Minor was Internet Prostitute (El Sol de Tijuana, 9/14/12 by Manuel Cordero)

Tijuana, BC - Municipal police arrested two individuals traveling in a car with two women’s purses. Questioning revealed they had just left a motel and as a result, discovered a minor advertising her sexual services on the Internet.

Patrol unit 4978 intercepted Francisco Castro Soto, 22, and a passenger Heriberto Camacho Higuera, 23, at calles Puebla and San Pedro in the Guillén division of the La Mesa area. The 1994 Honda had tinted windows and had other modification noticed by the officers. They found two women’s purses with cosmetics in the car and were questioned.

They stated a friend they left minutes earlier in room 10 at “Motel Guillén” owned the property. After traveling there, they found Carolina Romania "N", 17, and her client, Christopher Omana Camín, 39, in the room. Questioning the teenager, she indicated she only knew Castro Soto and Camacho Higuera for three months and was working as a prostitute for another subject only identified as Armando "N" or "N" Edgar.

She said he communicated with her by radio when her sexual services were required and the two subjects took her to hotels where sexual encounters would take place. For his part, Christopher Omana said that he only had hired her sexual services through the internet paying 1,500 pesos ($118 US), but was unaware she was a minor since it was not indicated on the web page that only advertised dates.

The three men were referred for investigation to the Agency of the Public Ministry of Common Law to determine their legal status; the first two for the alleged crime of pandering and the other one for the corruption of minors. http://www.oem.com.mx/elsoldetijuana/notas/n2694918.htm

Field of 1000 Marijuana Plants Discovered (El Sol de Tijuana, 9/14/12 by Manuel Cordero)

Tijuana, BC - A field with at least thousand marijuana plants was found by agents of the State Preventive Police in Tijuana after intercepting two subjects with two plants in the trunk of a car, while other officers in Mexicali arrested three individuals with "ice" and heroin.

The alleged drug traffickers were Regulus Garcia Simental, 49, of Durango who denied any relationship to the now detained Teodoro Garcia Simental "El Teo", a one time leader of the "Arellano Felix Cartel" and the remaining two were brothers Gonzalo and Gabriel García Flores, 40 and 41, of Sonora who officers indicated were arrested thanks to a complaint made anonymously to phone line 089.

Officers implemented an operation early yesterday morning when they intercepted the aforementioned three, in a 1992 Honda car on the old road to Valle Redondo in the rural area of La Presa. During a search of the car, Regulus Garcia was found in possession of two packages of synthetic drugs described as "glass" and in the trunk they had two fresh, one meter tall sativa cannabis plants.

After questioning them about the origin of the cannabis, they confessed to the location of the planted fields in a place known as " Paso del Águila" in Tecate where a search was made on the bank of the Rio Tecate. Officers described the plot had a dimension of 300 meters long by 50 meters wide with at least thousand cannabis indica plants, but all were not the same height. They reported the discovery to federal authorities to arrange destruction. The plants were manually cut by officers and incinerated on site.

In another case yesterday at 1:30 PM, Adrian Alonso Hernandez Peralta, 40, was speeding without respect for traffic regulations in a 1996 Nissan on avenida Del Pajar at Imperio Vizcaíno in the Gran Hacienda area in Mexicali.

Officers stopped the vehicle and on inspection found him in possession of a plastic bag with 20 grams of the drug known as "ice". Police said the amount could have made 120 doses, worth 6,000 pesos retail ($470 US). In the vehicle, officers also found a 22 gauge shotgun with 41 shells.

Additional subjects detained in Mexicali were Miguel Angel Díaz López, 23, and Juan Carlos Corral Gonzalez, 34, who carried 30 doses of heroin and 10 does of "ice", respectively. All of those in the above mentioned cases were presented to legal authorities.



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