Taxi Drivers seek Remedies from Authorities (La Voz de la Frontera, 1/29/13)

Mexicali, BC - Yesterday taxi driver leaders in Mexicali urged the municipal authority - once and for all for there to be a regulated lane running along Bulevar Adolfo López Mateos for the exclusive use of “Espresso 1” buses, to avoid them from interfering with clientele wanting to take a taxi.

They did so during a conversation held yesterday in the courtyard of City Hall with Mayor Francisco Pérez Tejada Padilla, where the leader of the Taxi Drivers of Mexicali Association, Ramón Aguilera Reyes, presented a long list of the problems to solve for taxi drivers.

First, they demanded - to strengthen the Municipal transport system, have sufficient staff to monitor the presence of the Mexicali Valley taxis who work in the city.

They also urges regulation of minicabs, because they must be at the taxi base to await customers calls, instead they go throughout the city invading routes that have been established for many years.

They also asked the Mayor to avoid the proliferation of stops signs especially since in many colonies or when Colonia residents build them without authority as this causes them damage to their units.

But the most important thing, said Ramón Aguilera, is that you regulate how they will operate this proposed lane to control public bus transport, because according to what we have been told they will be forbidden to load or unload passengers in such a lane. Otherwise, the drivers said they can’t imagine how they will operate their routes which citizens have been accustomed to for years.

Heavy Fines for Environmental Pollution (La Voz de la Frontera, 1/29/13 Sac-Nicte Santos Malagón)

Mexicali, BC - The municipal government will launch a program to improve Mexicali air quality and it will apply "mano dura (hard hand)" against those who generate pollution, noted Mayor Francisco Pérez Tejada Padilla.

This project, he said, will take a series of recommendations from the population and will assist in regulating how authorities can apply fines for fireworks, campfires and other practices that affect the environment.

He recalled that despite actions taken to curb pollution, they have not had the expected results as hoped for with fireworks vendors in December, so they will have to work on the subject.

The Mayor noted that Mexicali can no longer continue to be among the most polluted cities in the world as we all suffer from the health problems that are caused, especially respiratory illnesses.

That program, he stressed, will be released soon and will have the support of the Federal Government.

Street Food affects Employee Productivity (1/28/13, El Sol de Mexico by José Luna)

Mexico City - Food eaten from informal food vendors cause illnesses affecting absenteeism, attendance and productivity of people who are formally employed, believes the Maestro Roberto Sanchez de la Vara, Coordinator of the Master in Administration of the Universidad Iberoamericana (UI).

In addition, for the five million Mexicans who eat at informal stalls (according to the National Chamber of Industry of Restaurants) there are no regulations or sanitary measures, which are a big detriment to the formal economy and cannot compete on prices offered.

However, these informal vendors often improvise from the trunks of cars, pickups and even bicycles, and appear to be enjoying widespread success, through their high proliferation that have taken-off in certain areas of Mexico City such as the corporate area in Santa Fe having clients during the morning, at noon or in the evenings.

Not only do these vendors resort to people of with scarce resources and incomes, like various construction workers and people in cars who sometimes double-park and eat where hygienic conditions are deplorable, he added.

Maestro Sánchez, the academician of the Department of Business Studies of the Ibero however acknowledged that at least the Santa Fe vendors serve a need for people, because if they want to eat at a restaurant or coffee shop in this area they need a considerable salary allowing them to spend between 150 and180 pesos per day in food.

This situation provides a business opportunity for industrial canteens which could provide their services via concessions, in multiple corporate buildings, so that their employees may consume their food inside the buildings where their offices are, but at reasonable prices.

BC Health Personnel receive Special Training (Uniradio Informa, 1/28/13 by Sonia de Anda)

TIJUANA, BC - In order to educate the population about the importance of having good health and to stop Bullying, the Health Secretariat will provide training for staff from various prevention units. The head of the Tijuana Health Jurisdiction, Leticia Blake, identified a health promotion program that will link social development together with security against crime and at schools. The purpose is to help citizens strengthen their own actions against the impacts of society. Special emphasis will be provided on five primers of health in society from birth to older adulthood.

She explained the national primer will provide specific compliance parameters for each individual and determine elements needed to reach ideal health. "All you need is to be aware and follow-up on all of the parameters in the primer to be healthy and have a better standard of living. We are approaching certain communities to improve health standards, but also by working with other state systems - because if we know there is bullying and other sorts of crimes, by working at corresponding actions, such participation better supports all citizens", she said.


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