Even though we get everything from the planet and the dirt, we don't like to get dirty. Why we spend billions to explore outer space and we still don't even know what's going on across the street.

How old is time?

Why are so many people bucking Obama's health care package but nobody said a word when Bush accidentally invaded Iraq that led to the death of Sadams two sons. And ultimately over a half million Iraqui deaths. Oh that's right' all the morally correct people were riding on the bandwagon and out on the streets protesting the death of pit bull dogs that were used for gambling by Michael Vick, and making sure he got what he deserved. Oh and Sadam got what he deserved too and had his day in court while the Iraqui Oil is being governed by a new group of people that are real friendly with W. since he is also in the Oil business. But hey wouldn,t you rather read a nice story about the south.

Besides you're probably starting to hear that humming sound in the back of your head again - yep that's right it's that "T" word again. Man we can't wait to exercise our rights again, especially since we have rights again. So to hell with that health care package and that's right we can actually go against this president. Isn,t it great to have a voice again? To actually say things bad about him even before the next election with out worrying about dissapearing in the night. Journalist can say anything at anytime and it will be printed again.

So guess what we do? We lobby to keep things as they were before. And since we are locked into the war which by the way was brilliantly done by W. and his team. Let's give them a hand for that one. "Wreck the economy and keep the war going". Maybe by next year we will be asking for W. to come back and open the door for Jeb. All I can say is( Baaaaa-like the sheep). Put the cell phones down back away from the computers for a day, crack a book, think!!!!

09/15/09 Why are so many people bad talking Obama, we all agreed that things would get worse before they got better and yep they sure have I,m even starting to feel it, and I work for nothing. Spoke with an MTS driver today that pays his bills on time and still employed at the same place for 10+ years and he stated that his charge card companies are cancelling his accounts and credit lines. It appears that they have been hit so hard by people being laid off and paying there bills and mortgages with credit cards, knowing they have no means to pay off the cards.

So the credit card companies are pulling cards from high risk people,which are people that are probably in a certain income bracket. So now these people have to pay cash which means they will probably buy less.Thus the hole gets deeper. I say lets get a cap on the Oil prices and a gurantee from the government to freeze fuel cost at 2.50 cents a gallon for five years and I promise you investors will get back in the mix and this country will start moving ahead. Believe me when I tell you fuel cost effects everything in our way of life - I would not invest in a trucking business for sure without knowing if i'm going to pay three times the amount for fuel next month or not. I MEAN WHO KNOWS ANYMORE? At least we used to be able to blame it on something a natural disaster, a war, a plague, but hey we invaded a country rich in Oil and after taking complete control of the country with all this oil our fuel cost went up almost three fold because we had to buy our oil from some other country while guarding the oil that we had just siezed. Now invading a smaller and obviosly weaker and smaller country that actually did nothing to provoke us goes against everything we stand for. We broke every international law that we helped to create and we justified this action by saying that we are liberating the people of the country and helping them establish a democratic society. And all this was done by a president that won one of the shadiest elections in the history of the nation. Under W.'s watchful eye we also had on 09/11/01 one of the worse terrorist attacks in the history of the U.S. orchestrated by a person that we still have not been able to locate and this person's family was also escorted out of the country by a family member (Big G) of the president. Baaaaaa -

Again President -elect - Obama was called on the carpet because his minister made a racial remark-(he even had to stop attending that church). But the father of the president of the united states escorted the family members of the person that was responsible for the 09/11 attacks out of the country- We the people said nothing- But yall don't remember this do you? - The humming noise is getting louder isn't it? You have this uncontrollable urge to text someone or eat a snack and you start singing "Oh thank heaven for 7-11", Ok, Ok, enough for now. I'll tell you about a story in the south, that's a true story that has violence, sex and drugs also a lot of racial tension and a happy ending using the language of that era and even throw in a few trends and songs that will almost take you back to that time and place.

Back to the easy stuff thats expected of me.

Why do people pretend to be something that they are not?

Why do we smile when we really don't feel like it?

I can't do this anymore, oh what the hell, it's "T" time and just a small tidbit. Here's a new one for the books a (Shout Out) to the C.I.A. and yall ain't gonna see or hear this everyday, because I ain't got no love for these guys at all. As far as I'm concerned they are all MOB that gets a government check. But the truth of the matter is, that if yall recall the eighties and how crack devastated large urban area's all over the nation and then things started to get better. People were all of a sudden kicking the habit and we have even pretty much forgotten about the crack epidemic even down in Mexico it's almost non-existent or at least not as bad as it was. Oh yeah there are still some die hards out there that's still stuck on stupid, but most have moved on to meth or backed up to heroin. Any ways I don't have positive proof but I do believe that the C.I.A. was instrumental in making sure that the Cocaine that was being shipped into this country was diluted i,m talking about a major (step on) and the stuff that's coming over is at the most around 60% as potent as what it was during the 70's and the 80'S even though I personally think it is a lot less than that, more like 30% as potent.

So they saved many lives and helped many families recoop and if nobody else on the planet ever thank these guys. I,m going to do it right now.

Thank you for saving so many and doing a great service for the people of the United States!!!

Sometimes ya gotta tell it like it is even if it's painful, oh yeah there's a whole lot of corruption in government. And there's a lot of dirt I can throw on those guys. But that was a real beautiful thing, and it's up there with the cure for cancer.

So yall, people didn't stop stealing from thier mother's, grandparents, jobs and church's and mother's abandoning there children running down the street with televisions in thier arms at three in the morning or worse for nothing.

Ok enough of this for now I think this is a wrap.

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