Hop Monday

Hippie Sabotage

Hirie and Arise Roots

Hirie and Maad T-Ray

Hitman Honey

Home and Finnegan Blue

Homesick Hitchers

Honky Tonk Boombox

Honky Tonk Kings

Hoodie Allen

Hunter Valentine

Hurricane Andrew

I See Stars

Igudesman & Joo

Il Volo

Ilan Bluestone and Jason Ross

In Midlife Crisis

Indian Music and Dance Festival

Industry & Local Night

Industry Sundays

Intercultural Music Conference

International Guitar Night

Into It. Over It. and TWIABP

Intronaut, the Ocean, North

Irving Flores Trio

Israel Maldonado

Israel Maldonado

Issues and Crown the Empire

It Is Written and Dona Nova

Ive and Trang Simard


J.G. Trio

JD Shelburne

Jack Beats and HotFire

Jackie Greene

Jackson & Jesus

Jacobs Masterworks: Dance & the Firebird

Jacobs Masterworks: Midori Plays Tchaikovsky

Jacobs Masterworks: Symphonie Fantastique

Jake Loban

Jamie O'Connor

Janet Hammer & Nathan Fry

Janice Edwards & Nathan Fry


Jason Hanna

Jason Waterfalls

Jay Cain & Friends

Jeff Brinkman

Jeff Moore

Jefferson Washington


Jerome Dawson

Jesse LaMonaca and Michael McGraw

Jessica Lerner

Jessie Smith

Jim Earp

Jimmy & Enrique

Jimmy Lewis

Jimmy Patton

Jimmy Patton

Jinnah Williams

Jittery Jack and Miss Amy

Joe Bigham & Friends

Joe Cardillo

Joe Cardillo & Kenny Eng

Joe Kaplow

Joe Marson

Joe Purdy

Joe Satriani

Joel Tuttle

John Bennett

John Bennett & Jim Volkert

John Clayton

John Helix

John Hiatt

John January and Linda Berry

John Nemeth and Backwater Blues Band

John Scofield and Joe Lovano Quartet

John Valencia

Johnny Deadly Trio

Johnny Marr

Jon Campos

Jon Campos & the Incurables

Jon Cleary & the Absolute Monster Gentlemen

Jonathan Richman and the Growlers

Jonny Tarr

Jonny Tarr

Jordan T

Jory Herman & Bryan Verhoye

Jose Sinatra hosts OB-oke

Josh Ferreira

Joshua Davis

Joshua White & Marshall Hawkins

Joshua White & Peter Sprague

Josie Day

Josie Day Band

José González & yMusic

José James

Joyce Manor and Andrew Jackson Jihad

Jozif, MD, Tribe Out West

Juice Box and Sure Fire Soul Ensemble

Jukebox Hangout

Julien Baker

Julio Iglesias

Junior Boys

Junior the DiscoPunk

Just Kiddin'

Justin Bieber

Justin Froese

Justin Helland

Justin Werner

Justin Werner & Friends

K. Emeline Duo

KL Noise Makerz and Pali Roots Music

KNSJ Music Summit

Kalamity Wayne & the City Slickers

Kaleo and Firekid

Kanan Road


Karaoke Kings

Karaoke Party Fridays

Karaoke Rocks

Karaoke With KJ Karin

Karaoke with Christine

Karaoke with Cici

Karaoke with Dani Cali

Karaoke with Jessica

Karaoke with Laura Jane

Karen at the Keys

Kathryn Cloward


Kawika Kahiapo, Jerry Santos, Kawaikapuokalani Hewett

Keb' Mo'

