12/04/2009- Ok I know I have been in a cave for a long time or a semi time warp or even in another dimension. But does anyone know where Osama Bin Laden is?? I must've missed it when he was captured. I also missed the last five Charger games and lets see we are sending 30,000 more troops into Afganistan and unemployment in California is the lowest since the recession began. I been missing a lot lately. Nine out of ten people are saying that we are going to win this game Sunday ( Again I said "WE") and the one out of ten just simply said we are due to lose a game right about now. Hey maybe they are starting to gel and Norv is improving and doing his homework. Ya gotta give him some credit even though most of the last five games were fairly easy for us. We have always been capable of beating the best teams in the league. I think a guy crashing Obama's party is not cool even though the guy was not a security risk ya still gotta wonder about the security and yeah I realize Obama's plate is full with the recession and the Health Plan and all but from where I sit it's time for OBAMA TO LOOK AT OSAMA---

12/05/09 Starting to look like Christmas and yep got a dog short for ya, While down at the San Ysidro border the other day I saw two very happy healthy brown somethinsomethin pit/retriever dogs walking in the sentry line inside the building all alone as if they owned the place so I assumed they were working dogs or somebodies pet so I whistled at them and one came over and allowed me to touch his head and kept walking. So a border patrol guy came by and I asked if the dogs were working dogs or pets . He replied "neither one" they just wander back and forth across the border when ever they want to. Everybody knows them and I asked the guy behind me in line if they had passports for dogs? We both just kinda laughed. Ok yall it´s "T" time yep that´s right it´s time to go to the refrigerator, restroom, or just move the mouse . Truth -yep I said the word- here comes the hum and the burning of the eyes. They say that Tijuanna has a lot of problems with violence and also the flu virus etc.. etc.. but nobody has a problem with a hundred and fifty thousand Mexican people crossing the border daily coming to there homes and restaurants and hospitals as cooks, cleaners,babysitters,nanny`s, butcher´s,. grocers, etc...
Since the recession local bars and clubs have been taking a beating and quite naturally if people have less money to party with they would probably want to go to Tijuanna to party especially for batchelor parties and events. Where they could get better service at one third the price. Even though New Orleans has at least two murders a day for the past 20 years with less than a million people. Nobody says a word about that especially during Mardi Gras.

I think the majority of the people killed are Cartel and some Law enforcement. And the Americans if any are probably involved in some illegal activity. I think the local San Diego Club owners have a lot of influence with the media and are giving Tijuanna a bad rep to keep people from spending there party and dispòsable dollars in Tijuanna-- I got more to say about this

12/06/2009 We are in a recession for sure, and a lot of people that are used to doing certain things for anniversaries and special occaisons just can't afford to do those things anymore. And yeah I think we ought to patronize american businesses. But again we always go back to the samo- samo, good ol fashioned american scare tactics. This is bull, call an orange an orange and an apple an apple. Why don't people at least attempt to be straight about what's happening but noooo keep em fooled. Hey I ain't sayin go down to Zona Norte at 2am with ya pockets jinglin while being staggering drunk. But's its a lot safer than going in a Blood neighborhood wearing a blue bandana on your head and a t-shirt that says Blood killer. At least in T.J. you will probably just lose your money. The cops are not harassing americans or shaking them down anymore they even have a website to report them and believe me they have good paying jobs that they do not want to lose. T.J. has a lot of things to offer at much lower prices. Nuff said

12/10/2009 The rain has not been very nice to me,but hey, we need it and it's a good thing. Ok here's some trolley talk for ya just to mix it up some. About a month ago I was on the trolley headin south and this nineteen year old female sat next to me. And she struck up a conversation first she asked me for a cigarette and I said I didn't smoke then she said "Man I just got outta jail and I,m dying for a smoke" I asked how long were you in for? she said ninety days and I ain't going back. I said ninety days ain't nothing but a vacation. Then she really got going and said that was my third time though I did six months for assault and then she said I ain't gon lie this last time was for soliciting. It seems like every time I go somehwere I either get harassed by the cops or by some bitch gitting in my face for something stupid. Ok, I didn't bite the soliciting hook, but instead tried to give her some advice from all my years of experience - So I told her she needs to break camp, stop hangin with the people she's hangin out with. Just go to some small town in Montana,Iowa,Tennessee even. Then she said all by myself? I said yeah and I ain't tryin to get in your business but you might want to take a second look at your boyfriend. But I,m kinda scared to go by myself. I said look you ain't afraid to jump in cars with total strangers and if you can do that you can make it anywhere. Then she admitted -I have been thinking about going to another town and I'll probably do it too, I'll probably go to VEGAS.

