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Noble Experiment is San Diego’s own modern-day speakeasy

We have begun to define a spirited cocktail culture

Alchemy's Ricardo Heredia, Noble Experiment's Anthony Schmidt, and the U.S. Grant's Jeff Josenhans share their glass art.

Fire near Eastlake’s Olympian High School

Extinguished before sundown

On April 28 at approximately 5:45 p.m., a large cloud of gray smoke could be seen rising above southeastern Chula Vista. The smoke appeared to be very close to homes in the area, so I ...

The Cranes are Flying, Caltiki the Immortal Monster

The Cranes Are Flying is a groundbreaking movie that escaped the Soviet’s relentless orthodoxy to celebrate individuality during war. The stunning Tatiana Samoilova is Veronika, a girl in love with a soldier. A simple story ...

Cody Lovaas drops in

Carlsbad resident Cody Lovaas, 14, begins his recording career with Hurley and Bill Silva Management.

94th Aero Squadron's Coyote Margarita

Adorned with the parti-colored relics and memorabilia of winged battle’s golden age, the 94th Aero Squadron Restaurant has the look and feel of a rural French chalet that’s been commandeered by World War I flyboys. ...

The indelibly linked Greg Friedman

Truckee Brothers bassist Greg Friedman releases solo album Can’t Talk Now.

Going Socialist at Sobaka

Kafe Sobaka/Restoran Pomegranate offers Ed Bedford plate sizes ranging from “Communist” to “Imperialist.”

The Dekalog, Béla Fleck: Throw Down Your Heart

Two grad professors have taught and praised The Decalogue in their poetry/fiction classes this semester. Originally airing in the late ’80s on Polish television, The Decalogue is a collection of ten potent vignettes loosely corresponding ...

Rancho La Costa Habitat Conservation Area

Carlsbad’s high point offers a 360-degree view from the coast to the mountains.

A single guy in an endless summer

One-time Blizzard frontman Chris Leyva starts a band called the Falling Doves.

Jamming econo

San Diegans Chris Wilson and Joe Cardillo raised $6029 on Kickstarter to finance a low-frills tour of the U.S.

WWII bomber mystery parts

Heymatt: Watching [the movie] Battle of Britain, I saw a ball-shaped device just back of the pilot’s window on the left side. It was mounted on cables or wires top and bottom. Could this be ...

Ip Man, Arrested Development

Ip Man is absolute perfection — crazy choreographed fun at its finest. Donnie Yen awes with lightning-fast hands and tight technique as innovative martial-arts legend Ip Man, mentor to Bruce Lee and innovator of the ...

Desert DINKs

David held a tight grip on his phone as he snapped photos out the window of our speeding Mini. “How can it be 95 degrees down here when there’s snow on top of that hill?” ...

Empty nesters open Craftlab Gallery

Craftlab Gallery in Oceanside opened its doors on April 6 with a solo exhibition by San Diego artist and musician Fernando Apodaca.

Wowee — like Maui in Carlsbad

PREVIOUS RESIDENT: William T. and Susan B. Walters LISTING PRICE: $29,000,000 BEDS: 5 BATHS: 9 HOUSE SIZE: 10,000 sq ft For most, a 10,000-square-foot oceanfront estate along San Diego County’s northern coast with a price ...

Invasion of pigs!

Wild pigs are coming, and there’s nowhere to hide.

The restroom gender conundrum

Heymatt: Why do gender-specific, single-occupancy restrooms exist? I see things like, for example, a queue of women outside the women’s room when there is plenty of space in the adjacent men’s room, or vice-versa. Why ...

Lumbering Man

More metal mancrush

Iron Man 3 is, like its hero Tony Stark at the outset and Stark’s girlfriend Pepper Potts at another point in the story, a hot mess. It does what third installments tend to do: revisit ...

Fletcher Hills’ mystery radio station

Heymatt: I grew up in Fletcher Hills. Ever since I was a kid, I have wondered what was going on at the corner of Hacienda Drive and Hacienda Circle. There is a fenced-off area with ...

Lights! Camera! Nathan!

Back on February 15, ex-GOP assemblyman Nathan Fletcher tweeted his fans with some big news: “Just accepted award from Chancellor Khosla for work on behalf of UCSD while in the legislature.” The former San Diego ...

Doug Manchester’s Grand Del Mar resort scoffs at permits

And sues city for nearly $20 million

An $87,000 fine and 150 hours of community service sounds like a harsh penalty for a couple permit violations — but not in the case of Doug Manchester’s Grand Del Mar resort, where repeated permit ...

Helado Negro

Sometimes I hear music that is so far outside the realm of possibilities that I want to know who likes it and who dances to it. I want to meet the kinds of people that ...

Emails to the Editor

Not Easy Being Green Don Bauder was right to highlight SDG&E’s high electricity rates for San Diego (City Lights: “You Pay Highest Electric Rates In San Diego,” April 25). But he made no mention of ...

Clairemont Emmanuel Baptist

Jesus was pretty clear

Pastor Kenny Dodd of Clairemont Emmanuel Baptist church says his missionaries are talking to a cannibalistic tribe, translating the Bible.

Musical theater is a sport!!

A Winkie, a Roman soldier, and an enchanted rug — all the same guy!

Who will come to save me now?

(Written during the first Gulf War) When did I become so hardened to human suffering? Who is this monster I do not recognize, who can sit in front of a T.V. watching a war as ...