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Hugh Tech High alum Nico D’Amico-Barbour says no thanks to college

Uneducated but not unlearned

Young guys explain why they are passing on going to college. Absurd expense and subsequent debt is one reason, but even a young man from a well-off family sees other deterrents.

Trailer and heavy load abandoned in Dulzura?

Apparatus has sat on road shoulder since August 7

A massively oversized semi trailer that broke down last Wednesday (August 7) has baffled and frustrated residents of the East County community of Dulzura. The veritable train of trailers sat on the side of Highway ...

Beautifully rinky-dink

Ed snags a free beer, gobbles among gobblers at Nate’s Garden Grill, on the same property as Bill Tall’s City Farmers Nursery

Black Angels descend on Belly Up

The Black Angels, from Austin, Texas, are known as a psychedelic rock band. That’s a kind of music that dates back to the golden era of garage bands. The Angels owe much to the 1960s, ...

Agave: A gathering of juggalos

‘We want our albums and live shows to have the diversity of a jukebox” says Tony Goncalves, who fronts the salsa-tinged jam band Agave. “You never know what we’re going to play next, but it’s ...

Gonzales Canyon, Torrey Pines Loop

Find two rare plants on the Torrey Pines Loop Trail — bush rue when descending into Gonzales Canyon and Torrey pine trees when ascending to the mesa top.

Touched by a Lemur

My sister Jane — a bold, don’t-take-no-for-an-answer saleswoman — lives by the adage, “It doesn’t hurt to ask.” Even when she knows a request is unlikely to be granted, she still throws it out there ...

Capitol of cool

Local filmmaker Bill Perrine of Billingsgate Media is collaborating with musicians, promoters, and club owners to produce It’s Gonna Blow!!! — San Diego’s Music Underground 1986–1996.

I want to be an independent tradeswoman.

Molly Whittaker explains how San Diego Continuing Education helped inspire her passion for upholstery and where she’s going next. First, tell me a little bit about your job history. I’ve been working as a professional ...

We're doing arms tonight, FYI

Getting over the nudity

Yoni Baker manages to make a living (thanks to other jobs) sitting as a nude model for artists in San Diego.

Service for seven

Domestic perspective

Cecil Gaines (Forest Whitaker), an African-American man born into a family of sharecroppers and schooled in the art of “knowing he’s black,” spends 34 years of his life in domestic servitude under seven presidents. While ...

This week in the San Diego clubs, August 15–21

Thursday 15SanFran garage-punk band Terry Malts is touring in advance of next month’s Slumberland set Nobody Realizes This Is Nowhere. If lead single “I Was Not There” is any indication, the trio’s “chainsaw pop” is ...

Expensive raincoats

The federal Department of Health and Human Services is demanding that the State of California give back what the feds claim is $627,000 in unallowable costs run up in San Diego for contraceptive supplies wrongly ...

The image-maker

Fresh-faced Marilyn and Hitler’s buddy, Krupp.

Arnold Newman: Masterclass, on view at the San Diego Museum of Art until September 8. 1450 El Prado, Balboa Park. 619-232-7931; Mirrors were scarce in most mid-19th-century houses. Even by the 1840s, when a ...

Gay blues

Blues singer Earl Thomas, whose same-sex marriage is imminent, explains the circumstance of being a performer in a genre that is typically hetero oriented.

Fly away with a job.

Take advantage of a coming pilot shortage

Jessica Gier learned to fly her father’s Cessna 172 at Gillespie Field in El Cajon when she was 18. By the time she was 23 she was flying for a freight company and now, 10 ...

Mitt and Bob show

City-hall lobbyist Matt Peterson has a good customer in former GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney. According to a recently filed disclosure report, the house-remodeling permission specialist was paid a healthy $25,191 by Romney and his ...

Priest on steroids

Sean Peck, front man of San Diego heavy metal band Cage, talks about their heyday ’90s and how the gigs started drying up in Europe after he punched out Blaze Bayley of Iron Maiden.

The carrot or the stick

What will it take to get employees in shape?

The crisis of obesity and related healthcare costs that is hurtling toward us faster than the speed of sound has employers nationwide scratching their heads over how to combat this double-edged problem. Company-sponsored wellness programs ...

Never Homeless: House bounce

Lost job leads to lost residence

It all started when I was working for Freeway Insurance as a sales trainee in Clairemont. I was hired by my good friend Kevin, my former manager at American Graphics, where we sold promotional giveaways ...

Swan song

In the wake of Bob Filner’s sexual harassment blowout, Public Policy Strategies, the lobbying shop owned by the mayor’s erstwhile political guru Tom Shepard, pretty well seems to have followed suit. According to published reports, ...

San Diego builds into convention center glut


The convention center industry knows there is a huge glut of space. Why don't San Diego expansion boosters mention it?

Another One Bites the Dust

Treadmill roadkill

A gym-goer expresses her phobia of falling off the treadmill and is astounded that somebody would bring a bottle of vodka to drink from before their workout.


Correction In last week’s Blurt (“Hometown Hit,” August 1), we stated that Paul Cannon is from Encinitas. He is not. We regret the error. — Editor Artless I had to laugh when I read Judy ...

From the “Malatimadhava”

Glory to Saktinath, upon whose steps, The mighty goddesses attend, whom seek Successfully alone the firm of thought. He crowns the lofty aims of those who know And hold his form, as the pervading spirit, ...

Baseball in the Living Room

Through the yellow roses on the coffee table I peer at the ball game, tired of Whitman, tired of wanting to be great. “Holy cow,” roars the announcer, “walk him walk him,” Dad hollers, my ...