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Little People and Frameworks

Illiterate Light

The Sleepwalkers and Shanghai's

The Jackets and the Loons

Casey Hensley and the Farmers

Body Salt and Cheyenne Benton

Flor De Toloache

Ezra Furman and Kelley Stoltz

James Supercave

Emo Nite

Sudan Archives

Christian French

Boy Named Banjo

Jules Julie and Primaveras

Robyn Hitchcock

White Reaper and the Aquadolls

Seratones and Dani Bell & the Tarantist

Lost Dakota and the Monroes

Ezra Bell

Kinky Friedman

Lauren Ruth Ward

Frances Quinlan

Delicate Steve

The Mattson 2


Holy Fuck

Tommy Cash

Beach Slang

Nap Eyes

The Lover The Liar and Josh Moreland

Post Animal

The Third Mind

The Adolescents


Sleaford Mods and Girl Band

The Mighty Oaks

Anna Burch and Long Beard

Black Marble and Moaning

Black Marble and Moaning

Secret Sisters and Leslie Stevens

Mo Lowda & the Humble

True Widow


Jens Lekman

Kevin Devine and John K. Samson


GBH 40th Anniversary Tour

Surfer Blood and Winter

Alex Lahey

Vanessa Carlton

Southern Culture on the Skids

San Cisco

The BellRays and Slim Cessna's Auto Club

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