Woman Shoots at ¨Ex¨ (El Sol de Tijuana, 11/30/12 by Manuel Cordero)

Tijuana, BC - A spiteful woman was intercepted once she fired repeatedly at the residence of her ex-boyfriend. After she fled she was arrested along with five other people that accompanied her. A loaded firearm was found in her possession.

The primary actor was Pearl Cecilia González Zúñiga, 30, arrested along with Selene Guadalupe Zuniga Carrillo, 19; Erika Anabel Ibarra Zuniga, 22; Gabriel Antonio Lares Montenegro, 21, as well as Jesus Raul “N", 14, and Carlos “N”, 17.

It happened around 11 p.m. on Wednesday when patrol crew 4921 responded to the reported address of the victim José Pablo Padilla Mateo, 27, at 6-4 calle San Felipe in Infonavit Lomas de la Futura in the Playas de Tijuana delegation.

In an interview, he said minutes earlier, stopped outside his home was a white 2000 Dodge Durango station wagon, which he recognized as his ex-girlfriend’s who exited it accompanied by several people.

He said that after firing multiple shots from a firearm, she fled toward the central area of the city so he alerted the police and they made use of municipal police command center surveillance cameras. Moments later they intercepted the vehicle on calle Segunda and avenida Constitución, in the central area of Tijuana, where Pearl Cecilia was told to halt the car.

When questioned, she admitted as to certain facts and indicated to the police that the weapon used was a 38-Special revolver inside her bag, found with six rounds in the cylinder. Another gun with 10 fired rounds was recovered at the scene and police presumed Padilla Mateo was the shooter.

Pearl Cecilia González and her companions were referred to the Agency of the Public Ministry of the common jurisdiction for investigation to determine the status of each for their involvement. http://www.oem.com.mx/elsoldetijuana/notas/n2789799.htm

3 Fugitives Detained (El Sol de Tijuana, 12/1/12 by Manuel Cordero)

Tijuana, BC - A historical precedent was recorded in the arrest of three suspected criminals of Sinaloense origin who were fugitives from justice, each for committing violent murders on different dates and since then had hid in Tijuana.

The first of the fugitives was identified as Martín Salazar Félix, alias "Guadalupe Gastelum Rios", 44, accused of depriving the lives of brothers Mark Antony and Andrés Vega Lindoro by firearm.

The Office of the Attorney-General reported that according to data provided by their counterparts in Badiraguato, Sinaloa, the double murder was perpetrated in January of last year while the deceased were talking at a family party.

Suddenly, several subjects stormed the place, among those Felix Salazar, wielding high-powered rifles and shouting to those present to get on the floor then proceed to strip them of their wallets and valuables. Then with force they took the brothers to an address in a Ford pickup, owned by Andrés Vega, and without more complete information, killed them with numerous gunshots.

Investigations by the local authorities allowed them to identify Martín Salazar as one of the assassins by a warrant from the first court of criminal of Badiraguato. This subject was apprehended by agents of the State Ministerial police and he was located in the Northern Buenos Aires neighborhood, in the Cerro Colorado delegation.

Another apprehended, Jesús Alberto Velarde Torres, alias "El Moco" and/or "El Oaxaca, 21, faces similar justice for taking the life of Briza Violeta Lopez Toledo, 24, killed by gunshots in the city of Mazatlan, Sinaloa.

In August of last year, he is accused as the criminal who was drinking alcoholic beverages along with another individual, in a home where he arrived with the decedent and two females. Leaving the party "El Moco", his companion and the deceased observed several subjects of a rival gang and therefore began to shoot back at them with a gun, resulting in aggression and inciting a shootout.

In the crossfire, one of the bullets hit Birza Violeta in the head and expired immediately so both initiators of the brawl fled. An arrest warrant was filed for Jesús Alberto Velarde for the commission of the crime of intentional homicide by the fourth Court of criminal of Mazatlán, Sinaloa. He was finally arrested it in the Northern zone.

The remaining fugitive murderer is Francisco Campaña Acosta's, nicknamed "El Chico", 42, who was wanted for the crime he committed against his own brother Lucio, in 2007.

The State unit only indicates that the fratricide was carried out in the municipality of Mazatlán, Sinaloa, where both were vying for a plot in which corn grew. After verbally assaulting the victim, he tried to attack him with a machete, then shot him with a 12-gauge shotgun and since then fled from their place of origin away from the authorities.

In collaboration agreements between agencies of the national territory, the Ministerial police in Tijuana seized him while he was wandering in the Los Olivos neighborhood in the La Mesa delegation.

In all cases the alleged murderers were already transferred to the State of Sinaloa and handed over to judicial authorities to process them for the crime of homicide.


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