Keep Calm Karaoke

Keiko Matsui

Keith Jacobsen

Keni Yarbro

Kenny Eng & Rob Deez

Keys N Krates and Hermitude & Ganz

Kid Conrad

Kid Wilderness

Kid Wilderness and MRKTS

Kids In Heat and Fink Bombs

Kilkenny Cowboys

Killer Bee

Kimmi Bitter & the Younger Brothers

King's X and Dolan Brotherhood

Kip Moore

Kirsten Ashley Wiest

Kirtan Musical Meditation

Kng Mkr and No Kings

Known Unknowns


KrookTone Classics

Kyle Blase

L.A. Takover

LED Anniversary V

La Jolla Symphony & Chorus

La Petite Merveille & the Red Priest

Lace & Leather

Lady Dottie & the Diamonds

Lady Rogo

Lafayette Falquay


Lake Street Dive

Larry Gatlin & the Gatlin Brothers

Larusso and Horsefly

Las Cafeteras

Last Lemmings

Latin Quarter

Latin Soul Connection


Learn About Low Brass

Learn to Didgeridoo

Lee Ann Womack

Lee Churchill

Lee Coulter

Lee Coulter Trio

Lemmy Tribute

Letters To Catalonia


Levi Kreis

Lexington Field

Lifetime Rocker

Likewize and A New Ending

Lil Jon

Lillie Lemon

Lindsey Alley: Blood, Sweat & Mousketears

Lindy Crandall

Liquid Courage Karaoke

Liquid Stranger

Lisa Sanders and Nathan Welden

Livn and Oceanside Sound System

Liza Anne and Youth

Local Brews Local Grooves

Logan & Lucille and She/Her/Hers


Loreena McKennitt

Los Santos and Daddy Issues

Lou Evans and Awakening Magic


Louis Armstrong & Ella Fitzgerald Tribute

Lower 48 and the Wind Playing Tricks

Lower Dens

Lower Left

Lucent 6

Luciana Souza Quintet

Lucky Devils Band

Lucky Tongue

Luke Rathborne and Alex Calder

Mackenzie Leighton

Madeleine Peyroux

Magma and Helen Money

Makana & Paula Fuga

Makossa Mondays



Malo, Tierra, Thee Midniters

Mama Laya

Mandy Curo

Manic Monday

Manny Cepeda

Mar Picao Sextet

Marcela Mendez

Marcela Mendez

Marcus Slim Shaw and B.I.G.

Mariel, Giant Surprise, Post Attraction


Mario Esteban & the Blessed Hellhounds

Mark Allen Felton

Mark Fisher

Markus Burger

Martin Coughlin

Martin Luther King Jr. Choir


Masters of Puppets

Matchbox 22


Matt Alber

Matt Sando

Matt Sando Trio

Matt Smith Neu Jazz Trio

Matt Smith Neu Jazz Trio with Gabriel Sundy

Matthew Logan Vasquez

Meat Wave

Meccore String Quartet

Meiko & Marie Digby


Mercedes Moore


Michael J. Dwyer

Michelle Lundeen

Middle-Eastern Drum & Belly Dance Class

Mighty 388's

Mighty Mystic and Maka Roots

Miguel Mateos

Mikan Zlatkovich

Mike Chamberlin

Mike Czech

Mike Delgado

Mike McGill

Mike Officer

Mike Wojniak

Mike Zito & the Wheel

Milk Money

MilkCrates DJs

Missy & Heine Andersen

Missy Andersen

Misty & the Mobys

Mo-Rhythm School of Percussion

Modern Day Moonshine

Modern Day Moonshine Valentine Party

Modern Kicks and Oddball



Mojo Workin'

