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When Vietnamese people say American they always mean white

That feeling of being the servile colonial subject eager to impress.

Good-bellied people with novel-like life stories.

Appropriate language

Gang of Four just released the year’s best album so far, What Happens Next. They play Belly Up March 25. Guitarist Andy Gill chimed in over email. What are your memories of playing San Diego? ...

Binge-watch selections from a theater person

I’m a busy theater person, so when an episodic series like Mozart in the Jungle can actually slow me down to binge-watch, it’s worth noting. It’s about an orchestra, conductors, musicians, board members, donors, and ...

Chug, chug, chug, shhhh...

Desert Line executive faces trouble with Securities and Exchange Commission

Donald Stoecklein, president and former lead counsel for the troubled binational railroad known as the Desert Line, has run into trouble in the form of the Securities and Exchange Commission. On March 11, the Securities ...

Every 25 years...

“A band never really truly breaks up until someone dies.” That is how bassist Mike Jones describes Saturday’s first smART Teens show in almost 25 years. All four original members — Jones, guitarist Joe Comacho, ...


They all aim for the best expression of the bean.

Virtuoso roaster brings home bronze from national competition in Long Beach.

Satisfactory clank!

Total taste heaven in the shape of an artichoke, a burger, mussels

Getting escorted out of Lou & Mickey’ the redesigned patio.

Honeyblood is juicy rock for women

Credit to whoever at Fat Cat Records saw through the lo-fi veneer of Honeyblood’s self-made release and heard the songcrafting for what it was: money. Honeyblood wasn’t actually trying to be scuzzy. One mic and ...

Touching donors

The hiring of Ann Spira Campbell, ex-wife of former San Diego Opera honcho Ian Campbell as a UCSD fundraising executive was just the beginning. She has been tasked to hit up $1 million-plus donors. Now ...

Loony in La Mesa

Look out for the Loons, London

“Bands from the 1960s evolved based on the technology. We ignored technological advances ... the evolutions are personal.”

Turn up the deep end!

Singer/guitarist Elias Avila of Groms learned about 1960s-style garage rock at the border. “For about two years, me and my dad lived in Tijuana. It was a good two hours to get across the border ...

Sweeter, funnier, and kinkier than Fifty Shades of Grey

For anyone in a tizzy over the innocuous and mentally challenged Fifty Shades, allow me to direct your attention to older films that are both sweeter, funnier, and most certainly kinkier than that fan-fiction mommy ...

Life’s kind of beautiful

Lamb’s Players ensemble takes on Moss Hart’s eccentric Vanderhofs

Mr. De Pinna delivered ice to the Vanderhof home eight years ago, and stayed. When Mr. De Pinna isn’t modeling for one of Penny Sycamore’s paintings, he and her husband Paul experiment with explosives in ...

Travel safely on St. Patty’s Day

Get totalled this St. Patrick’s while a sober driver takes the wheel

“We are a charity that educates people about planning when going out with groups of friends.”

Bombingham, Memories of a Geisha, Born to Run

What are you reading? “Bombingham, by Anthony Grooms. It’s a story about the South. This kid grew up in a really racist town where some people got killed when a black church got bombed. The ...

Dress overexposure

Blame the slow news week for the poor-man's meme

Dear Hipster:What color did you see when you looked at #TheDress?— Amanda DJ:I don’t care what science says. I don’t care if BuzzFeed and Wired tell me otherwise. The damn dress is white and gold!— ...

Coronado carpetbagger

San Diego’s GOP mayor Kevin Faulconer has reappointed Frank Urtasun to the city’s housing commission. “Mr. Urtasun is Regional Vice President of External Relations for San Diego Gas & Electric Co.,” says a February 15 ...

Sí, more movies

What to see at the 22nd San Diego Latino Film Festival

“The goal of this year’s festival?” said the San Diego Latino Film Festival’s proud papa Ethan van Thillo, echoing my question. “To get people to see more movies!” Now who can argue with that? Something ...

Clean slate

“You don’t even have an ex,” David said.
“You act like it’s some kind of shortcoming that I nailed this relationship stuff the first time around,” I joked.

Say it ain’t so

Entertainers comment on the idea of a Chargers-Raiders stadium in Carson

In February, the San Diego Chargers dropped a bomb when they announced plans to build their own stadium in Carson, California, a suburb of Los Angeles. This, in the midst of ongoing negotiations with the ...

A missive from North Park’s “super sketchballs” quarter

Dear Hipster: My wife and I are stoked to be first-time homeowners in North Park. We had a housewarming party the other day, and a few friends of ours were saying how our part of ...

Let this be a learning experience

"Every time something like this comes up, one of us will call you."

Juiced Re: Regarding the Chargers and the NFL (News Ticker, “Tale of Two Sleazes”) Capitalism on steroids is now overwhelming this professional sport. Everyone should read March 5’s News of the Weird, the lead story ...

A scheme to lower engineers’ wages

The (false) case for foreign tech workers

Qualcomm’s stated motivation behind the push for H-1B workers is H-1BS.

Thousands of white seabass die in power outage at Redondo captive breeding program

March 10 dock totals The Dolphin 1/2 Day AM run carrying 16 Anglers reported 1 Sculpin, 94 Rockfish, 1 Lingcod and 3 Calico Bass caught, with 65 Calico Bass Released. Their 1/2 Day PM run ...

Big Laguna for little legs

Casual hike to Monument Peak accessible for all ages, but watch out for... lasers?

Keep the kids off the antennae and away from the laser targets on Monument Peak.

Remembering Mom

Hypocrisy and condescension were her sworn enemies

Mom died last week at the age of 93, two months after Dad’s funeral, which came a few weeks after he turned 95. Although they were inseparable and fiercely loyal to one another throughout their ...

DeMaio’s gold

Former San Diego city councilman and unsuccessful Republican mayoral and congressional candidate Carl DeMaio, who fell to Democratic incumbent Scott Peters in a nasty fight last year, is back on the fundraising circuit. “On Sunday ...

The 75-pound balsa board

Founded in 1986 at George’s Restaurant in Encinitas Moonlight Plaza, the California Surf Museum has moved several times since. They have been in the Encinitas Promenade Shopping Center, Pacific Beach, in Oceanside just off the ...

Shamrock 'n' roll this St. Patty's Day

Plus blasts from the past with Kevin Seconds, Ani DeFranco, and Juliana Hatfield

Sunday 15From Sacramento-via-Reno, punker-turned-trubadour Kevin Seconds (7 Seconds) plays Bar Pink with local flim-flammer Grampa Drew and Matt Strachota (Long and Short of It). Seconds last year released New Year’s Rulins, “songs inspired by Woody ...

Single Mothers unite!

Plus Twin Shadow, Dengue Fever, and Naomi Punk

Thursday 12Before frontman Drew Thomson hooked up with Single Mothers, he spent a year as a gold prospector in a town called Swastika. (You can’t make this stuff up, people.) But the vein Thomson tapped ...

King of tall tales

From the makers of The Red Shoes and A Matter of Life and Death comes The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp (England, 1943, United Artists), an epic look at love spanning decades and on ...

No Second Troy

Why should I blame her that she filled my days With misery, or that she would of late Have taught to ignorant men most violent ways, Or hurled the little streets upon the great, Had ...

In the name of God, the Merciful, the Compassionate

The Clot In the name of God, the Merciful, the Compassionate: Recite: In the name of your Lord who created, Created man for a clot. Recite: And your Lord is most generous, Who taught by ...

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