12/12/2009 Ok yall just in case you didn't know there is a method to this madness- Back to the trolley talk and yeah the verbage is kinda gruff - For those of you that took a sneak peek I deliberately do not give faces to the people that I talk about and most of us assume different things based on who I am and the name given or the manner in which a person speaks or the type person in general. For now I'm speaking in regards to the lady on the trolley. I usually write a tad bit lowwer than Disney but then again this is just a doodle- The lady was a Natural Blonde with blue eyes and looked a lot like Jodie Foster in her youger days she was a bit on the healthy side which is norm for a lady fresh out of jail- guess you could call it "jail fat" . I have seen women like her all over the country, she's stuck in the game. She also mentioned that her gang tatoos had been removed but she still had some type of markings on her fingers. For women like her going to jail is the only time they usually get some rest. Because she was on her way to see her Pimp with the Pipe. And off to the races again. Oh yeah I changed my mind about the dirty talk- it's my doodle and I do what I want.

12/18/2009 Man I can't believe these Chargers I was real confortable hating on Norv, but I gotta give it up to the guy he's doin one helluva job this year. Way to go Norv!!!! and keep it up ( I know he went to Coach camp last summer) Ok I predicted a 7-9 year for the Chargers and that they should do 11-5 man I don't what to say about these guys. So i will say this for all you fans still trippin on Breese and yeah maybe if Breese woulda been there at 14-2 we might have done better. And if a frog had wings he would'nt bump his ass everytime he hops. Pound for Pound Rivers is a better Quarterback and gittin better every year. LT is up in the years for a running back but they are spreading the ball around now. They did some running in the last game but what I really like is that they are doing whatever it takes to win. Now about the new Stadium HHHMMMNNN - No Salary Caps next year. HHHMMMNN - A Superbowl Ring is a definite new stadium - other wise I say we see what happens next year. Ok it's time for a commercial and a word from our sponsor. If you are over 65 and experiencing shortness of breath when taking walks or even minimal physical exertion, or feeling light headed when coming to a standing position too fast. How about getting an upset stomach when eating foods that you have been eating for years. Is there a frequent ringing sound in your ears and when its humid your joints tend to ache. How about forgetting things frequently that you know, but for some reason can't remember. Well I can honestly tell you . "YO ASS IS OLD". Get used to it, That's right suck it up, everybody else that lives as long as you have goes through the same thing. So stop sitting around whining take a hand full of advil and get in the mix. That's right get up and do something everyday. Take walks, go to the gym, git off your butte. Remember in the Sixties when you were running around barefooted, smoking grass, always sittin on the ground somewhere in a group singin and havin orgies and all that. Yeah well it's time to pay the piper. Yeah and the ladies were runnin around with no bra's had their on cigarette's eatin birth control pills, diet pills, valiums,bennies, etc... Well times have changed yall still eatin pills but out of bottles with your names on them. Don't trip, I'm just messin wit ya. lots of love---------------

!2/21/2009 Been gittin a lot of salty looks from seniors, since the last comment. All I gotta say is that I'm a grandpa too. And i'm just tellin it like it is -some of the time anyways- and for all you people that were in your twenties during any part of the sixties. You are truly blessed because that is probably the most dynamic decade since america was started. And if you are 65 and older pat yourself on the back because for each one of you. there are at least five that didn't make it this far. So for 65 plus years you must have been doing something right. On another note How ya like them Chargers?? That was probably one of the most exciting games this season and we got the AFC west. It's a whole lot better than an 8-8 this was a well deserved title win. As far as UI'm concerned they can put in the second string. Until post season Norv giving his players a day off in the middle of the week and all is paying off. well this is a short week and if I were the Chargers I wouldn't worry about it. That was a New Stadium game and if the Charger fans get a chance to see the Charger Logo on a Superbowl Ticket they should definitely get a new stadium. Oh well any given Sunday.

