Yep I,m all over the place and I got something to say. First and foremost, I gotta give a "shout out" to my daughter Dominique, that just graduated from T.C.U. ( the same one that L.T. went too). Yall just don´t know the hurdles that she has had to overcome. Way to go "Punch" and you did what you came to do. I also gotta give a shout out for Military Outreach Ministries(M.O.M.) for helping the families of troops that live in California, you would be amazed to know how many military families that are currently recieving food stamps. Well anyways, keep making those food baskets and helping and thanks for everything you have done for me, I wish nothing but good things for ya. And yeah yall its time to give a shout to those MTS bus drivers and you know who you are, for getting people where they need to go day in and day out and never having time to see a football or baseball games and also for having the patience of daycare workers while driving at the same time.

I got another shout out for the Wounded Warriors that put there lives on the line for us and especially the troops that are recovering and living in Coronado. May is the National Military Appreciation month and there is over 31,000 troops that was wounded in the Middle East and yall have got to know that they got hurt keeping the fight "over there". "We the people" take a lot for granted and over 4000 american troops paid the ultimate price. while we went surfing , playing golf, watching sports and our favorite sitcoms or what ever .

And last but not least a very large "shout out" for the San Diego Region law Enforcement officers. Yep, never thought I would be sayin this but even though money is funny, I mean real funny, crime is down from last year with the exception of domestic violence. ( its to be expected, too much idle time for the Mr. and the Mrs.) But murder is way down and gang drive by´s are almost non-existantand that's saying a lot. Is this because the communities are working with the police to catch the killers? Or is it because the gangs have outlawed drive by shootings or should I say that they have "specific rules of engagement". I ain't saying joining a gang is cool but if street gangs can come to an agreement on how they will fight with each other. It kind of makes you wonder just how organized they really are HHHMMMNNN. Oh well, personally I think its a combination of both. The law is cracking down harder on serious crimes and recieving more support from the community and yes " Jerry" is earning his check and oh' by the way, Jerry did not start taking home any pay until December 2008 (I didn't know anything about that). What yall got to say about that? Now Jerry totally got my vote when he pulled that guy to the side to have a few words with him after a campaign debate and he privately threatened to kick his ass for flat out lying on him and insulting his family. The guy whose name I can't remember (weasel) then ran to the press (thinking that he would get more votes if he snitched) and told everything that Jerry said in strict confidence and basically unknowingly admitted to telling a lie in doing so. Jerry is the real deal yall and I wouldn't work for free would you? I know somebody out there is saying he ain't working for free he's getting kickbacks or something and this person probably voted for Bush.

Anyway the Police is recieving more suppport from the communities, which makes them more apt to run in the dark after some zonked out kid with a .45 in his hand. ( which I might add is something that I would never do. Would you?) Yeah yall give em a thumbs up and speaking of that I spoke with a guy on the trolley near San Ysidro on his way downtown, whose name was ¨ Crazy¨ he said that the cops came up on him in a alley the other night right after taking a hit and instead of taking him in for smoking crack, they wrote him a ticket. He said his Karma was getting better and then he said the jails are full and he ain´t hurting nobody but himself. He said he knew his Karma was changing mainly because they didn,t even break his pipe. I took a long look at him and he was missing his front teeth and wore rags and you could see that he had a lot of battle scars and he even though he was kinda to the left, he was all about misdeameanors and if I was a cop I would have let him go too. So again a big "shout out¨ for those guys for making life changing decisions and holding Minni courts daily and using common sense when dealing with the public.

I go door to door and I get to see people with there hats and work face off and wearing there eating clothes or barely any clothes at all and plain just relaxing or doing what ever in the comfort of there home with there defenses down, and lately I have been seeing a lot of unemployed, laid off, and very nervous people. From professionals to migrant farmers and its really bad in all area´s. Its really scary but everybody is still holding on, only its not really all that depressing, its as if everybody knows or should I say that everybody believes that things are going to get worse "temporarily" and then get better which is saying a lot. I guess a better way to descibe what I,m seeing in the eyes of the many people I encounter would be that we as a nation are beginning to heal and we will overcome this set back.

