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Bill Kolender – the Union-Tribune's favorite cop

Newspaper strikers had to get by him first

It was a last hurrah of sorts for two San Diego institutions, the late Bill Kolender and his onetime employer, the San Diego Union-Tribune. “Almost nobody didn’t love Bill Kolender,” said the U-T’s October 6 ...

Consideration of dust is an excellent remedy to cure vice

From a meditation on Ash Wednesday in “Entertainments for Lent”

This consideration of dust is an excellent remedy to cure vice and an assured rampart against temptation. St. Paulinus saith excellently well, that holy Job was free from all temptations when he was placed upon ...

Charlotte, Sean, and the Sinclairs

Brooklyn band leaves winter behind for San Diego climes

“We had become a little spent on some of the superficiality and oversaturation of the New York music scene,” says David Hyman of the Sinclairs, which originally formed in Brooklyn around 2008. “We were having ...

Big-money donors win if Darrell Issa prevails

Speakers cash

As Republican congressman Darrell Issa closes in on a possible run for the Speaker of the House to replace resigned John Boehner, some of his big-money donors stand to win big if he prevails. Through ...

Off the Market is no one-and-done

Draft arranges a light conversation between sweetness and acidity in its beery cocktail

Draft in Belmont Park combines the best of beery cheer with a mix of high spirits (think: boilermaker in a cocktail dress) — such as the Off the Market. “We don’t incorporate beer into all ...

The Slim Shady of punk

Infidelz frontman Kelly English gets back to promoting punk in the Southland

Kelly English’s big-bang moment happened at age 12. “My dad was the high school marching band director. I had the sax, trumpet, and French horn shoved down my throat. In sixth grade I heard ‘Bodies,’ ...

Peeper and palate appeal

The Flight Path offers a global selection at down-to-earth prices

Sharing walls with the Stone Company Store in the historic McClintock building by Santa Fe Depot, the Flight Path juxtaposes the 1928 warehouse’s original exposed columns and polished concrete flooring against all-white minimal modern Italian ...

Nonprofit bingo hall proposed for Chula Vista

South Bay PR wiz and La Jolla real-estater join forces

Many media outlets recently bid a sentimental farewell to Chula Vista’s Fun-4-All, a micro-sized amusement park that had offered kids batting cages and boat rides since the 1970s. But some unexpected entrepreneurs may fill the ...

Seattle sludge slingers

Mudhoney's back at Casbah Saturday night!

Possibly no one that saw this band live in 1988 expected them to be around for more than a few weeks, let alone 30 years, and not because they were awful, but because Mudhoney was ...

Dead Man's Party can't call themselves an Oingo Boingo tribute?

Ersatz Oingo

Oingo Boingo, the musically complex octet that was the centerpiece of California ’80s new wave has been dead for 20 years. But Dead Man’s Party, an Oingo Boingo tribute band, has been a SoCal Halloween ...

A hot bowl of comfort

“It was the kind of soup that brings comfort right down to your toes.”

My friend Lorraine has a golden soul. She’s the type of person who surprises you with coffee deliveries at that exact hour of need, who sends supportive texts throughout the day, who drops off mountains ...

Get thrown a bone and ball at Po Pazzo

No time to dither if you are going to snatch that happy hour sugo deal

“This rib of yours is the bone they cut the ribeye steak out of.”

Explore a serene, pocket-sized mountain valley

Love Valley Meadow is tucked into the southern flanks of Palomar Mountain

The trailhead for Love Valley Meadow can be easily missed when driving up the East Grade Road/S-7 into Palomar Mountain as it begins from the back of a deep turnout alongside the road. While not ...

The largest beach run

It began as a sketch in 2005 and was further conceptualized at a mosaic school in Ravenna, Italy, in 2010. The ten-by-ten-foot mosaic of the Virgin of Guadalupe was completed nine months later. The piece, ...

The mobster's nephew

Nobody messed with Frank Bompensiero...but Joey did.

One conjecture about why people are so fascinated by organized crime figures attributes it to a timid envy of those who flout the law so boldly. But after selling his book at a four-hour signing ...

Paul Espinosa Film Festival makes a homecoming

Kensington filmmaker honored with month-long retrospective

Perhaps it was the decade-long absence, but Paul Espinosa is one of those local treasures we don’t hear enough about. The award­-winning writer, producer, director, social activist, and Kensington resident is currently being honored with ...

In the Downhill of Life

A bridge to the Romantic era

In the downhill of life, when I find I’m declining, May my lot no less fortunate be Than a snug elbow-chair can afford for reclining, And a cot that o’erlooks the wide sea; With an ...

Nathan Fletcher makes a comeback

Old Irwin’s network

Republican-turned-Democrat Nathan Fletcher, a favorite of SDSU’s KPBS public broadcasting outfit — whose gadget-filled “newsroom of the future” was paid for with $2.9 million from La Jolla billionaire and Fletcher backer Irwin Jacobs — is ...

Detecting hypocrisy in Madonna-bashers

Sneetches and freaks

“I think Madonna’s trying too hard to appear young,” said the oldest among us. “Why can’t she just age gracefully? It’s embarrassing, really.”

German Currents Film Festival descends on Balboa Park

We Are Young, We Are Strong and About a Girl among the offerings

The 5th Annual German Currents Film Festival adds a new, somewhat surprising name to this year’s roster of theaters. Jack kicks things off on Saturday night at Balboa Park’s Natural History Museum, while across the ...

Oceanside’s coffee revolution

Bean bloom in Oceanside

This retail coffee shop representing the Leucadia roaster pairs vintage objects and beach community vibe with fresh roasted coffee, cold brew and coffee based drinks, plus a small menu of baked goods and sundry food ...

As I drove home, I passed another cemetery

It’s a nice purging

In a short sermon, Father Larry Dolan spoke of our human bodies as tents. As we walk further into the forest, the tent gets tattered.

Daybreaking with morning party people

Rise 'n' Shiners don't get the whole night-time's-the-right-time thing

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Encinitas’s Lawrence (Larry) Freeman ordered to desist and refrain

But desist and refrain from what?

The 36 percent annual return should have been a scam tip-off.

Letters on sidewalks, Trader Joe's, solar power and Yelp

Discover Girls I just read Dryw Keltz’s story in the October 15 issue about something called belegarth. I grew up during World War II, and I was of draft age during the Korean War, and ...

SDSU has been under-reporting campus crime

San Diego State University’s lying stats

San Diego State University, rattled by a wave of sexual assaults and other violent incidents, has been under-reporting campus crime, says a September 28 audit by the California State University system. “The process to tabulate ...

Nobunny, No Joy, no tickets to Shakey Graves?

...and the best of the rest in San Diego clubs this week

Sunday 25Sunday-nite lite: indie-folkies William Fitzsimmons and Jake Phillips split a bill at Casbah...New York darkwave duo MS MR bring their How Does It Feel tour to House of Blues...while Swedish pop-rock four-piece Royal Concept ...

David Yow fronts Flipper Mudhoney, White Sh!t, Beehive, and Bully

Thursday 22I used to art-up my old skate decks and hang them on the walls. My favorite, and most coveted by my friends, was a blacked-out Vision deck with a white stencil of the Flipper ...