Ok I got a show of hands, and I learned a lot about people at the same time been going back through some of my old neighborhoods around Genessee and Balboa also Sierra Mesa and got a "shout out" from a loyal customer. Said she wants more "Doodle". So what the Hell; it's not the kind of response I was hoping for, "But when in Rome do as the Roman's do". Ok here we go the Chargers won two in a row- will it last? hhhmmmnn. I Still don't like Norv and I can't even tell you why, I guess i,m just not feelin the dude. Oh yeah Drew Breeze is havin big fun, But they usually start off strong then fall off at the end of the season. Junior Seau is back with New England at forty and Moss is doin fine at his age. Belichek is either the best coach or he has the best Steroid hook-up. Anyways I haven't had too many more dog problems -I thank yall for that!!! I,m still gonna write a 1000 words every other week besides the Doodle. Oh yeah Obama said more jobs are gonna be lost. And we should try to do something on our own to create new jobs - Again I say get the government to freeze the fuel cost for five years and we will see an increase in jobs.

11/05/09- Bad day for the military a guy went off in Texas, that happened to have a Mulim name even though he has never been over-seas and was born in Virginia - Saw Pat Robertson on the tube again- Yep he's still being Pat he was commenting on how tired everyone has become of Obama's new ways of doin things - (He still has not said once that Bush's administration caused the recession) Obama was sworn in less than a year ago- And Ol Pat is counting the days and I promise you on everything that one day in the near future Pat is going to say that Obama led this country into a recession. He was also commenting on the Islamic faith, stating that they believe that there religion is the only true religion and that they want to take over the world. HHHMMMNNN that's a new concept huh.

11/06/09 Hey gotta give a "shout out" to the World War two vets- been talking to a lot of them lately- It's surprising how many of these people are in California. I spoke with a dude today that was wearing all Khaki that was a pilot and a Air traffic controller we had a really good chat about the good ol days ( before my time though) I always think about Henry Fonda, Robert Mitchum, Cuba Gooding (Pearl Harbor) everytime I talk with these guys. I even spoke with a guy from the 391st yesterday. These guys got the real flag stories combined with the I love Lucy days, Jack Bennie, John Wayne and FDR all in one bag. I had a lady marine that was active in 1943 show me pictures of her and her three brothers all in the military. She looked like Jane Mansfield. they are all in there 80's or ninety's now and here's a salute to all who served from the "flagman".

09/11/09 Ok Yall we got us a president, He got the Healthcare plan passed Yep, Yep, things are a changing. I listened To Pat Roberts the other day as he bad mouthed Obama and knocked the Islam religion. Ok for the books I think I,m a christian, I believe in Jesus and that he is the son of God. I also believe in heaven and hell. But I do not think it's right to cut down some one else's religion or beliefs. And this feud between the Christians and the Catholics is insane. One likes the Mother more than the Son - Yall need to get a grip and blaming the Jews for the death of Jesus. "Hello" it was 2000 years ago, get over it. Also I am positive that if the Muslim people that we are fighting had as many tanks, trained troops and military know how as we have, they would do a lot less suicide bombing. And mixing religion with politics is a definite no-no. Ya know I just found out what GOP means ( Grand Old Party) and I heard the word "Blue Dog Democrat" come from the mouth of a Christian Minister. What does that mean? It dosen't sound as good as Grand Old Party or Good Old Party even - I am sure Pat Robertson has a lot to say about the Fort Hood incident and all I can say about it is that things happen and this was a bad thing that happened. On another note I was doing my flag thing in La Mesa and also the Genessee Balboa area which is my ususal stomp. But I ran into a kid or teenager in La Mesa that's worth mentioning and I don't usually do names. I spoke with this young man and he said I gotta go to my car for the money and he went to his car by jumping off the porch his movements were fluid and quick and almost effortless. So I asked him if he was an athelete and he said yes, He wasn't all that muscular but he had that football player look about him. So I asked if he played ball and he said yeah and I asked what position he said Quarter Back and then I took a real good look at him and he indeed had a Namath/Montana, thing going on and he said his name was "Jake Reed the starting Quarterback for Helix High School". Also he had the same name and position as a character in a piece that I was working on, kinda weird coincidence- So Jake stay away from a girl named Marion- just kidding.

11/12/09 - Hey for starters, I got a Shout Out for the Wounded Warriors for Veterans Day. I also have another short Dog Tale or something like one. I have been living in downtown T.J. since January and I walk to the border everyday through the Commercial Plaza or De Plaza Commercial which is the huge walkway thats lined with businesses going towards the bridge that leads to downtown from the border. I would always notice this brown and white Chihuahua over at this outlet right across from the Clock and block past Mcdonald's and would whistle or try and pet her but she would not have anything to do with me - this went on for months and then all of a sudden I saw her playing with the kids chasing after balls and even came up to me and allowed me to pet her. So this became a daily thing I would always pet her before going to the border and about six weeks later it was obvious that she was pregnant and I spoke with Ernesto a very well dressed and mannerable elderly Mexican Gentleman and I predicted that she would have four or five pups and sure enough she had four and three survived. I heard Ernesto say "tock tock" one day and I assumed it was her name and that's what I would call her. I spoke with him the other day and the pups are now almost 10 weeks old and he keeps them in a pen in front of his shop but no for sale sign. So I asked him about it and he said they are not allowed to post for sale signs for dogs. I was shocked to hear this so I said I would try and help. So he has three pure bred Chihuahua pups for sale with papers. They have had all there shots, and are in excellent health the price is negotiable but should be at least 30% less than the going rate and they are located in the plaza a block past Mcdonalds across from the clock everday during business hours. I also found out that the mother's name is not Tock Tock but to my suprise her name is " WENDY".

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