Cannon’s San Diego song, “Homegrown,” rewritten for the Friars
  • Cannon’s San Diego song, “Homegrown,” rewritten for the Friars


In last week’s Blurt (“Hometown Hit,” August 1), we stated that Paul Cannon is from Encinitas. He is not. We regret the error.

— Editor


I had to laugh when I read Judy Sarup’s letter about Woody Allen’s film Blue Jasmine (“Irritating Reviews,” August 8). She takes offense that the reviewer referred to the flashback structure as “artless.” She feels that Allen’s film is anything but artless.

Judy, artless means free from artificiality, craft or guile. It was a compliment!

Nancy Reynolds
via email

Irritating Type

Regarding Judy Sarup’s letter to the editor last week (“Irritating Reviews,” August 8). I don’t know how she could even read the review of Blue Jasmine, or any other movie review, because the type is so dang tiny! I practically had to break out my magnifying glass to read it.

Then I turned the page, and realized the type in Film Festivals is even smaller, which I didn’t think would even be possible.

If you’re going to print stuff that’s too small to read, you may as well not bother even printing it at all.

Name withheld
via email

Dear Don

To Don Bauder:

Please forgive the misanthropic Jay, who criticized you via voicemail (Letters: “Too Thin,” August 8). He knows not of what he speaks. Keep up the good work.

Carl Hancock
via email

Distance Yourself

I’d like to make a formal complaint against one of your writers, Ken Leighton. I’ve never been a big fan of his writing and what he does to the music industry. But this latest article published on August 8 is so disrespectful to the family and loved ones of Michael Prince Johnson, who passed away, to just have the title “Drummer Found Dead” (Blurt) and what was written in it. It doesn’t show who he was as a person and how much love the community had for him. It’s just really low-class and disgusting to see that. Especially in the Reader, which is supposed to be a good, localized magazine.

It’s just really sad that you still have this person working for you. This is really the last straw, as far as I’m concerned — with Ken Leighton, and with you and the way your’e supporting him.

I’m sure there are many, many people in our community who feel the same way about this. You guys need to distance yourself from Ken Leighton. He’s making your product less credible. It’s just a sad thing that this story was published as it was.

Tyler Ginzo
via voicemail

Catch and Release

Regarding Neighborhood News on August 8, “How Long to Wrestle a Bat Ray?

I would hope that the gentleman would start to practice catch and release. Bat rays are beautiful creatures. Just to leave one on there like that to die that is pretty sad.

Chris Moore
via voicemail

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Judith Sarup Aug. 16, 2013 @ 12:53 a.m.

Reply to reader Nancy Reynolds' comment about "Irritating Reviews" letter ["Blue Jasmine" film by Woody Allen of 8/04/13: Nancy, the definition you gave of "artless" is ONE of the definitions of the word (you mentioned "free from artificiality, craft, or guile"--and you mentioned that the reviewer's use of "artless" was a compliment. I believe, however, that the reviewer intended one of the other definitions of "artless" also provided in the Merriam-Webster Dictionary online: (1) lacking art, knowledge, or skill: uncultured; or, (2) made without skill.

I assume the reviewer intended a negative definition of "artless" provided above because of his final comment, "...and for a man with as many films to his credit as Allen, the filmmaker's ability to artlessly incorporate a flashback structure hasn't changed one iota since since "Take the Money and Run. Statements in the review prior to this stinging conclusion include "Woody squanders much of his time...resulting in a finished product that has little to show for itself..." Do you see any compliments by the reviewer that I may have missed? At the end of the review, we see a 1-star rating only.


jim777 Sept. 16, 2013 @ 11:55 a.m.

Mr. Salvatore sure knows how to insult a large segment of the American people. There are many skilled people who have lost high paying jobs and are working for minimum wages. There are also many hard working "unskilled or untrained" people who depend on these jobs to pay their bills, and support their families. We cannot all be T. Edison, H. Ford or B. Gates. I'll bet you, Mr. Salvatore are not one either. You sound like other ignorant people who think that people who do not make a lot of money don't matter. I'll bet you inherited whatever money you have, or you came from a family that could afford to send you to college. You sound like such a jerk. Grow up!

Jim Eisele


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