Again I,m in and out of T.J., not many american faces down there anymore cabs on mondays and tuesdays to downtown is around two bucks now. They are obviously hurting from the dissapearing tourist and June 1st is only going to make things worse, people having to get a passport just to go to T.J. . The sad part about it is, that of the people with the nerve to go to T.J. after all the killing that's been going on they can't even get a passport. If you owe the I.R.S. or even have back child support payments, student loans or any kind of legal problems you can scratch it. That pretty much knocked off most of the gamblers that still would rather bet off line and have a couple of Taco's and a beer or two. I have been in a hotel there for the past five months and not bothered by the police once, they are really trying to get the americans to come back down there. Things have changed for sure, though a lot of businesses are closing just like over here. I wonder if they have a stimulus package? Which brings up another question Is Mexico going through the same thing that we are? Especially since there fuel prices remained around 2.25 per gallon for regular and diesel.

As a result they are not hurting as much as we are. I mean it's bad on the border towns and its bad every where else down there because of the drug wars. It was the spike in fuel cost that put us in the hole and our president made a profit- ( he didn't care). I was talking to a woman the other day that works for a local television station and she was very positive that what we are going through is not "W's" fault, as a matter of fact it all started going down hill during the Clinton's administration. Ok, I bit my tongue and kept it together, (it was hard) and just listened to her talk after all she did work for television and she had "blonde hair". Not that the color of her hair means anything, but I had to find some reason to justify the words that were coming out of her mouth. She even stated that "W." kept the terrorist from attacking this country. So to rebuff her, I merely asked her a few general questions. Was the country in better shape when Clinton left office? Did "W". win the 2000 election with a lot of static from the public, with people even protesting at the inauguaration? Was the terrorist attack on 09/11/01 during "W's" administration? And when "W" left the office the country was in worse shape than it was, in over thirty years? She did not answer any questions, ( It was apparent she was hard with it) but said she simply did not agree with Obama and she thinks he is putting us in a deeper hole.

I didn't even start talking about the war with her. We did agree that the Gays should be left alone but she added that "the people has spoken" in regards to prop 8 and the only reason that they are being denied the right to marry is that once we allow them to marry it will open the door to every crackpot on the planet that wants to marry his or her dog,cat,python even a couch. I just held my head down and looked at her blonde hair again.

Ya know, I kinda played with the idea of a man marrying a goat - I mean if he got mad at it, he could just simply eat it( not trying to be porny). he could be arrested for killing his wife and cannibalism ok, ok, lighten up I,m just kidding I know that,s pretty sick and lame.

Oh allright this is June and I got a lot of company around this time of the month and I also get a lot of unwanted attention so anyways I think I,ll start writing stories maybe I'll start with one that I,ve been working on for years It,s about this guy from a mid-western town that won the Lottery and didn't know it, he and his wife were going through a break up and he always left his lotto ticket on the dresser in a jewelry box and he hit the big one and of course was not at home as usual. So his wife and her newly aquired friend decided to try and cash the ticket in but he had already signed it so they went to see some unsavory characters to help them conceal the rip-off -which was a mistake on there part because the unsavory characters took the ticket from them turned them into participating hostages, took the money and invested it in drugs which then gave birth to a drug cartel -good idea for a story I think especially the part about all the people that got involved and the methods that were used to pull off the crime -Let me tell ya it,s a combination of Peyton Place, The Game with Mike Douglas, Scar Face and the Passion. It,s deep, complex and almost unbelievable but true.

I think it will be gold, I also got a story about demons, witches and warlocks and how they truly exist -ok this is where the brain disengages. We as a people will believe in a god that we can,t see or touch but will not accept the fact that some other forces are at work - Yeah I believe there are other life forms on other planets also but I don,t think they are among us. I could be wrong and this last statement has pretty much ripped my credibility to hell because we are geared to accept certain things from certain people and if you dare believe that there is another life form in the universe or that there is something more superior than we are other than god you are wrote off as a flake.

I remember my writing class instructor telling me that the first thing you do when you decide to write is to define who you are writing for. Then write the same way that you talk, then he asked why do you want to write? Right now i,m writing for me, I do not always write like I talk -I use words like gonna,kinda,ain,t, yall, coulda,shoulda, and sometimes I speak pretty good english. It kinda depends on the person that I,m talking too.

The reason I want to write and this is straight from the heart and this was my answer to my instructor. I would like to be able to write a series of words and punctuations that will evoke an emotion and entertain, also make a few bucks at the same time.

