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How to get into U.S. via the Arroyo Alamar

The curious walking reeds of the Tijuana River

Art on the hoof, in the river, but not quite across the border.

This Close

In the room where we lie, light stains the drawn shades yellow. We sweat and pull at each other, climb with our fingers the slippery ladders of rib. Wherever our bodies touch, the flesh comes ...

Record-release roundup

New local releases this week include an EP from retro-rockers Bangladesh, an EP by folksy singer-songwriter Jay Chu called Change, and Sight Unscene’s punk-heavy Noise We Don’t Hear CD. Scott Samuels’s Live at Uncommon Ground ...

Thanks to Rick Perry?

Austin and Ft. Worth booming; San Diego growth in middle of the pack

WalletHub, which aggregates statistics for states and metro areas, is out with new rankings: growth of metro areas between 2008 (the bottom of the Great Recession) and last year. Among large metro areas, San Diego ...

Modern Times flows into coffee

A "pleasant diversion" turns into something 1000 percent larger.

An artisanal approach to coffee isn’t limited to roasting or dripping method. The same creative impulse that dry hops or grapefruit put into beer can drive third-wave coffee purveyors to seek out ways to embellish ...

For Temples it’s venues

“Our hometown feels like it’s as far away from a city, or any place of culture, really, as far as you can go. It gives you that space away from everything. If we were based ...

Progress in pizza

Ed picks up something round, brown, and with a pepperoni crown.

She looks up. “Anything else? Honestly, whatever you want.”

LaRue’s big day

It’s nothing compared to the thousands of dollars of special-interest money spent by San Diego congresswoman Susan Davis on junketeering over the years, but the office of fellow Democratic House member Juan Vargas has also ...

Hipster Halloween costumes

Bert and Ernie, yes, this Halloween; blackface, nope

Dear Hipster: Got any suggestions for good Halloween costumes? I like to start early with the planning, decoration, and execution of epic Halloween shenanigans. — Matty There are a few costumes I’d like to see ...

Rooster House?

It’s now up to Kodiak, a five-man punk-metal band from North Park, to keep a local tradition alive. For more than ten years the loft above the bar formerly known as Scolari’s Office has been ...

Gov’t Mule thrives on spontaneity

Gov’t Mule, basically a canvas for the guitar of Warren Haynes, is celebrating 20 years as a band. Warren Haynes calls the Reader from a spot on the road an hour north of New York ...

Lake Cuyamaca loop

Cuyamaca is a Spanish corruption of the Kumeyaay phrase “Ekwiiyemak”

An easy stroll around the shores and meadows of this picturesque mountain lake that abounds with alpine plants and wildlife.


Five days and 100 films. That’s the promise made by this year’s San Diego Film Festival. The festival runs September 24–28, with the lion’s share of the screenings to be held at Reading Cinemas Gaslamp ...

P.B. in Baja

Las Gaviotas is an oceanfront gated community located about 30 miles south of the San Ysidro border crossing. It is ten minutes south of Rosarito. There are close to 300 homes, and many are available ...

The bounty of Arizona

From Yuma to Tucson, a handful of must-sees 2-7 hours from San Diego.

Until this year, the only part of Arizona I had ever seen was my grandparents’ retirement abode near Camelback Mountain. I remembered that people would emerge in the cool of the night with headlamps to ...

Gluten-free in Texas

Barb asks the flight attendant for rat poison.

“I wouldn’t usually mind if we were going to a vegetarian restaurant,” I said as David pulled into the lot. “But for the few days we’re here, I’m reluctant to order anything but beef.”

Politically hacked

Some subscribers to U-T San Diego, the daily newspaper and website operation run by Republican kingpin and hotel developer Doug Manchester, recently received an unsettling reassurance. Customers using the so-called EasyPay service of automatic credit-card ...

The sand is full of wasps

In defiance of the claim that there are no bad insects.

Dear Hipster: Check out the pic of this bee I found hanging out in Mission Beach. He was digging in the sand. Cool, right? It’s definitely freaky that the sand might be full of bees, ...

You do realize that you’re Alan Arkin?

His career sparked amid the dying embers of the studio system.

Butterfly wings had been whacking away at my stomach wall for days before the scheduled interview.

Five Reasons to Love Bonsall

Pick your pleasure

You won't see big box retailers here. As you gaze the horizon, you see mountains and trees.

Inhuman Headbanger

When asked what inspired the title of his new album, Black Moon Spell, Kyle Thomas, aka King Tuff, tells the Reader he doesn’t know. “It just appeared there one day and forced me to use ...

Which knowledge is the highest of all?

From A Bhakti Shorter Catechism

Question: Which knowledge is the highest of all? Answer: There is no knowledge but devotion to Krishna. Q: What is the highest glory in all types of glory? A: Being reputed to be Krishna’s devotee. ...

San Diego stadium, convention center lies you will hear

Convention center propaganda machine is lubed and ready to spew.

Suppose San Diego spends $2 billion on a stadium and convention center expansion — then goes without adequate water

Lincoln Club heaven

The San Diego Lincoln Club, locally famous for its takedown of Republican-turned-Democrat Nathan Fletcher during last November’s mayoral primary, has gotten involved in a campaign with lesser stakes but greater apparent spirituality. On September 8, ...

Yesterday's catch

September 23 dock totals Chubasco 2 Sportfishing 15 Anglers, 1 Boat, 8 Kelp Bass, 2 California Yellowtail, 1 California Sheephead, 41 Pacific Bonito, 7 Rockfish Fisherman's Landing 65 Anglers, 3 Boats, 8 Calico Bass, 2 ...

A nation of bosses

It was refreshing to read the story about High Tech High preparing its students for life, but not for college. It seems most of our traditional high schools are extremely focused on sending students to ...