Stepfather given 16 years in prison (El MEXICANO, 2/17/13 by Eduardo Villa Domingo)

MEXICALI, BC – A sentence of 16 years in prison was given to a rapist stepfather who was accused by his outraged step-daughter, 16. The legal process against the man began in 2008 and culminated on Friday.

This was unveiled by the Mexicali area Subprocuradora, María Elena Andrade Ramírez, who said Jaime Mena Villanueva, 52, was convicted of sexually abusing a minor who was the daughter of his then girlfriend. Such statements were derived from evidence provided by Sex Crimes Agents of the Public Ministry who managed to check the culpability following the commission of the crime.

According to the information released by the Office of the Attorney General of Justice of the State, the victim raised concerns the first time her stepfather abused her, once while they were alone and asked her to go to his bedroom, when he started to touch her in her chest and vaginal areas outside of her clothes. Despite being terrified, the young lady was able to break from the oppressive arms of her captor and leave the room.

Days after the first traumatic incident her stepfather went to her bedroom and once again began to play with her. The girl began to grapple with the subject, but when she tried to leave the room, the man imprisoned her and began threatening to hit her and her mother if she tried to escape. The girl was paralyzed with fear when the man began to remove her clothes and then raped her.

The minor was concerned that her stepfather continued to sexually abuse her for approximately 2 years and she never said anything to her mother for fear and shame, because he also threatened to kill her family. Once her mother separated from her stepfather, she took the opportunity to tell about the abuses against her and it was then they decided to file the complaint with social representation.

After being arrested and interviewed by the MP, Mena Villanueva admitted touching the girl in her intimate parts but said he ever raped her; however, psychological and gynecological exams found her accusations were truthful.

Taxi fare paid with counterfeit note (El MEXICANO, 2/17/13 by Fernando Escobedo Camacho)

ENSENADA, BC - North Station police were informed a person paid a taxi fare with apparently counterfeit money on Calle Lomas de San Felipe in Colonia Lomas de la Presa.

Arriving at the place they met the complainant, who stated that moments before he met two people at Calles Olivo and Ámbar in Fraccionamiento Valle and was asked if he was going to the place of the report.

Once aboard, they paid the driver with a series F2376859 500 peso ($40 US) note and delivered their change. Afterwards he noted that the peso note may possibly be fake.

He went to a store near a gas station to check if the note was authentic and when he tested it with a special marker the result indicated the note was false. He returned to the place where he made the report to meet the officers who seized the note to show it to a judge.

Students get antigraffiti program lecture (El MEXICANO, 2/17/13 by José Jimenez Diaz)

TECATE, BC - One of the priorities of preventive programs implemented by the Municipal Public Security Directorate is to work with youth, encouraging good activities in the community. Elements of the Preventive Graffiti Program gave a talk to students of "Emiliano Zapata" Secondary School No. 202 before the holidays on the legal consequences of graffiti.

In the conversation officials explained the negative, social and legal consequences of the practice of graffiti to students considered a criminal offense of property damage affecting the urban image. Similarly, they said graffiti is a basically territorial expression, an idea made by markings to identify a sense of belonging, leading such practices of other types of anti-social behaviors such as the establishment of gangs.

These tasks of the preventive program primarily seek to prevent these actions, as well as channel minors who are encouraged to commit these crimes by making them responsible for their actions through their cleaning of the spaces that have been damaged.

Calcium and vitamin "D" recommended (El MEXICANO, 2/17/13 by José Jimenez Diaz)

TECATE, BC - The Regional delegation of the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS) in the Sonora and Baja California areas urges beneficiaries to consume calcium and vitamin "D" and also maintain a balanced diet to avoid osteoporosis.

So announced Doctor Luis Antonio Araiza Núñez, Director of "Dr. José Díaz de León" General Hospital of Zone IV, No. 8 in Ensenada, who stressed the importance of preventative management of this disease. At the Magdalena de las Salinas Trauma Hospital in Mexico City, they perform around 2,000 surgeries a year related to the disease – mainly fractures of the hip and spine.

He recommended some measures to prevent osteoporosis, among them performing exercise 3x per week, taking calcium and vitamin "D", obtaining Sunshine for at least 10 to 15 minutes per day and eating a balanced diet.

Araiza Nunez said that with this condition, the bones become porous, thinner and fragile. As a result, mechanical resistance to forces and tension that support the body decrease, which increases the risk of fractures. He pointed out the consumption of tobacco and alcohol, a low stature, early menopause early from age 45, as well as a hysterectomy, a low body weight and surgeries can also cause osteoporosis. In terms of the prevalence of the disease he said it affects more women, since for every three woman, only one man suffers it - according to national statistics. It is important to mention that calcium is found in milk, cheese, tortillas and bread. Also obtaining Sunshine from 10 to 15 minutes a day helps to activate vitamin D which is a regulator of calcium in the body.

Hip and spine fractures are the main consequences of osteoporosis, he stressed, seen mainly in elderly people, since this disease mainly affects adults. This is why the Institute has intensified its preventive measures within its PREVENIMSS program at all of its family medicine units where doctors provide information and adequate treatment.


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