Saw Pat Robertson on the tube the other day and realized the blonde from the T.V. station was pretty much quoting him- He is as expected throwing salt on Obama, By speaking some non-sense about borrowing money from China, This guy will not blame "W" for any of the problems we are having and is still upset about the fact that we are not invading Iran. This is the same guy that stated "God" told him that there would be another terrorist attack around the same time "W." was lobbying for more troops to go into Iraq. I saw his show a year ago and he was getting over a half million in donations in one hour. the other day his goal was 175,000.00 I don,t really believe he made it. Unfortunately hard times make people start seeing clearly, the illusion is over and W. made him and his buddies a lot of money and licked us good on the way out ( the bottom line is that unlike Obama, Jerry, or even Arnie for that matter. "W". just simply did not give a damn).

Oh yeah, got a shout out for the "Wounded Warriors at Balboa Park" lots of props. Yall gotta know these young men and women took licks for us and I just can't say enough about them.

The other day and I gotta say this while it's on my mind I saw an HBO documentary about some U.S. ran military prison in Afganistan or somewhere in the Middle East that held Alquaeda and prisoners of war. I think it was called Bagrah and every one was snitching on the guards and pointing fingers about the way the prisoners were being treated. But one thing really caught my eye and I was apalled every one made a big deal about a prisoner that was only allowed to sleep from 7a.m. to 11a.m. for fifty four days and I thought to myself "he got four whole hours for just fifty four days".

Looks like Osama is sending tapes hhhmmmnnn, and is still suppose to be living in a cave(ha). It may be true but I doubt it. He is a hero among the terrorist so he is being kept in the mix and those tapes - let's see kinda reminds me of the red scare, we are constantly being bombarded by scare tactics. (maybe its live and maybe its memorex). Oh well the search for Osama is on for the reals and will gurantee Obama another four if he is caught or killed and that's a fact.

The fuel prices are going up again and is starting to eat up that stimulus money, there are people that really support "free market". "W." made a speech once and declared that america was addicted to oil. That is true and the fuel companies and oil importers are our dealers. Now we supposedly spent billions to help Iraq become a democracy even though they didn,t ask us for help. Now they have wayyy more oil than they could ever use in ten centuries. Shouln't we be reimbursed for our costs since they are now an operational democracy. I propose that since the government can not regulate the oil which is very vital to our nation because of "Free Market". I think the government should become a competitor by accepting oil as payment for the cost and lives of our troops that fought in Iraq and open gas stations in every state with cities with 20 gas stations or more and sell gas for 1.00 a gallon of course the military would get there's for free. I think the enlisted personal should be trained to do all of the operational functions. Starting with the drilling, processing, impòrting, to actually pumping the gas, this would provide training for troops to use after there tour is over and cheap labor for the tax payers . In other words cut out the outside contractors that are usually overpaid with tax dollars. Since the lines would be so long people would have to register and qualify for a certain amount per month based on income and fuel needs. Businesses would work on a different structure . The goal woud be for the government to take over at least 15% of the Oil industry and this would cut into the Oil companies profits in a big way and i,m sure they would be willing to negotiate some type of price regulation. They need to be put in check because suppose the drug companies were to do the same thing in a " free market " Heart, Oncology, medicines could triple in price and hey we could blame it on the investors right - They are raising the price of fuel because they "can" with no regard to the welfare of the nation some could even say that we are under attack by the middle east. And that's what we want to hear. But believe me the Oil companies are making a killing and they simply do not care- Some will say that this will give the government too much control, Hello, the day we stop having a military is the day that we will be getting invaded.( Can you Imagine being invaded by Cuba? and being renamed the New Republic of Cuba) Put a ceiling on the fuel cost or put the oil companies out of business or at least make them more responsible because at this time - The Oil Companies are Buck Wild and having there way with us, meaning(" We the People").

Walked through downtown the other night, It´s still a beautiful sight at night and saw a bunch of people near the library with tents, so I asked a dude where they got the tents from and he said "They were handing them out" So here is a big Shout out for "They" whoever you are for doing a beautiful thing especially since it was raining outside.

