Well, here I am at 74 years and counting, and I'm still trying to figure out what my main beliefs are about life! I've had many opinions, countless assumptions, a handful of theories, lots of judgments, baseless conclusions, and a whole host of wrong answers. But beliefs....now that is a serious subject. It smacks of conviction, principles, creed, and other such words. You can't wiggle out of beliefs, you can't hedge your bets about beliefs, you can't duck and dodge around it, and you better not be evasive about it, because people will "find you out!"

When you speak out in a group, or when you type something like I'm doing right now, and you say "this is what I believe," you have done something significant. First, you have probably thought a great deal about what you "really believe". It takes a certain amount of reflection and introspection to clear away the stuff and nonsense you've called your beliefs. Beliefs have a way of changing with the passage of time. What I believed at 24 and what I believe now have probably undergone a complete "make-over." Second, it takes a certain amount of courage to let people know "who you really are!" Not the mask you wear everyday, not the way you "edit" your remarks, not that self-absorbed, narcissistic person we can all be at times. Just plain ole' you!

My Ramblings probably won't fit within the limitations of todays blog. My intent for right now is to just list some my major beliefs, and then in subsequent posts, to "flesh out" the subject in more detail.

People are basically good. One needs to have a purpose in life. We are all connected to each other. War achieves nothing that is good. I believe in Spirituality not Religion.

So...until next time, thanks for listening.




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