Volunteer Women Visit Nursing Home (Tijuana Informativo, 10/22/12)

Tijuana, BC - Ten volunteer members of the Tijuana Cross Red Coordinación de Damas provided care and company to people of old age, along with a group of SNTE teacher pensioners and housewives during a day of support at the 'El Refugio' nursing home.

Tatiana Iveth Michelle Ramírez, Coordinator of the Red Cross voluntary ladies, stressed that in addition to coexist with older people, they took food and cleaning supplies.

"We brought them refreshments, cut some of their hair, talked, and in short, had a very nice time here with them, which is actually what they crave, to love and be listened to; our energy was passed-on to provide them with what they need", she expressed.

She said that it is very difficult to receive the care and love they require, because the people who work in the nursing home are not sufficient to accommodate the 100 elderly residents.

"Similarly, housewives who have free time were invited to join us to continue to do this and other social assistance work; in fact, we will be returning to the home before Christmas to bring some things of great significance for them", she ended. http://tijuanainformativo.info/index.php/local/7844-atienden-damas-voluntarias-a-abuelitos-del-asilo-qel-refugioq

500 Job Opportunities Offered at Job Fair (Tijuana Informativo, 10/22/12)

MEXICALI, BC - A total of 500 job vacancies will be offered at the of the CANACINTRA (National Chamber of Transformation Industries) employment fair in Mexicali, organized the support of the National Employment Service of California Baja of the Secretariat of Labor and Social Welfare.

Another event it will take place next Wednesday, October 24th, at Mexico installations located at Justo Sierra and Larroque at colonia Nueva, Mexicali. So the STPS encourages those citizens who are in search of a job opportunity or want to improve your current job, and likewise businesses who still want to register their vacancies.

In the promotion and outreach area, more than 11 companies offered work for both professionals, such as operators, technicians, cashiers, customer service, agent sales, promoters and retail stores, among many others.

Attention will be provided to applicants from 8 AM until 1 PM, and the only requirement is that interested citizens personally attend. It is recommended they come with an updated resume.

In the job fairs, companies provide free dissemination of their vacancies, as well as support in the selection and recruitment of suitable candidates.

On this occasion administrators from the Colorado Circle K stores, Gulfstream Air Interiors Maquiladora, Golden Lion Casinos, Profuturo GNP Insurance Sales, Su Karne Meat Products, Seguproin Private Security, Dagal Gas Stations), Skyworks Maquiladora, Refacciones La Comercial Market will be the present to mention just a few.

In this regard, the Secretary of Labor and Social Welfare, Renato Sandoval Franco, said that this job fair is a coordinated effort with CANACINTRA whose main objective is to help lower unemployment rates in the State. http://tijuanainformativo.info/index.php/local/7843-seran-ofertadas-500-oportunidades-de-trabajo-en-feria-de-empleo-de-canacintra


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