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Presidential candidate Mitt Romney roots deep and wide in San Diego

Miles, Orin, Gaskill, Doug, Clyde, Melbourne Romney and three of Mitt's sons

Related to the presidential candidate by blood and religion; each traveling separate roads. On a sultry day in Council Bluffs, Iowa, in July 1846, 496 Mormon men, accompanied by many wives, children, and at least ...

Vista Apartment Dweller Did Not Go Easily

It took five deputies, four bean-bag rounds, one taser, and a dog to extract a renter from an apartment in Vista, according to recent testimony in San Diego’s North County Superior Court. Toshio Suzuki, then ...

Seven Bridge Walk

Cross seven access bridges to San Diego’s historical streetcar routes on this downtown loop walk that blends the present with the past.

Beaumont's Jack-o-Lantern

When it comes to a good hand-crafted cocktail, according to the bar manager at Beaumont’s Eatery, Gavin McManes, the trick is in the treat. “Anytime someone comes into my bar, I’m basically treating them as ...

Presidential Party Favors

Political party: fun and games associated with Obama and Romney.

Guns & Ammo Edition

The columnist attends a California handgun certification course.

Through Pity and Terror

Ira Aldridge Players' The Gospel at Colonus; The Sugar Witch at OnStage.

Candy corn is made out of people

Thursday 25Southwest desert rockers Calexico import the brass, bap, and twang of mariachi, which informs sprawling, country-tuned guitar movements that are filmic, even without the film. Maybe especially without the film. I have seen them ...

Your Guy Doesn't Spit Fire

Jason Lee of Oceanside started doing Kiss tributes 36 years ago. “I remember being six years old and putting the pillows in a semicircle around the couch like a stage. I would air drum with ...

Record-Release Roundup

Videos for new songs by Writer — “Hot Days” and a cover of Santigold’s “Disparate Youth” — from their upcoming full-length Brotherface (due October 30), are streaming online, both directed by E. Lee Smith. The ...


Ed Bedford and Elmer Niederfrank’s ghost approve of the ice cream being made in National City.

Sarah D. loves her squishy seats

Name: Sarah D. Car: 2010 Nissan Versa Like it? I love it! What do you like about it? The seats are the most comfortable thing in the entire world. They’re squishy. It also gets really ...

Bands Across the Border

Tijuana’s All My Friends fest goes international this year, inviting bands from Long Beach, Brooklyn, San Diego...

Calexico, in tune with rocks and cactus

Members of Calexico, who called themselves Spoke at first and put out an album of the same name in 1996, are, in truth, from Tucson. “To live here,” Arizona-based singer and Calexico collaborator Marianne Dissard ...

Wendy Bailey's Lovely Guitars

"I play melodic pop-rock music,” says Vista singer/songwriter Wendy Bailey. “Think Foo Fighters with an Annie Lennox-ish type lead voice. I’ve had comparisons like Velocity Girl, Liz Phair, and Jimmy Eat World.” Originally from Colorado, ...

Sweet People

Barbarella seeks tact and barbecue in Dallas.

If I were asked to describe myself using ten adjectives, “tact” would not be among them. So it was that, upon being introduced to a young man at the opening reception for David’s latest photographic ...

Do not spit on Public Image Ltd.

It has to be weird to be John Lydon. I once saw Public Image Ltd. play in San Francisco and after a few songs, Lydon stormed offstage because people in the front row were spitting ...

Vegan Rock

Metal guitarist Chad Ackerman to put out solo album.

“I recently finished my first solo record, and I’m going under the name A Veil,” says Chapter 14 singer/guitarist Chad Ackerman. Ackerman was still attending San Marcos High School when he joined As I Lay ...

New Riffs

La Casita Mexican Diner has a new owner offering new riffs on Mexican food.

Highway billboard rules; how fleas breed; the cost of political ads

What happened with Ladybird Johnson’s Highway Beautification Act? How do fleas breed? How much do political ads cost candidates?

Will Work for Food

Going undercover as a freeway off-ramp beggar.

I lost my job, my wife, my car, and I’m now homeless. I’m trying to stay sober. I’m hoping generous San Diegans will pass a few bucks my way to help me out until I ...

Why SPAWAR and North Island fell for bribes

The John Moores example

In an old New Yorker cartoon, a judge on a high bench peers down imperiously at a disheveled, scraggly-faced defendant. Intones the judge, “Crime doesn’t pay at your level.” For decades, that mindset has epitomized ...

A Lobbyist Job-Seeker's Guide to San Diego

As the election approaches, joblessness continues to bedevil America, but in San Diego an impressive number of lobbying gigs are up for grabs. Rady Children’s Hospital is currently on the prowl for a new vice ...

San Diego rude taxi drivers

Got a complaint? Nobody cares.

Early this year, James Marshall filed a complaint with the San Diego Metropolitan Transit System’s Taxi Administration about rude and negligent service he received from a cabdriver. The agency sent a copy of the complaint ...

Fund Race: The Ivy Walls of Green

San Diego State University is looking to close a slightly different kind of deal than that of the political variety. With Democratic governor Jerry Brown warning of severe cuts to taxpayer-subsidized education unless voters approve ...


Yun Tow or Tun Yow? This concerns your Unforgettable feature in the October 18 issue (“The Trail of Torment on Gold Mountain”). This is about the Chinaman Ah Chee and his quest to save his ...

This Tasty Life

How to make an apple galette with Cortland and Pink Pearl apples.


Untitled Our cries, she used to say Would scratch the moon’s windowpanes And scrape the corners of tombstones which milked the moon My mother set the long slope of her back against us to interrogate ...

Let’s Be Friends

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