2 Men Rape Young Girl (El Mexicano, 12/11/12 by Said Betanzos)

TIJUANA, BC - A young girl, 16, reported that two men violated her in the vicinity of colonia Villas del Campo, located to the East of the city, next to the Tijuana-Tecate free road.

Municipal police reported that the victim told them she was going to the Pharmacy to buy an inhaler for asthma when three people who were aboard a green color sedan type taxi volunteered to give her a ride but she refused. Then they got out and threatened her with a knife to force her in the vehicle.

After an hour and a half they brought her in the taxi to a deserted place, where the two companions in the taxi raped her and then left her in the vicinity of a trash dump. A woman cried for help to call authorities and was found.

Officers of the Municipal Police Domestic Violence Unit assisted the victim and the case was referred to the Ministry Public to investigate responsibility. http://www.el-mexicano.com.mx/informacion/noticias/1/22/policiaca/2012/12/11/635394/violaron-a-una-joven-2-hombres.aspx

Be Careful! There is "Daycare Syndrome" (El Mexicano, 12/11/12 by Victor Islas Parra)

Mexicali, BC – Daycares attended by minors are one of the environments which favor the spread of infectious diseases during the winter, said the head of the ISSSTECALI Epidemiology Unit, Dr. Angelica Pon Mendez. The State official mentioned that such environments are ideal for infections occurring more regularly, resulting in so-called "Daycare Syndrome ".

"This phenomenon is that children suffer from some infectious processes at least once a month, caused by close contact with the rest of his companions and caregivers. Although they generally tend to be diseases in mild stages, the child needs to be at home to recover and that in turn relays the disease to her family fostering an infectious cycle,” she said.

She added that contagion is hard to avoid, since children share toys and common areas, which favors a 50% increase of any infection. However, she said, it is possible to take some steps to prevent this syndrome, as not bringing children to stay when they have symptoms of fever, cough, a runny nose or diarrhea, since they can be caused by viruses or bacteria and ultimately complicated. Also, bathe them and change their clothes daily and wash bottles, bibs and other personal items. http://www.el-mexicano.com.mx/informacion/noticias/1/3/estatal/2012/12/11/635491/cuidado-existe-el-sindrome-de-las-guarderias-issstecali.aspx


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