Monday Night Boogie



Monthly Student Recital Series

Montreal Symphony Orchestra

Mother Hips

Mother and Clean Room

Mothers and Sego

Motorbreath and Sonic Temple

Motown Monday

Mrkts, Jara, Wetter Forever

Mrs. Magician and Dead Heavens

Music in Mind: Beethoven’s Pastorale

Music: The Food of Love

Musicians Showcase



Mystique Element of Soul

Naked Shorts

Napalm Death, Melt Banana, Victims

Natalia Lafourcade

Natalie Cole Tribute

Natalie Stovall & the Drive

Nate Donnis

Nathan James



Neo Soul

Neo Soul Tuesday

Neon Beat

Nervosa and Taipan

New City Sinfonia

Nexus 4000

Nicely and the Burbs

Nick Carter

Nicky Romero

Nicky Venus and Beginners

Night Beats

Night Shift

Nina Francis and FEiN

No Kings

No Limits with DJ Myson King

No Name Gang and Pillars of Creation

North Coast Strings Orchestra

North Coast Symphony Orchestra

Noura Mint Seymali

Nukem, Systematic Abuse, Santa Clause

Oberlinger, Birsak, and Testori

Ocean Boogie

Ocean Natives

Offshore Impact and Spiral Out

Olivia Newton-John

Oncoming Traffic

Open Jam

Open Mic

Open Mic Hosted By Gaby Aparicio

Open Mic Mondays

Open Mic Night

Open Mic with Jimmie Lunsford

Opera on the Concourse: Opera Exposed

Opera on the Concourse: Tosca

Orion String Quartet

Oscar ragon

P.T. Banks

P4 Jazz Trio

POB and Sol Remedy

Painted Zeros and Izzy True

Pajama Party

Pali Roots

Pandora Band

Pants Karaoke

Papadosio and SAQI

Paper Days and the Bash Dogs




Passport to Worlds of Music: Music of Thailand

Pat Dowling

Patrick Berrogain's Hot Club Combo

Patrick Dowling

Patrick Dowling

Patrick Ellis and the BlueFrog Band

Patrick Howard Trampus

Patty Griffin, Sara Watkins, Anaïs Mitchell

Peach Kelli Pop

Pearl Charles and Tall Tales & the Silver Lining

Pell and Daye Jack

Penny & Sparrow

Pepper and Katastro

Peter Bradley Adams

Peter Sprague and Leonard Patton



Pierre Bensusan

Pink Boombox

Pink Eye and Badabing

Piolo, Sam, Pokwang & Darren


Polica and Clara-Nova

Pop Vinyl


Porches and Alex G

Potbelly and 13 Scars

Pour Habit, Skipjack, Margate

Pouya, Buffet Boys, Suicide Boys

Prince Rama

Private Domain

Pro Blues Jam

Progress Techno

Projekt X

Protomartyr and Chastity Belt

Punk Rock VS Hip-Hop



Quartet Nouveau

Quel Bordel


R. City


RDG, Taz Taylor Band, Pet Shark

Ra Ra Riot

Rabbit Fever and Wind Playing Tricks

Rad Karaoke

Raelee Nikole

Raelee Nikole

Raelee Nikole and Mitchell Lujan

Rain: A Tribute to the Beatles

Ramon Ayala



Random Rab

Raney, Evans, Raney


Rare Form

Rat Sabbath with DJ Ratty

Ray Briz Trio

Ray at Night

Re-Up Dynamite

Reagan Youth and Authentic Sellout

Rebecca Jade

Rebecca Kilgore Trio & Peter Sprague

Recommended Dosage

Red Ball: Chinese New Year Celebration

Red Cup Tuesday

Red Fox Tails

Red Wizard

Red Wizard and Great Electric Quest

Red Wizard, Christ Killer, Nebula Drag


Redwoods Revue


Reggae Friday

Reggae Sundays

Reina Mystique

Relax Max

Relax Max

Republic of Music

Retra, Boychick, Los Shadows

Reverend Horton Heat

Revolt and Ciphers of Transcendence

Ria Carey & Don L.

