Aggravated penalties proposed for school thefts (La Voz de la Frontera, 2/13/13 by Gustavo Garcia Rivas)

Mexicali, BC - As in the rest of the country, Baja California has had a worrying increase in thefts in all forms, among them those committed with violence, seriously affecting the economy and the tranquility of the Baja California, said the Deputy of the New Alliance Party (PNA) Professor Gregorio Carranza Hernández.

In this regard, it was noted that this problem has significantly impacted the educational infrastructure in the State with damage and losses in the tens of millions of pesos to schools in the five boroughs. It is necessary that authorities and legislators take measures to prevent and combat this phenomenon.

This is because, he said, many schools no have public or private surveillance and therefore suffer losses or deterioration of computers, air conditioners, phones, encyclopedias and copper cabling, all which have caused the suspension of classes on multiple occasions for days or weeks.

The damage is aggravated by the constant lack of funds to replace losses or repair the damage and to date there is inadequate protection against it within the criminal legal framework. Increased punishment of this crime must be imposed - increased from three to six years in prison.

"Schools are a cultural and educational heritage, and most are precarious, pointing out the serious theft and damages that criminals cause, since they generate delays and endanger the provision of this public service and thus to the community...", he said.

"Schools are a heritage of all, where children, adolescents and adults seek improvement through knowledge, and in turn the space should be recognized as a more strategic and fundamental role of the State...", said Carranza Hernandez.

The President of the Commission of Education, Culture, Science and Technology of the State Congress said that therefore they have considered the sanctions on these illicit behaviors should be increased by giving the judge the precise legal tool to prevent criminals from going unpunished.

"The heritage of schools should not only be provided by the Government, since in the formation of that heritage, the contributions of the parents, family and society in general have fundamental and indispensable roles, so this also represents a heavy blow to the family economy... resulting from these crimes", he concluded.

Demand Federal Police stop extortion (La Voz de la Frontera, 2/12/13 by Laura Elena Aguayo)

Mexicali, BC - Joining the wave of complaints regarding abuses committed by Federal Police agents, residents of Laguna Salada came to this news publishing house to urge police authorities in this jurisdiction to arrange a meeting to let them know agents have been charging fees ranging from 500 up to 5000 pesos ($40 to 400 US) for the last two years, depending on the vehicle or model - a situation that has been exacerbated since the end of last year, according the complainants.

Arturo Guerrero Cortez, who is Chairman of the Committee of Communal Lands for the development of Laguna Salada, said that it has received several complaints from residents of the area, some who were detained for alleged irregularities which police officers ultimately required a payment of "fee", otherwise their vehicles would be retained.

"When we have to move a team on trucks, the feds are waiting for us and in my case charged me 800 pesos for using a donkey supposedly because the transport plate had fallen off, or threatened to take my truck", he recalled. Guerrero Cortez, added that agents even charge those parked outside of La Salada, taking advantage of the residents of the area, who said, they have to support their families.

For his part, the President of the National Peasant Confederation (CNC) in Mexicali, Francisco Porras Medrano said that he has frequently seen Federal Policemen on the side of the road from San Luis to San Felipe, as well as to the top of Ejido Queretaro, where the agents assemble "checkpoints" demanding fees ranging up to 5,000 pesos ($400 US) as a fee applicable for trucks that mostly carry crops.

"We urge the leaders of the Federal Police to coordinate public attention through a complaints mailbox, since Mexicali Valley requires constantly moving traffic and we feel that they are assaulting the working people", he explained.

Street flower sales banned on Valentine's Day (La Voz de la Frontera, 2/13/13 by Sac Nicte Santos Malagon and Alejandro Dominguez)

Mexicali, BC - To ensure the legal sale of products and services on this day of love and friendship, the municipal government will conduct an operation in the city to forbid the marketing of flowers and arrangements in public.

The Secretariat of XX City, in coordination with Receivership and Collection of Income, will review trading activity this February 14 to ensure the benefit to established retailers and will proceed to punish any person who is caught selling flowers, arrangements or gifts in an unfair way.

In coordination with the National Chamber of Commerce, the City Council will monitor this festive day to have it be a priority for established traders, who will be the only ones authorized to sell their products outside of their establishments. In the same way, night clubs, cafés and cantantes will be watched to ensure they comply with their established schedules.


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