This is a goody, I was in a net shop in T.J. the other day and a guy approached me while I was on-line and asked if I was looking for work. I thought "whoa" I,m getting a job offer in T.J. and I flashed on the Federales that make 800.00 bucks a week which is about one of the highest paid and dangerous jobs down there. But he went on to say that all I had to do was drive a car with a woman sitting next to me for a mile. Then I quickly stated naw man I ain't takin nobody across the border, Then he said he would furnish the car and give me 300.00 up front and 450.00 more once I got across and basically 750.00 per person and its only a misdemeanor for the first three times I get caught. I still declined, so he gave me his phone number and first and last name on a card and said that he would give me 300.00 for every driver that I sent to him that was over 40 years old, he even told me what times that they drive through and that the cars were repaired and will be sold in L.A. and no drugs were in them. Ya know, I gave this some thought -hhmmnn a chance to make a few thousand in a couple of hours and actually be saving people lives. Nobody knows how many men ,women and children are buried out in the desert trying to make it to this country and how some Coyotes (people that take illegals across) just take people out in the desert and leave them to die. I mean let's face it, the border patrol is fighting an uphill battle against the wind. There first priority is to stop terrorist and homeland safety then they gotta make sure no new pest are introduced through fruits or pets, then there's the guns and drugs and then illegal aliens somewhere down the list.

When I lived in Seattle the dope dealers pretty much sold weed and crack (which they called soup) right in front of the police station which is a very tall building in a park right across the street. I thought this was real strange at the time and would actually walk by the dealers and say to them "there is a police station across the street". Then I realized that this was a really smart move by the police. Realizing that they could not stop the drug sales but could regulate it by coming down hard on all areas except the area that they chose right in front of there building where they could film all the dealers and buyers along with license plate numbers and could simply pick them up at another location and would lead them to the larger drug suppliers and also minimize the killings and all the other negative things that go along with drug dealing.

So who am I to interfere with the way of the world and I personally would rather people try to cross the border at the San Ysidro border than to be robbed and killed by some crook pretending to be a coyote and if there were no illegal aliens there would be no immigration officers or border patrols. So if any one over forty is interested in a job driving illegals across the border and if any illegals would like to hook up with a trusty coyote call ( ED At 619-384-0527) and tell him I sent ya. Oh yeah, if I were a driver I would use my own car just to be on the safe side and make sure that all my passengers had my money on there person. But as for me, it ain't my kinda party, besides they all know me down there and I think they are doing one hell of a job.

Attention: let me make something clear, I was walking and doing my flag thing and a lady asked me for my name as if she had read my blog. Off the top, I doubt if I will ever see Ed again and especially to give me 300.00. And I spoke with a young woman a couple of years ago that went to jail for a year for transporting illegals. She stated that she got hooked on the money, she was doing it twice a day and got caught several times but could not stop. I hate to think of people being killed in the back of a truck and buried for trying to commit a misdemeanor but its happening and they are blaming it on the cartels, if the bodies are ever found. But it's still illegal to transport people with out proper credentials across the border. On another note my Black History teacher Professor Kwayana (Prof. K) sent me an e-mail and an online petition to stop the Jackson Family formerly the (the Jackson Five) from building a theme park in Nigeria as a memorial for the Badagery Slave Port. Now I got a lot of love for professor K. and her husband Eusi and I think she is by far one of the smartest ladies on the planet and faster than a pentium III. But this is one of those times that I must disagree. Maybe its because the first album that I bought was ABC by the Jackson Five, or maybe it's because I remember Michael when he had a nose and was cool. I even had a vest and bell-bottoms just like his. I guess the bottom line is, that I think Nigeria could really use the tourist and lets face it how many people really went to that site to mourn the atrocities. I'm sure ten times the amount of people will show up annually and be educated. And believe me when I tell you, Africa is not on the top of the list of places to go and have fun. So as far as I,m concerned turning a place that caused so much pain and grief into a place that will bring joy to so many and boost there economy at the same time in my opinion is a good thing. I do realize after some thought that Professor K being a black historian, dedicated a lot of time and effort into educating her students about the Bagrah Slave Port and still most people don't even know it exist.

In any case please refer to journeywithtchaikokwayana/welcome.html - for more info

I finally saw the movie "Recount" on cable and it was good but the line that really stood out in my mind was when Gore said " Even if I win, I can't win". This was true, ol W. did what I call a hostile take-over, he bumrushed the president seat. And everybody knew it, now the only secure job in the U.S. is a job at an OIl company. I think instead of stimulus packages the government should force the oil companies to sell all fuel for two dollars a gallon for five years and give them an I. O. U. for the amounts they would normally charge over that amount and make that a part of the national debt. I mean just knowing that the fuel will not go up to 8 dollars a gallon would be a big help to the economy and more people will invest in more businesses for starters. I also read an article the other day and Arnie said that the state of California is going broke and he might have to close us down. What the hell does that mean? will our borders close? Will the sheriff's department quit working? will DMV close? hhhmmmnnn. Ok Yall' this is a wrap for now.

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