Tacocat singer Emily Nokes: “Everyone in Tacocat has a ’90s country music soft spot.”
  • Tacocat singer Emily Nokes: “Everyone in Tacocat has a ’90s country music soft spot.”
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Seattle’s Tacocat — singer Emily Nokes, guitarist Eric Randall, bassist Bree McKenna, and drummer Lelah Maupin — brings their surf/pop/throb/costume riot to the Casbah on December 7. Ms. Nokes sat for some email questions.


"You Never Came Back"

...off of Tacocat's <em>NVM</em> album

...off of Tacocat's NVM album

Which are the band’s most vivid experiences of San Diego?

“Our shows at Scolari’s Office always stand out! I don’t think that is a venue anymore, but our first time ever in San Diego landed us there. We played with another Seattle band called the Cops. We didn’t know each other before then, but had an excellent night that ended in the invention of a dance called “The Serious Chicken” down the street at the Pink Elephant.

“We also took mushrooms on Coronado Island once, but that’s another story...”

What are the band’s strangest experiences of playing live? Death threats, marriage proposals?

“We’ve had a lot of crazy experiences over the years, but no death threats or proposals. I love inviting folks to jump up on the stage to dance for “Crimson Wave” at the end of our sets, along with whichever friends we convinced to dance while dressed as a crab or apple or whatever costumes we have on hand. Even though it usually ends in guitars getting unplugged and such, it’s worth it!”

Past Event

Sallie Ford and Tacocat

  • Monday, December 7, 2015, 8 p.m.
  • Casbah, 2501 Kettner Boulevard, San Diego
  • 21+ / $12

Which musical and non-musical favorites of the band would surprise the average Tacocat fan?

“Eric’s favorite thing is MMA. Lelah is really good at de-wobbling any table that wobbles. Emily can recite all the prepositions in alphabetical order. Bree is a huge Game of Thrones fan. Everyone in Tacocat has a ’90s country music soft spot.”

Plans after this tour?

“We’re putting out our new album in the spring, which means we have a lot of videos to make, photos to take, and 2016 tour plans to hatch...”

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