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In P.B. the hotter you are the easier it is not to care

Fifteen intimate strangers

Author Maggie Young’s tell-all of her promiscuous days of booze and oblivion in the frenzied, lonely beach town of Pacific Beach.

Talmadge residents look forward to revamped village

Workshop leaders ask them to envision future

Enthusiastic Talmadge residents gathered to brainstorm how they envision their community’s future neighborhood-serving business district. Residents have yearned for decades to create a village core similar to that of Kensington, South Park, and University Heights. ...

Another Sweetwater board meeting mired in disagreement

Failure to elect oversight committee member

Sweetwater Union High School District board meetings often last five hours and are characterized by conflict. The April 9 meeting ended in a meltdown over the selection process used by the district to choose members ...

Hamster is a better idea than hamsters

The pet debate raged on in the Kelly home. On one side are the kids who ask for a dog every time they see one in a commercial. On the other side is my husband ...

Worthwhile hike to the Corner House

Ed raids a farmhouse (from Point Loma) in the valley (Sorrento).

Sycamore Den's Harvey Wallbanger

If you didn’t have the good fortune of having a dad who grew up in the 1970s, then you probably know little about the glories of wood paneling, Gordon Lightfoot, and plaid-on-plaid polyester suits. But, ...

The Revival Tour: white punks on folk

The sixth Revival Tour kicked off in Texas on March 15. The group rolls into San Diego April 21 propelled, as its promoters say, by “an innate need to tell a story in its naked ...

I Wish I ties the past with the present

I Wish I, a band from the late ’90s, reunites to release Convolutions.

Not gone Hollywood

Secret Seven’s Zachary Goode now lives in L.A. and plays with another band.

San Diego Bike Polo Club

Got a bike and a mallet? Saddle up for bike polo.

Orange as the color of hot

Heymatt: I noticed that the cherry on my cigarette, the coals in my BBQ, and the element in my fish-tank heater all glow the same shade of orange. I believe this isn’t a coincidence. Could ...

Ruffin Canyon Open-Space Preserve

Hike cobbled streambeds with small groupings of palm trees and chaparral plants lining the canyon.

Planners vote to nix commercial, add residential in Allied Gardens

Shopping center has “struggled with vacancies"

The Navajo Community Planners, Inc. (NCPI), on April 15 voted 13-3 to support H.M. Coleman Inc.'s request to "initiate" a community-plan amendment to change the designation of a 4.5-acre triangular site at 7811 Mission Gorge ...

Malick’s (un)romantic musings

The world is poisoned and so are we.

"Why do we come back down?” asks Marina (Olga Kurylenko) in Terrence Malick’s To the Wonder. Why, after mounting to transcendence, do we sink back willy-nilly into everything we sought to transcend? To take an ...

The Power Seat

Terri shimmied toward the car — shimmied, because there was no way she could get one whole leg in front of another. The only wiggle-room she had was from the shin down, where her long, ...

Elephant vanishes in Carlsbad

Carlsbad’s Flying Elephant closes; to reopen as a British-style pub but with no bands.

This week in the San Diego clubs, April 18–24

Thursday 18Downtown: dood ranch El Dorado does a Dark Side showcase hosted by Wild Wild Wets and ex–Charger Girl/dancing bartendress Cameron Holloway (um, hubba) and featuring local lo-fi faves Tropical Popsicle, Buddy Banter, and the ...

Exalta Farms

Previous residents: Brian and Helga Fritz, Chino Greenhouses Listing price: $29,950,000 Beds: 5 Baths: 9 House size: 7019 square feet Sometimes the desire for privacy goes beyond the seclusion offered by a guard-controlled, gated community. ...

Opposing traffic’s differing speed limit

Heymatt: Why do some local roadways have different speed limits depending on which way you’re going? Seaworld Drive between Friars and Ingraham is 55 in one direction and 50 in the other. West Point Loma ...

Dirty dancing for supper

It’s almost time for the San Diego County Taxpayers Association’s annual “Golden Fleece” banquet, famous of late on YouTube for its promotional video featuring GOP San Diego city attorney Jan Goldsmith, dressed up as a ...

Redefining awesome

4th&B may reopen as an electronic dance music nightclub

The 4th&B concert hall was forced to close in December following the eviction of business owners Vince and Judy Puma. The Pumas were hit by lawsuits from building owner Crown Investments and former owner Ali ...

Mexican public servants watch porn on the job

Computer filters yet to be implemented

More than a third of government workers in Baja California are using their office computers to access pornography while at work, the Tijuana daily El Mexicano reports. Citing a study conducted in the Mexican state ...

Ambulances chase politicos

AMR San Diego, an ambulance outfit in the race for the city’s paramedic contract, has just amended its fourth quarter 2012 lobbyist disclosure statement to reveal $1000 contributions to failed GOP mayoral candidate and ex–city ...

710 Beach Club in Pacific Beach irks neighbors with sidewalk cafe

See the Sea Condominiums and guests at Crystal Pier Hotel and Cottages hear yells, laughs, kick-drum

The sound of waves crashing on the sand and birds squawking outside the window are not the only noises that residents of See the Sea Condominiums and guests at the Crystal Pier Hotel and Cottages ...

SD Music TV suspects in the crosshairs

SD Music TV’s studios were burglarized on the last weekend of March. Unreplaceable recordings were stolen.

Government travel reimbursement

Heymatt: Do taxpayers pay for congresspeople and senators’ flights to and from their home districts or is this built into their pay? Similarly, when the president flies on Air Force One to give a speech ...

Forgive, and forget the cash

La Jolla Democratic congressman Scott Peters, who beat the GOP’s Brian Bilbray in a hard-fought race last year, spent plenty of his own cash in the process. With wealthy wife Lynne Gorguze on his side, ...

In jail, not prison

Vroom Vroom Concerning the girl, Cassie Briscoe, on the cover story, “Shame” (April 11). Can you just this pass along and tell her that she’s gorgeous! I would ask her to do a photo shoot ...

Love rode 1500 miles on a grey

Love rode 1500 miles on a greyhound bus & climbed in my windowone night to surpriseboth of us.the pleasure of that sleepyshock has lasted a decadenow or more because she isalways still doing it and ...

Socialism is a euphemism for... (Part 1)

From horses and plows to landing upon the moon.