TIJUANA BC (El Sol de Tijuana, Manuel Cordero, 5/14/11) – Seven "narcomenudistas" were arrested with more than 500 packages of the synthetic drug known as "glass" and marijuana according to agents of the municipal police. The seven were arrested during the last few hours in different parts of the city. They Sergio Rosas Osuna, 24, who was in possession of 384 doses of methamphetamine described above. He was caught by officers unit 0038 in the street child gunner, in colony El Niño, in colonia El Niño, in the rural zona of delegación La Presa. Oscar Eduardo Martínez, 18, was surprised with 64 "cans" of marijuana. He was intercepted by operators of patrol 4643 on calle Atoyac y Milton Castellanos, in colonia Atoyac y Milton Castellanos. Sergio Romero Sigala, 30, years was intercepted with 18 "glass" packages on calle La Paz, in colonia El Pípila, in delegación La Presa. He tried to the escape running in the presence of patrol 4630 crew. José Alfredo Becerra Rivera, 21, was arrested with 18 "glass" packages by 0704 unit officers at calles Hacienda San Antonio and Cofradía, de la colonia Terrazas del Valle, in the same municipal district. Meanwhile, Gerardo Santiago Escobar, 43, became aggressive with uniformed unit 4980, at calles Margaritas and Quiroga at colonia anexa 20 de Noviembre in delegación La Mesa. After the use of physical force, he proceeded to cooperate and found among his clothes were 20 "balloons" of synthetic drugs described as "Crystal". Gabriel Ledesma Rentería, 34, was arrested by the police forces of unit 0016 with 15 "glass" packages at 6 pm yesterday on calle Justo Sierra, in la colonia Las Cruces, at la delegación San Antonio de los Buenos. Finally, Abraham Castaneda Nieto, 36, was captured by unit 0708 with 20 packages of methamphetamines described as "ice". He was found by intercepting him at calles Zacatecas and Paseo del Norte, in la colonia Magisterial, at la delegación Centenario. All of the vendedrogas (drug seller) cases were referred for investigation and subsequent legal actions.

TIJUANA BC (El Sol de Tijuana, Manuel Cordero, 5/14/11) – A student at Universidad Autónoma de Baja California, Thursday night tried to sexually abuse one of his peers in a classroom at the school of Humanities. The alleged violator failed but he was identified as Luis Alejandro Magaña Licea, 26, by University student Norma Esthela "n", 23. Patrol officers of unit 4718 received notification about the case at 10:30 p.m. on Thursday from the higher education center, at Calzada Tecnológico and Américas Norte, in colonia Otay Universidad, at delegación Mesa de Otay. They met with a private security guard, José Luis Lara López, 46, who presented them with the detainee, Magaña Licea, and told them the history of the case. He recounted moments before; he heard cries of help from a classroom in the 101 building at the school of Humanities. Arriving at the site, he surprised the suspect in the act of the crime. After agents questioned the victim, she said that moments before the two were in the classroom, and then surprisingly Luis Alejandro Magaña rushed her with the intention of holding her on the floor. A struggle ensued between the two until she was released. It was then that she asserted the subject began to handle his entire body in a lewd and unbecoming manner, at the same time rubbing his virile member under his clothes. He then said he was sorry for hurting the girl with his violent action. The reason she opted to shout for aid and lead to her fellow student to her, as so he would stop. At that time, she was joined by the security guard who learned what happened. The soldiers proceeded to arrest Magaña Licea and present him before the judge. Knowledge of what happened to the University student was submitted to the unit of sexual offenses. In another case, Miguel Ángel Castañón Puga, 38, was taken prisoner by municipal police officers for the sexual assault on his own daughter, 17. He denied the accusations. The victim said it had occurred since age 10 and ensured that her mother knew what was happening and did nothing to protect her. The victim said that yesterday morning when getting ready to go to school she addressed her attacker who asked why she didn'r wear short skirts and told him "when I return, you will know". Tired of accepting the sexual assault by her father, the teenager contacted municipal police to request their help. They it came to her home to meet with the vicitim then went to the father’s work place where they took Castanon Puga and arrested him. In addition, the mother of the child was referred to the relevant authorities because the victim revealed that for two years she was aware of what was happening and did nothing to protect her from the subject.


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