12/22/2009 Ok back to the grind, paid the military housing on Linda Vista, a visit after about two years only a few familiar faces. Either i'm getting older or they are getting younger. All you see on the flick anymore is war type movies. I let them know how much we appreciated what they were doing. I don't like this war business but if ya gotta do it. I guess it's better to be the best at it. Oh yeah I was doin my flag thing the other day out in Santee. This teenager came to the door wearing an Alice Cooper T shirt now I.m from back in the day and I like "Motown" but I remember Alice Cooper when I was in High school during the Nixon administration and 8 track tapes. So I asked the kid What you know about Alice Cooper? The kid replied- I got this shirt at his concert two years ago but I missed the one he had on Halloween. HHHmmnn apparently eating live lizards on stage is the secret to eternal youth. Or is he a Vampire?. With all that make up it might even be an imposter the same with Kiss- speaking of back in the day I went to a Little Richard concert back in 99 which was suppose to be his last concert in Denver with 100.00 autographed t-shirts. He would actually start a song and sing a few bars and some other guy would finish the song for him. He is still touring I think. Now this is what has me puzzled about religion and God - I don't understand why God would take Marvin Gaye, Luther Vandross, Barry White, The lead from the Chilites, Michael jackson and leave "Little Richard".

01/22/2009 Ok Yall this is the final chapter of the Doodle at least while I'm still in the San Diego/T.J. area I'll probably do a web page or publish something one day in any case a while back. I made a statement hat I had a story that was worth millions several stories as a matter of fact. So I was approached by a guy in T.J. about giving him my story. I live in hotels in T.J. and I have been planning on leaving town for over a year now. So every now and then My USB drive would come up missing then show up again I didn't think nothing of it.

A lot of people that's reading this has an idea of what I,m going through and why. Most people have it all wrong. In any case on Christmas Eve. I was doing my flag thing and again much thanks to Military Outreach Ministries (MOM) for being there for me. I pretty much walk the same way to the border everyday and this Mexican woman asked me to buy Cooking Oil (Crisco) for her from the U.S.( Never been asked that before) so I bought her some and gave it to her on Christmas Eve she offered to pay but I said it was a gift.

I also bought a fifth of Vodka and a liter of diet lemonade and was sipping on that on the balcony at the Fenix Hotel one of Zona Norte's finest establishments. I was watching the kid's below set off firecrackers, and greeting the people below as they walked by and rocking to the music that was on the loudspeakers at a store across the street. Shouting Feliz Navidad and everyone was shouting back so I started throwing candy at the kids and even a box of doughnuts that I had bought to munch on while I watched the football games all day Christmas.

Well the Vodka-aide was startin to kick in so I decided to go downstairs ( something I normally would never do) on the streets and watch the people as they walked by, because the streets were unusually crowded with people. Then some teenage kids started throwing the firecrakers in my direction and when I got up to move toward the corner store I was tazed by someone and when I became concious. I was laying in the street with my shirt torn to pieces. My bottle of vodka and even my cup was gone I was also missing about 40.00, My laptop had been tampered with, my cell and USB was returned an hour or so later to my room. I still had about 30.00 in my wallet but my christmas was over.

Being Tazed felt like a minni death and my life was placed on pause. I couldn,t understand why? I was in no pain and it took the lady that returned my cell and USB to tell me that I had been tazed. Why not just take the Lap top? I mean what do they think I am going to write on it after all of that? The sad part about it is someone has to be within about 30 yards in order to access it. I guess it's job security. My wireless card is inoperable along with my cd-drive. The next question is: Why do I keep carrying this worthless piece of junk around? Just to be ornery and see how long they will follow it around.

Hey' I gotta have fun too and I gotta get it where-ever I can. The sad part about it is I gotta cut out the writing. And Like cooking you tend to enjoy doing it when others are enjoying it also. But being knocked out in the middle of a T.J. ghetto for some words is a bit ridiculous and I firmly believe its all about retrieving some magical story. So I,m done writing at least until I become better situated and whoever is trying to write me - I wish you luck in your endeavors. Flagman/R.Akins


SDaniels Jan. 23, 2010 @ 2:51 a.m.

Flagman, you rock! I feel like I've been standing at the bus stop, listening to the inevitable eccentric's colorful schtick, a collection of worn but earnest truisms and amusing anecdotes (except for the mugging and tasing--sorry to hear it).

"Now this is what has me puzzled about religion and God - I don't understand why God would take Marvin Gaye, Luther Vandross, Barry White, The lead from the Chilites, Michael jackson and leave "Little Richard"."

Leave out Luther Vandross, and I'm with you. Little Richard is milking the very last drop from his own legend. Take care, and share some more of your 'magical story' skills :)


PistolPete Jan. 23, 2010 @ 11:25 a.m.

Honest and refreshing flagman! Loved it!


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