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Barbara Stanwyck and Fred MacMurray as mind-blowers

First seen in a college film class

I first saw Double Indemnity (USA, 1944, Paramount) in a college film class. I had grown up with Barbara Stanwyck and Fred MacMurray as the perfect TV mom and dad on The Big Valley and ...

The Fallbrook Kid

Axe-man Anthony Cullins gets the blues at 14 years young

Sheriff’s deputies have not solved the mystery of who killed Larry Robinson, the guitarist remembered for his decades of local shows and legions of guitar students. He was murdered in a Temecula music store two ...

Potential to scandalize scotch drinkers

It's mixed, but the drink is not exactly full of peach schnapps and little umbrellas

For a cocktail on Humphreys’ newly revised drink menu, bar manager Austin McAdams uses as a base liquor a perfect 15-year-old scotch. But before serious scotch drinkers storm Humphreys with broadsword and targe, McAdams asks ...

The Serious Chicken

Seattle surf-pop act Tacocat's at Casbah Monday night

Seattle’s Tacocat — singer Emily Nokes, guitarist Eric Randall, bassist Bree McKenna, and drummer Lelah Maupin — brings their surf/pop/throb/costume riot to the Casbah on December 7. Ms. Nokes sat for some email questions. Which ...

The fridge between worlds

Where’s Reagan when you need a wall torn down?

“It’s the border,” Rodrigo says. “So crazy. It stops good things happening all the time.”

Forty years of Robert Cray

Blues slinger more of a singer?

Forty years of Robert Cray: all the while, some among us are waiting for that guitar of his to quicken into flames, rather than smolder like last night’s fire. Not a very heroic guitar hero, ...

My favorite show about rocks

The Shawshank Redemption (USA, 1994, Columbia) is debatably my favorite movie. It shouldn’t be because it deals with a lot of serious issues, and I’m only 15. Tim Robbins is so smart, and Morgan Freeman’s ...

Swell swells a thousand percent

Mission Beach coffee roaster Swell Café has experienced massive growth in the past four months. For one thing, it might no longer be right to call it a Mission Beach roaster. While its original café ...

Hike along one of the three rivers that discharge into San Diego Bay

Otay Valley Regional Park Loop features ponds, rare flora, and lots of options

Natives populated Otay Valley 9000 years ago.

Riding the faces of giants

Big wave art on exhibit in Oceanside

Big-wave surfing was born in the minds of Southern California surfers in 1953, when a photo of George Downing and Buzzy Trent riding a 15-foot wave at Makaha, Hawaii, appeared in Life magazine and National ...

Airsoft gunplay around the county

Boys will be boys and shoot things

Boys like to shoot guns. I like children to remain uninjured. Airsoft, which involves shooting one’s friends but also involves plastic BBs and full facemasks, sounded like it might be a way to meet halfway. ...

Uncomfortable laughter: That’s Entertainment!

Director Rick Alverson on Neil Hamburger

Rick Alverson’s Entertainment not only elicits the same kind of uncomfortable laughter fans of comedian Gregg Turkington’s alter ego Neil Hamburger have long grown accustomed to, it does so in understated and sublimely subversive cinematic ...

Another Juan Vargas staffer gets it free

Lodging with lobbyists

A staffer to congressman Juan Vargas has accepted a free overnight in Manhattan courtesy of a Washington think tank. This time it’s Scott Hinkle, legislative director for the border Democrat, who took off for New ...

Yule to be kind

Nick Lowe brings his Christmas show to Belly Up Wednesday night

Nick Lowe is of two minds about Christmas. “In Britain, Christmas is different,” he tells me by phone from his home in England. “In the states, you embrace the corniness. Here [in Britain], it’s more ...

Urban agriculture is what we call it

“I’m not a farmer. I’m a community organizer."

Cats are a problem. We gotta enclose the areas where we’re growing.” Diane Moss breaks it down for a visitor. “You gotta be careful with your compost. It’s composting,” she explains, “and that brings the ...

Hidden underwater, even at low tide

Watch out for Grimace Rock

I asked the most knowledgeable surfer I know about the name Grimace Rock. Skip Frye told me it comes from a picture taken when a surfer realized he was about to hit the rock. Grimace ...

A room with a clue

The gang gets locked up

“I have a confession to make. The four of us tried the escape room downtown.” I didn’t understand why it was a big deal until she finished her confession: “We didn’t make it out.”

Where did money get "In God We Trust"?

Salmon Chase, approver of mottos

No nation can be strong except in the strength of God or safe except in His defense. The trust of our people in God should be declared on our national coins. You will cause a ...

Hipster Hall of Fame nominations begin to roll in

Sorry guys. Not hipster enough.

Disney's mustache doesn't cut it.

Marco Collins's imperfect storm

Former sailing instructor docks to a life in rock

The movie based on Marco Collins focuses on his role in the grunge explosion in the 1990s, his support of Washington state’s gay marriage referendum, and his sidelining addictions. “I don’t feel completely comfortable about ...

More animals in Pacific Beach?

A nature preserve in the front yard of Mission Bay

ReWild Mission Bay gave a presentation in the Midway District on November 18 at the Loma Riviera community room under the auspices of the Friends of Famosa Slough organization. Rebecca Schwartz, the conservation program manager ...

San Diego Opera stands by its man

...even though David Bennett left Gotham in financial ruin

Why San Diego Opera's second act won't end in tragedy.

Three poems by Scott T. Starbuck

Co-creative writing coordinator at Mesa College

The Art of Denial If you ignore a thorn in your hand it will go away but first the hand gets infected, swells, turns coal-purple, and sometimes parts must be amputated to save what remains. ...

Marty Block gets funny to get money

Be a $2500 sponsor at Chicory Coffee and Tea

State senator Marty Block, locked in a rough-and-tumble primary race with fellow Democrat Toni Atkins, termed out of her Assembly seat, is going all out to attract donors to his financially challenged campaign war chest. ...

Fixation on the pot pages

A look at the back of the book

Childish Mayor I’m calling in response to Mayor Falcouner’s letter, “El Niño, El Schmiño.” I wonder if he wants some French fries to go with that waah burger. We’ve got way more pressing issues than ...

The best holiday events this week

December Nights, Santa Paws, and Frosty Farm make the list

Thursday | 3 Australia’s platinum-selling rock stars of opera will perform traditional and contemporary favorites, with soaring renditions of “Joy to the World,” “White Christmas,” “Winter Wonderland,” and “Feliz Navidad.” Friday | 4 Balboa Park ...

Zig Zags, White Reaper, Hawkwind Bad Plus, Tacocat, and Billy freaking Gibbons

Sunday 6L.A.’s purveyors of sci-fi garage-punk the Zig Zags light up at Soda Bar Sunday night. Take last year’s self-titled In the Red record for a spin on the web, esp. head shredders “Brainded Warrior,” ...

The Glamour, the Squalor, and the Avengers Little Hurricane blows into town, while Deadbolt and Schizophonics blow out of town

Thursday 3It’s the American in me that never wonders why/ Kennedy was murdered by the F-B-I! Update a few of the lyrics to the Avengers’ indictment of blind patriotism, “The American in Me,” and Penelope ...

An ascetic pleasure

I saw The Color of Pomegranates (by Sergei Parajanov, a Soviet filmmaker of Armenian heritage, 1969, International Film Exchange) during the Soviet Arts Festival in the company of a visiting cadre of Georgian culturistes who ...