Richard Morrison & the JT Big Band

Richard Sellers Trio

Richard Thompson Sextet


Ringo Deathstarr and Future Death

Rip Carson

Rising Resistance

Rita Wilson

Rob Bondurant

Rob Crow's Gloomy Place

Robert Gillies and Callie Crofts

Robin Adler & Dave Blackburn

Robin Henkel

Robin Henkel Band & Whitney Shay

Rock Star Saturdays

Rock Steady

Ron Eschete & Rob Whitlock

Ron Houston

Ron Shumate

Ron's Garage

Ron's Trio

Ronnie Milsap

Rookie Card

Rosanne Cash

Rosewood & Rye

Roth, Batten, and Timmons

Rumba Lounge

Ryan Hiller

Ryan Hiller

S Word Sundays

SD Symphony Chamber Music Series: Midori

SD Symphony Chamber Music Series: Yolanda Kondonassis

SDYS Winter Ovation Concert

SDYS Winter Showcase Concert

SIN Industry Night

SIN Tuesdays

SNL Wedding Band & Jam Session

STRFKR and Com Truise

Sabado en Fuego

Sacra/Profana Presents: Romance Isn't Dead

Sacra/Profana: Romance Isn't Dead

Safety Orange


Salsa Mondays with DJ Sonero

Salsa Night

Salsa Sundays

Salsa Under the Stars

Salty Karaoke

Sam Bybee

Sam Hosking

Sam Lee & Sophia Fang

Sam Outlaw and Whitney Rose

Sammy Kay

San Diego County Recorder Society

San Diego Mixtape Society

San Diego Opera presents Tosca

San Diego Youth Symphony

Santana Pa Ti




Sarah Jane Scouten and Hoot & Holler

Saturday Jump Off

Saved by the 90s


School of Rock

Scott Mathiasen & the Shifty-Eyed Dogs

Scotty Mac Band


Sean McConnell and Ivory Tusk

Second Best

Secrets and Palisades

Seeking Alpha

Select Sex and Bastardsect


Sergio and Jaw Trio

Serious Guise

Seven Deadly Sins

Sevilla Sundays

Shades of Blue

Shadows in the Street

Shake and Shout

Shamrocks & Dreadlocks

Shane Hall


Shawn James & the Shapeshifters

Shawn Rohlf and Jeff Berkley

Shelly Taylor Trio

Shen Yun Chinese Music and Dance Show

Shooter Jennings & Lukas Nelson


Shwayze and Felly

Sickstring Outlaws


Sidewinder and Baja Blues Boys

Silver Spurs


Simon Patterson

Simple Creation

Simply Barbra: Color Me Barbra



Skizzy Mars and Kool John & P-Lo

Skyler Lutes

Skyler Lutes Band

Slaves and Capture the Crown


Slic Entertainment

Slick Tickets

Slow Death and Old Vices

Slow Season, Joy, Ovvl, Petyr



Smokey Robinson

So Much Light and Oshwa

Soirée for Music Lovers

Solid Sundays

Songhoy Blues

Sonic Moonshine and the Fooz Fighters

Sonic Tonic

Soul Funk Jazz Alliance

Soul Rebels and Chali 2na

Soulside Player

Spirit Tribe and Baker Street Blues

Spotlight Sessions: Local Artists Invitational

Spring Busker Fest

Spring Harp Fest: Lee Oskar, more

Sprung Monkey and Tsunami Bomb

St. Lucia and Grace Mitchell

Star Bandits

Stars of the Future


State Champs and Neck Deep

Steal Dawn

Steep Canyon Rangers

Steph Johnson & Rob Thorsen

Steve Brewer

Steve Poltz' 7th Annual 50th Birthday Party

Stick Figure and Fortunate Youth

Still Ill

Storm Large & Kirill Gerstein

Street Heart

String Cheese Incident

Strings & Beats

Stump Tail Dolly

Subdvsn: Hotfire, more

Subtropics, Blood Ponies, Hexa

Sue Palmer

Sugar Crisp

Sundance Band

Sunday Funday Karaoke

Sunflower Bean

Sunny Rude

Super Diamond

Suspicious Minds

Suzanne Shea

Swing Dance Under the Dome

Symphology: The Science of Sound

TAO: Seventeen Samurai

TV Girl and Wizard Woes


Tainted Love

Taurus Authority and Krass Brothers

Tavern Rogues

Tavern Rogues

Taylor Michael

Tea Party Thursday




Temblad and Mortuus Terror

Tennessee Tina and Fast Heart Mart

Terri Clark


The Amazons and Alvino & the Dwells

The Anomaly and Listening To Rocks

The Art Dealers

The Bad & the Ugly and Decker

The Bad Vibes

The Band Fresh

The Band of the Royal Marines

The Beatles: In My Life

The Bellfuries

The Ben Owens Trio

The Broken Stems and Sonny Boy Thorn

The Cameltones

The Celebrities

The Charlie Daniels Band

The Chieftains

