Gourmet On 5th: Not French enough?

Ed wants accordions and romance. Is he asking too much?

Standing at Fifth and Laurel. The choice: Cucina Urbana, Hexagone, Pizzicato Pizza, or the kind of anonymous-looking Gourmet on 5th. ...

Chinese fast food: What's taking so long?

The brand-new Park Blvd Express is all dressed up and ready. So when can we break chopsticks?

It's not open yet, but it's yea close. You swear you can smell the pork fried rice already. And you ...

South Park Walkabout: Here's where to rest your bones

The Good Fork, aka Buona Forchetta, has the best patio for chowing and watching the crowds

I'm hauling through South Park. Lotta people. Oh yeah. Their Walkabout's happening. Jump off the #2 at Fern and Beech. ...

Young Hickory opens in North Park

New cafe ups the ante for hangout spots.

Filter North Park’s departure left the neighborhood shy one coffee house. The opening of Young Hickory on the site of ...

The Tacoburger: Part Seven

A conclusion (of sorts) and a trip to Mexican Fiesta in Little Italy.

All the searching and it’s come to this: Mexican Fiesta (1460 India Street) in Little Italy. http://www.sandiegoreader.com/users/photos/2013/oct/03/54184/ Developed buildings reach ...

New library: Where's the beef?!

Ed expects great things from the library café...

New library, open! Been waiting for this. Not because of the thousands of books and snooze-spots that have opened up. ...

The Tacoburger: Part Six

Tracking the origin of the most famous tacoburgers of all time at Danny's Palm Bar in Coronado.

There’s this taco shop in North Park. El Sol, it’s called. Ed Bedford wrote a Tin Fork in which he ...

Cheap tacos in the Courtroom

Yes, Virginia, there are affordable deals in La Jolla

Psst. Wanna eat cheap in La Jolla? And drink? Point one, hit happy hour, point two, make sure you’re at ...

Col. Cuauhtémoc: Perfect perch to watch the madness

Tiki Bar's an oasis hidden in plain sight near, well, the busiest crossing in the world.

Come here at sunset. Even though you can turn up any time of day or night. Because the Tiki Bar ...

North End Lounge open in Little Italy

Busalacchi group replaces L'Angolino with a flashier, seafood-centric version of itself.

Apparently, the Busalacchi-owned L’Angolino North End Lounge wasn’t cutting it. The successful group, which seems to comprise half the restaurants ...

Holy mole! Is this the center of the mole universe?

Ed gets drunk on Mole Poblano, yards from the border fence

You can call this every cliché in the book...the hidden jewel, the Shangri-Là, whatever. Fact is right here, yards south ...

The Tacoburger: Part Five

Downtown's Blind Burro puts an upscale twist on the humble tacoburger.

Nobody ever said the tacoburger would be forever relegated to plebian restaurants. Nothing stops high-concept ventures from mining taco shop ...

Mermaids? New Taco Kid on the Block.

Ed gets a lucky beer-taco break on the way to the bus

So I'm coming down 13th, heading for the 12th and Imperial bus and trolley stop. Smell of, well, corn twitches ...

The Tacoburger: Part Four

At the Tin Can Ale House, Dood's Foods innovates the tacoburger still further.

If taco shops can take ownership over hamburgers, what’s to say that hamburger shops can’t take charge with some tacos, ...

At Uncle's in TJ: Smoke signals!

When the coals are glowing at Pollos El Tio, the whole neighborhood knows Oscar's Sinaloa chicken is on its way

The smoke wafts past your nose. The sabroso smell. Then you spot the chimney, shooting white puffs like the Vatican ...

The Tacoburger: Part Two

It's all about the plancha at Benny's Mexican Food in Golden Hill.

During the day, it just looks quaint, maybe even homey. After dark, Benny’s Mexican Food (1244 30th Street, 619-238-1740) in ...

The Tacoburger: Part One

A trip to La Fuente and a brief primer on why anyone would want to dedicate serious time to the idea of taco shop cheeseburgers.

Surf the web a little. Read about burgers. It’s a bigger topic than you might think. Here in San Diego, ...

Golden Hill: Healthy brekky in the tree house

Fruit, granola, and yes, vegan donuts at Krakatoa

Bonk! The fig hits my head and bounces onto the table. Nobody even turns and looks. Anak the raccoon-striped café ...

Spanish red and the blow-out burger

Ed tries to get through a super burger and a full bottle of wine. Something's got to give

Heh heh. Been meaning to do this for a lawng time. Test of manhood. Come here to the IB Forum... ...

Sushi & Sake 101 at RA Sushi

Downtown sashimi spot offers a look at the history of sushi and the key to sake pairing.

There’s more to sushi than California rolls, globs of mock wasabi, and too much soy sauce. Unroll the history and ...

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