TIJUANA (El Sol de Tijuana, by Laura Sánchez Law) - Inside a cardboard box with a gift ribbon were found 60 bags of marijuana and 15 packages of "glass" said elements of the Policía Estatal Preventiva (PEP) – state preventive police. They arrested an alleged narcomenudista - drug retailer, operating in la colonia Montes Olímpicos near a primary school. It was through a citizen complaint the State was alerted to a subject selling drugs close to a school, and they moved to the location. Once in the area, PEP officers approached the vicinity of the elementary school, where half a block away, on la calle De Los Ángeles, the soldiers observed a person with the physical characteristics of the alleged "poisoner". The subject noticed the PEP police units and attempted to escape but was arrested. He was identified as Jorge Luis Ramírez Cisneros, 25. Ramírez Cisneros had in his possession a black plastic bag, which contained a cardboard box and a gift bow, which inside, were found 60 bags containing green and dry grass known as marijuana. In his pants were found 15 plastic wraps containing a white, granular substance apparently the synthetic drug called "glass", 2 doses of heroin, 1,500 pesos and $28. As he "was signed in the Juzgado Sexto (Sixth Court) for crimes against health," he offered officers transporting him another $500 to release him. The agents of PEP rejected the offer and immediately put Ramírez Cisneros under arrest. Criminal charges will be filed by the Ministerio Público Federal.

TIJUANA (El Sol de Tijuana, by Laura Sánchez Law) - Approximately 2 of 10 every women who are deported at the Tijuana border are sexually abused. There has been an increase in rights violations of undocumenteds carried out by organized crime gangs, said María Galván, who works at the Social Institute of Mother Soltera and for the Pro- migrant coalition. In an interview, she expressed regret that travel conditions of women trying to enter the U.S. illegally, has far from improved, but has worsened. "And now they are not only receiving ill treatment and abuse, but in exchange for being admitted to the U.S. women become are victims of polleros who traffic them; not only for money but for sex." she noted. María Galván admits that it doesn’t happen every day, however, questionnaires completed by women in migrant homes in Tijuana, show that for every 10 females two were abused sexually. Rosa (N), a migrant who lived for 20 years in the United States, was deported while in Los Angeles, California last February and tried to reenter illegally by Nogales, Sonora. “For five days we walked through the desert. I had money to pay the guide, but my cousin didn’t, so she was told, “Want to go the easy way for $5,000 or the difficult way for $2,000?” Because she had no money, she chose the difficult. Rosa omitted her name to this newspaper because she claims to be under threat of death by a pollero. A friend was forced to give sexual services for a month to complete her payment of the $5,000. “She was crying, she suffered, they forced her do foul and horrible things and we saw everything and could not do anything. They raped her for a month.” During their journey the woman, about 40 years old, also witnessed how one night, a woman from Oaxaca fell into a ravine. “She hurt her foot and couldn’t leave but the guides did not let us help her. Then the coyotes came to eat her and we listened to her cries while they ate her,” continued the migrant crying until the end of the interview. Finally, Rosa said that it was easier to cross by Tijuana. Five days ago was her first encounter with a pollero in la colonia Pegaso, he stripped her of her belongings and stole all her money. Within the week, she will try to cross again and is already trying to contact another pollero. Meanwhile, says María Galván, although she doesn’t have the exact data, violations have increased and illegal crossings are currently in the hands of organized crime “where the guides are drug addicts who abuse women”. She concluded that in 2011 approximately 120 women would be deported to the Social Institute of Mother Soltera.


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