TIJUANA (En Linea Tijuana) - Luis Manuel Gallegos Soto was captured by La Unidad Especializada en la Investigación de Delitos Sexuales y Violencia Familiar (the Special Unit in the investigation of sexual offenses and domestic violence). Alias, "El Capo", originated in Cuba. He is a suspect in the crime of rape of two minors. The first call received related to "El Capo" was on March 21 of this year on bulevar Agua Caliente. The victim, less than 17 years of age, said that when she was shopping at a mall buying some earrings, "El Capo", wanted to engage in conversation with her. But because he was a stranger, she avoided him. He also had a foreign accent and was using unusual words. The victim avoided him, but he followed her to where she would take a free taxi. In little time, "El Capo" came on board the free taxi. He then forced her under threats by showing her a gun, which made her afraid. "The Capo" told her what would happen to her later and she did not resist or say anything to anyone. He knew where she lived and who her parents were threatening her with harm if she did not go with him. Later, "El Capo" came by and the victim took a taxi to a hotel in the city. In the hotel, according to the ministerial declaration of the victim, "The Capo" smoked marijuana and forced her to. He then proceeded with assaulting the girl. That day, the victim stayed in the hotel with "El Capo". The next day he let her go home. Arriving at her home, the victim told her mother what happened; she became afraid and they decided to go to Mexicali for a couple of days. On returning to Tijuana, they filed the criminal complaint against "El Capo". The second event occurred on April 22, when a girl, 16, was on public transport on the bulevar Sánchez Taboada, when she was approached at gunpoint by the subject who threatened her secretly from behind. She also said he had a foreign accent. They walked a block and a half to a house then went into the bedroom. When they arrived "El Capo" lit a marijuana cigarette and then proceeded to rape the victim. It was two days before the subject was let go to her house. Once free she made complaint to the Ministerio Público. Given the investigation research and the similarity of the two complaints, an agent of the Ministerio Público solicitó al Juzgado asked the Court to issue a warrant against Luis Manuel Gallegos Soto. The same was provided by Juez Quinto de lo Penal y cumplimentada por agentes Ministeriales del Grupo de Aprehensiones. At the time of his capture, Luis Manuel Gallegos Soto told officials he originated in Cuba and was engaged in the music business. The accused was brought before the Court and interned in the Penitenciaría del Estado en La Mesa, Tijuana, from where he will continue in the legal process. It is possible that this subject is involved in other cases of violation, so the PGJE will keep his file open and calls on the population for help in identifying any additional victims. If someone has been a victim of this man, bring criminal charges against him in order to strengthen his prosecution.


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