11/15/09 The Chargers are four in a row and yep i,m gonna enjoy it while it last. Am I being pessimistic? Nooo have I been here before? Yesss, and only to have my hopes crushed. But hey any given Sunday, so take the good with the bad and enjoy the spectacle. I can't write a decent short piece around a thousand words, I find my self trying to condense everything and actually losing the flow of the piece that I'm writing. I got another idea for another piece and it's going to be an ongoing thing. I have decided to use in all my stories local names and geographical area's - everything is totally fictional and out of my head and has no reference to anything going on in my life or anyone else's that I know of.This next piece however will be called "The Health Plan" I'll probably get ripped off for the concept but I don't really care. I got a lot of words and other things that I,m sure will do well one day.

Been watchin a lot of Mexican T.V. lately - It's a trip watching John Wayne speak spanish. Oh yeah talked to an elderly black woman the other day- She was talking about Jesus to this other woman on the train and I asked her if she ever watched Pat Roberts and she was proud to say that she watched his show and thought he was great. Well it was obvious that every glass in her world was always half full. She had nothing but positve things to say about everything, so I remained quiet since I did not get the response I expected. But it made me wonder about my feelings toward the guy and maybe I should look the other way when he says such stupid things about politics in the same breath when speaking about God. Maybe I should just judge him by his actions over the years and just see the good he has done for so many. Besides that would be the christian thing to do- Then I think about it again and I say to myself. How come I got to be the good christian, why can't he be the good christian and stop poisoning people with that "Political Babbel" blended with the scriptures. No this guy is way out there and how long is he going to be allowed to do what he is doing on Network Television??? He is so focused on the separation of parties that he has lost focus of the real goals. Democrats, Republicans, Independents etc.. are all Americans and on 09/11/01 Democrats and Republicans were killed and Democrats and Republican's are dying fighting for this country everyday as a Christian Minister and a man of God, I expect him to treat every person equally - but if you listen to him, he overtly condemns and expresses contempt for a group of Americans because of there political affiliation -

11/19/2009 - Well I been talkin strong Charger talk all week and yeah I,m enjoying it. Cuz that's what ya gotta do when you are a Charger Fan enjoy the good days and dread the post season. Ya never forget that look on LT's face when there is two minutes left in the game and we have the ball with a ten point lead. Yall know that look, the one where he is trying not to smile so he holds his lips shut and his and eye's and cheeks are grinning. It's always a good thing to see, especially since they usually take him out of the game when it's like that. Ok let's talk football against the Bronc's, number one we got Shanahan fired last year, by stealing the AFC west from him. I personally think Shanahan is a great coach but things happen. Now this new coach realizes that it's ok to lose to anybody except us and the one win has put him "In like Flynn" in Denver and with two wins, he can renegotiate his contract. The guy is a student of Belicheck and is not a slouch. But we have the most talented team and a C+ coach and to be honest with ya the winner of this game has an 85% chance of winning the AFC west.

There is no line on this game at least not in the TimesUnion as of today anyway and so we go into Denver with a slightly better talented team that has won it's last four games to play a team that has lost it's past three games. I think we gonna win by 10 points, I think Rivers, Gates and LT are gonna Clown. But this might just be wishful thinking - Any Given Sunday-???????????????????

11/23/09 - Yep we Won!!! and again I missed the game - Damn Mexican Cable they showed the baltimore and Indy game and then shut down - I have gotta learn spanish - oh well' but we won and we got a good down payment on the AFC. Norv is startin to look better and better. Just the other day while doin my Flag thing I talked to a guy that was a head coach at a local High school and has been doing it for 20 years and said they won a few division titles during his time.( No names) I asked him what he thought of Norv as a Head Coach and then I said (Tell the truth). He said that Norv was a better Offensive Coordinator than a Head Coach. I thought about it and I feel pretty much the same way - we have a B+ team and a C+ coach B teams have won the Superbowl in the past many times because of very good coaching and team motivation. I personally think we have a good chance at the AFC but we are going to have to bring a lot more to take it any farther- Oh yeah ya notice i'm using the word "we" now instead of the word "Chargers"- what can I say we play Kansas city again next week and life is good at least through next sunday. Nuff football-

Hey yall Ernesto still got three Chihuahua Pups at the Plaza Comercial soon as you walk through the gates at the San Ysidro border and make a right toward downtown. They are in perfect condition real pointy ears and black and white colors . he was looking for 250.00 and they list for 600.00 on the web. Go check them out across from the clock in the middle of the Plaza -

Been giving Pat Robertson a lot of thought lately and even been asking other people what they thought about his preaching. They all tend to look down when they speak about him. So I decided to look at other people with a glass half full perspective. So how about Adolf Hitler - lets see he was a real people person, a great public speaker, a very strong leader that made Germany one of the strongest countries in the world under his leadership, He was solely responsible for making the world more involved in the sciences ( we stole his scientist that invented the H-bomb) and he is responsible for saving millions of lives because of the human experiments and discoveries for cures for malady's in the field of medicine that was done under his command. Jim Jones was also a people person and a great minister that did a lot of good with his work for the lord - ok- maybe this is getting to be a bit extreme and Pat ain't all that bad. But let's face it a christian minister is suppose to bring people to God and lead them down a christian path. Not just the republican people. It would be different if it was just a little joke or something but this guy is serious. He is doing a lot of damage and he needs to be stopped. Isn't there some kind of Christian Media Guidelines or something? Like the Better Business Bureau for Christian Ministers so people will know what to expect. People are actually taking this guy seriously. I know nobody is forcing me to watch his show!! But it bothers me to know that this guy is claiming to be a christian and worships the same god that I worship. Oh alright I guess I oughta let it go- for now anyways---

11/30/2009- We beat Kansas very bad, it was a clown fest and again I missed the game. guess i'll have to look at the highlights again but you would have to a real Charger fan to enjoy a game that's so one sided. Cool' that be me!! Oh yeah one more win and we gotta give Norv a higher score. HHmmmnnn I don't know; I'm on the bandwagon, but i'm kinda on the edge of the tail end with my feet dangling real close to the ground. Now i'm scared we will lose if I watch a game. Maybe I'll wait until we win the AFC West. Oh yeah Ernesto has two puppies left. Hope everybody had a good "Turkey Day" and again gotta give a shout out to all the Wounded Warriors and remember they took "Licks" for us. The Flagman-------------------------------------------------------

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