Family and Neighbors Investigated in Human Sex Trafficking Case (El Sol de Tijuana, 10/23/12 by Manuel Cordero)

Tijuana, BC – An investigation was initiated of parents, a brother and neighbors involved in the presumptive case in the offenses of rape, corruption of a minor, the trafficking of persons and sexual exploitation against a minor was reported.

The accused are: Ana María Francisco Pérez, 50, José Luz Elías Díaz Carmona, 54, José Díaz Francisco, 31, Oscar Paulino Lopez Sanchez, 25, Manuel Urrutia Carrillo, alias "El Menin", of 35, and Rigoberto Librado Artiga, "El Toro", 31. The Office of the Attorney General reported that the first named are the parents of one of the victims, 14, while the other accused of the regular sexual assault of the minor did so since she was 12.

The preliminary investigation against the aforementioned actors began on October 16th, after an anonymous complaint was received about the sexual offenses and domestic violence. Among other things, the complainant revealed that both José Luz Elías and his son José Díaz sexually abused the minor while somewhere in the Sánchez Taboada delegation, reported agents of the State Ministerial Police.

After arresting the relatives and cross-examining the victim, she declared that she was raped since she was 12 years old by her father and brother and her mother did not know what was happening. Subsequently, she was forced into prostitution and with some of the money obtained she was drugged "to make her forget and keep her happy". After formulating official charges against those involved, the victim stated her desire not to return living with her parents because she wants to stop the prostitution, start eating and have a normal life.

On the release of the above facts, it was reported yesterday, criminal actions were also brought against Rigoberto Librado Artigas and Manuel Urrutia as alleged perpetrators of rape and the corruption of minors. The above alleged perpetrators will be tried with the purpose of establishing full responsibility for the crimes of aggravated rape of a relative, corruption of minors, trafficking in persons, and sexual exploitation to the detriment of a child.

Vehicle Flips, Family Dispute, Dog Shot (El Sol de Tijuana, 10/23/12 by Manuel Cordero)

Tijuana, BC - Ángel Rodrigo Rangel Gomez, 22, died in the first minutes of yesterday when driving at excessive speed a car Mazda 1989. The traffic accident reportedly occurred while traveling on Vía Rápida Oriente and lost control of the steering wheel at the top of panteón "Los Olivos" at colonia Valle de las Flores in delegación La Presa. After leaving the roadway, his car flipped several times, instantly killing him with the severe injuries suffered. An agent of the Public Ministry of the common law investigated the accident and arranged the transfer of the same to the Amphitheater of the forensic medical service for an autopsy.

In another incident, wounds required the hospitalization of Jose Avila Perez, 45, when cut by his children Antonio and José Avila Corrales, 19 and 23, who came to the aid of their sister and mother after he beat them. Patrol drivers arrived following a report by Alicia Corrales Gonzalez, 45, at a house located on avenidas De el Fuerte and Sinaloa, at the Murua colony in the centenary delegation. After interviewing her, she told them that her husband physically and verbally assaulted her and her 17-year-old daughter intervened in her defense, spitting in the face of a furious Avila Perez multiple times and crashed his cell phone on the floor.

It was then that intervened Antonio and José with who verbally engaged the father and at one point he tried to beat them and was able to defend themselves with blows to the fathers face and head that required his transfer to the General Hospital. The patrol officers noted an agent of the public prosecutor was sent to interview the two young men for the injuries inflicted on their hostile father.

Additionally, for the offenses of burglary of dwelling, gun shots and the death of a canine, Jesús Hernández Sandoval, 60, was arrested the Sunday afternoon following a report by the victim Henry Brizuela Rodriguez, of 62. It was narrated that the accused came to rancho "El Gandul" in the Rural area of La Presa delegation, entered the victim’s residence, removed the dog and took it to a nearby hill where he shot and killed it with a 22 caliber rifle.

On arrival, officers saw Hernández Sandoval when he ran to Zona Rural brandishing a 38 caliber Special revolver with six rounds in the cylinder and 39 more that he carried in his jacket pocket. At a fence, they recovered the rifle with seven shots in the chamber and the sexagenarian was referred to the competent authority to determine his legal status.


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