The Contortionist and Monuments

The Crookes and Geographer

The Diddly Idols

The Dogs, Dirty Eyes, Dr. Boogie

The Donkeys and Palace Ballroom

The English Beat

The Farmers

The Farmers

The Flavr Blue

The Flounders

The Frights and SWMRS

The Gabriel Sundy Jazz Trio

The Gap Band

The Gary Peacock Trio

The Good Mojo Band

The Groove Squad

The Hit List

The Hot Sardines

The Husky Boy All-Stars

The Infamous Stringdusters

The Jim Allen Band

The Knocks, Cardiknox, Sofi Tukker

The Known Unknowns

The Liquorsmiths

The Little River Band

The Manic Brothers

The Manny Cepeda

The Michael Blake Tiddy Boom Quartet

The Mobros, Shilo Gold, Matthew Sucich

The Mystic Braves and the Loons

The Naked

The Natives and Electric Healing Sound

The New Kinetics

The Other and B Movie Monsters

The Outer Vibe

The Ralph Alessi Baida Quartet

The Red Elvises

The Reflectors

The Revivalists

The Roaring 420s

The Routine

The Routine

The Salty Dukes and Brave Native

The Scavengers

The Schizophonics

The Setting Sons

The Show Ponies

The Signalmen

The Singer-Songwriter Revival

The Sleepwalkers

The Sleepwalkers

The Smith Street Band

The Sophisticats

The Struts and Bleeker

The T Sisters

The Tighten Up with Kid Wonder

The Tighten Ups

The Toasters

The Village Squares

The Village Squares

The Waits

The Widows and Sir Coyler & His Asthmatic Band

The Word Alive and Fit For a King

The Yes Team

The Zicas

Thee Oh Sees and Pow!

They Feed At Night and Bell Tower Bats

They Might Be Giants

This Will Destroy You and Vinyl Williams

Throwback Thursday

Tiffany Jane & the Kicks

Tiffany Jane & the Kicks

Tiger Army

Tiger Huang and Ricky Hsiao

Tim Mudd and Podunk Nowhere

Timbre Handbell Ensemble

Timmy's Organism and Wolf Eyes


Tinder Love & Care

Tinh Tu Mua Xuan

Tinh Tu Mùa Xuân

Tito Puente Jr.

Toasty Tuesday

Toby Mac

Tom Brosseau

Tom Field

Tomorrows Bad Seeds

Tonight Alive and Set It Off

Tony Cummins

Tony Davis

Tony Matoian

Tony Ortega Jazz Jam

Tori Roze

Tori Roze & the Hot Mess

Tory Lanez and DJ Carisma


Tower Karaoke


Traditional Irish Session

Trapped at the Office

Tribal Fusion Bellydance Showcase

Tribal Theory featuring Eli-Mac

Tribe Night

Tribute to Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens, Big Bopper

Tribute to the Reggae Legends

Tribute to the Reggae Legends Festival

Trill Thursday

Trio Gadjo

Trippy Turtle

Tropic 2

Trunk Monkey

Ty Herndon



Tyler Hilton and Kate Voegele

Tyson Motsenbocker

UFO, Points North, Symbolic

Under Cover: Songs of David Bowie




United Country

Unpaved Highway and the Fighting Able

Unsung Genius Karaoke

Uptown Rhythm Makers

Uptown Top Ranking

Valentine's Concert

Valentine's Day Piano Soirée

Valentine’s Day Stories & Songs

Vance Joy and Elle King


Vermin on the Mount

Victor Wooten

Video DJ

Village Squares

Vince Gill

Voice Workshop with Aquile Gunby

Vokab Kompany

Waka Flocka Flame

Warren Haynes & the Ashes & Dust Band

Wavves and Best Coast


Way Cool Jr.

Waylon Hicks

Weatherbox and Prawn

Weedeater and Author & Punisher

Wes Maharas

West of 5

Whatever68 Radio 4-Year Festival

Whiskey Ridge

White Denim

Whitney Shay

Whitney Shay

Whitney Shay & Robin Henkel

Whitney Shay & Robin Henkel

Wild Mick Brown’s Bourbon Ballet

Wild Nights

Wild Powwers

Wild Rumour


Will Clarke & Billy Kenny

Will Pierce

Willy Porter

Winter Chamber Heat Participants Concert

Winter Musicales: WW5

Wish & the Well and Ben Powell


Wolves of Eden and Doghouse

Word Of Mouth Mondays

World Be Free and Give

XIXA and Cumbia Machin

Yale Strom & Hot P'Stromi


Yonder Mountain String Band

Young Dubliners

Youth Philharmonic Orchestra


Yuyar Easter Concert


Zel's Open Mic

Zero to Billy

Zombie Barbie and Fistfights With Wolves

globalFEST on the Road: Creole Carnival