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Should we have special labels on foods that contain GMOs (genetically modified organisms)? 

Honestly, this has worried me for a long time. Now comes Prop 37, which would make California the first state in the Union to require food sellers to tell us if GMOs are any part of what we're eating. 


A report by KPBS, quoting the Center for Food Safety, says that most of the processed grocery store food we eat does contain GMO material. 

OMG!, 70 percent.

Pretty good quote came from an Escondido contributor to the Prop 37 campaign, David Bronner. He's president of Dr. Bronner's Magic Soaps (so looks like he doesn't have a dog in this fight). He objects to chemical giants like Monsanto saying they're safe, but still not wanting food makers to admit to their customers when their foods have GMO material in them.

"We need to know about this," Bronner says. "People who don't agree [that GMOs are a problem], fine. Be proud of it, say 'Hey, it's genetically engineered.' You're proud of that. People should know. So what are you afraid of?"

Well, looks like the chemical giants such as Monsanto and DOW are plenty afraid, to judge from the money that they're throwing at Prop 37. 

KPBS says GMO seed makers/pesticide makers like Monsanto and DOW have helped the "No on 37" campaign raise $34.5 million and counting. 

The initiators of Prop 37? They've raised just $4 million. Goliath and David again. 

If the prop passes, the rest of the nation could follow. They always wait for California to lead the way on these matters. 

But as of now, the U.S. is behind around 50 other countries, including most of Europe, China, Russia and Japan, which already require labels telling their citizens if a food product has been genetically tampered with. 

Personally, I agree with Bronner: if GMOs are okay in our food, why are their makers so afraid to tell us?


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peter45 Oct. 26, 2012 @ 12:05 p.m.

Vote No on 37. Food has been genetically modified for thousands of years. Breeding one plant with another has not upset the balance of nature and in fact has improved our ability to continue to be offered some of the most inexpensive food available any where in the world. Says it doesn't effect farmers......OH REALLY. There are known cases where crops have been modified just because they were within a few miles of a corporate farm and the farmer had nary a clue.

This will become great fodder for the lawyers. California is known as a nanny state and viewed by many as a laughing stock. Look at our gas prices. Sure these are the same environmental terrorists that want to ban our 4th of July fireworks.

Sit back and relax, has anyone died from our food, is anyone sick in the hospital? California is the bread basket for the country. This proposition will have far reaching effects for all of us.


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