Oh yeah President Obama just put another general in charge in Afganistan the same guy that was responsible for finding Saddam, and killing the Al-Quaeda leader in Iraq so I guesstimate we can start actually counting the days, the search for "Osama is on for real". I don't think Osama will see a prison, but he will be located stripped of his power, monitored and confined or killed. Also for all you people that are criticizing Obama already, it's only been five months and Yall need to check yourself.

On another note I,m in the process of filing a law suit against a very large organization for causing me a lot of pain for a long time, I am representing myself and I can,t discuss the case for obvious reasons. but before I got to trial or court I am going to meet with the defendents legal counsel. I imagine it will be a rookie suit and an ethnic skirt in a room with a judge. As soon as the suit comes in the door he will start unzipping his pants and the skirt will circle me while marking her territory. Every one in the room will know beyond a shadow of a doubt that my allegations are true, and the judge will begin to explain to me how slim my chances are of winning a case of this nature and that I may possibly be counter sued by the defendent for legal fees and court cost. That´s if my case isn´t thrown out for some technicality which is pretty much what the defense is angling for - I have one question and that is? Has our legal system ever been about justice and truth or has it always been something that can be manipulated by people with money. We just had a president that started a war so that he could have more power and sell weapons to the military. And what about George Sr. meeting with a Bin Laden at the same time the country was being attacked by another Bin Laden and he actually made sure all the Bin Laden,s were safely out of the country. Did I miss something or were ¨" We The People" due some kind of public explanation? Obama was called on the carpet because his minister made some kind of sideways racial slur or something and he was a thousand miles away at the time.

Lately there has been a lot bad talk about Arnie because of the way he's handling the monies for the state, personally I,m not really into politics. But this is a fact you can satisfy some of the people some of the time, but never all the people all the time. What can I say? Arnie is not a boyscout, he's an ex-bodybuilder and Actor/Governor with a German (oops I mean Austrian) accent that I can honestly say has a winning track record and was sucessful pretty much at everything that he attempted to do and I feel that he will bring this same attitude to his job as governor and when all is said and done and the smoke clears, I am sure that he will be remembered as one of the best governor's ever.

Ok, I was e-mailing my kids about this Gay marriage issue, and let me just say I did support the idea of gays marrying until about a year ago when I read somewhere that they would be presenting this issue to our first and second graders and this may have some kind of adverse affect on them. Especially since boys go through a girl hating period and may become easy victims for pediphiles. Then I gave it some real thought and I remembered how I was when I was 8 years old and how homophobic I was, as a matter of fact the only thing worse than calling me a sissy( this was before the gay word) was talking about my momma and I would fight about either one. Now days every child in america that watches television has seen a woman kiss a woman and a man kiss a man , and it's not even a big deal and most pre- adolescent boys are still homophobic. So hey I'm sorry, I was wrong and now I say we need to stop hating and the so called christians that are pushing to stop these people from marrying need to remember the first thing that you learn in sunday school is Jesus loves everyone big and small. I believe that marriage was designed for a man and a woman and a gay lifestyle is different from a hetero lifestyle and so should the rules that govern there marriage. So now I say allow gays to marry and have the same ceremony but make some changes in the contract even a different marriage certificate.

Let's face it these people are not hurting themselves or anyone else and they are still going to live together. Nothing is going to change except in court or with insurance companies. And for you devout christians that do not support a gay lifestyle because it,s not procreative . What are you going to do when you are in church one sunday and at the end of the sermon the minister request that all visitors stand up and introduce themselves and Mr. John Sampson stands up and introduces his husband Robert Sampson and there kids Jennifer,Kyle and Jessie and begin to tell everyone how much they enjoyed the sermon and how they are looking forward to becoming members of your church? My guess is, some nimrod in the back will shout out "You,re not welcome here" and the minister will probably try to evade meeting with them and hope they will just go away. ( this has actually happened to me several times for different reason's)This day will come yall, if it has not already happened, and believe me when I say this, that this day will come long before the Chargers will win the Superbowl.

Enough said, I am the Flagman and I got something to say.

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