Off the top again, " A Shout out for the Wounded Warriors" don't forget they took licks for us. I know very little about politics as a matter of fact I only voted twice, thanks to W., 2004 and 2008. The country was in serious trouble, but now I think we are finally on the right track. The presidency is a dirty job and again I say Barek Obama is too good a guy for the job. He is the real deal and has passed the acid test or he would not be there, he might possibly be the sqeakiest cleanest president ever and I say that because no other president was ever investigated as thorough as Obama was and that's a fact because we never had the technology that we have today. I mean they even check his voice patterns and facial expressions to see if he's lying. I wouldn't do it, but he is just what the doctor ordered. And speaking of doctors,the medical and healthcare industry just like everywhere else is corrupt. I can't believe everybody is buying that speculator and investor line given by the oil companies. He is trying to get the crooks out of healthcare. He can not tell the American people what's really going on as far as the market for body parts and the corrupt physicians and medical administrators or even false diagnoses etc... ( The hspital law suits would be phenominal) Not to mention the millions of dollars being paid for insurance fraud and people with very good coverage seems to need more follow-up visits than people with out coverage (Hello).For example- when I go to the doctor and I say " hey doc when I lay on my arm for 14 hours it starts getting all tingly, he tells me to stop laying on my arm for 14 hours. But If I had great insurance coverage he may say something like maybe I have a nuerological problem and give me a series of test that may cost up to 50,000.00 or more(cha-chang). Social Healthcare works and our red white and blue blooded americans are bucking it mainly because of the classes. You know what I mean, c,mon we all know that's what it's all about.

We got that great medical plan so we can have better medical care than everybody else and thus we feel healthier. We all think our doctors are great at least 98% of the people feel that way and the only bad doctors are the ones that we left before getting the new doctor or the one that we stop seeing because we owe them too much money. I guesstimate that 30% of american physicians are dealing with drug addiction, alcoholism, gambling addiction and all the unscrupulus activity that go along with those problems or some other type of adverse issues. And I can guarantee that 99.99% of the patients do not know anything about their physicians personal problems. They are human yall, and yes some are imposters,criminals, deviates etc... Obama is trying to do a good thing, he is trying to insure that all americans have health coverage, which is also a good downpayment on taking the crime out of health care and not just good medical attention for the person with the ability to pay the high medical bills.

Once the health care problem is fixed next it will be the the fuel and the Oil Boys know it, that's why I think they are behind the people that are bucking the Healthcare package that Obama is trying to implement.. Yes fuel should be treated the same as health care, electricity and water. It is obvious that it is not a luxury, fuel is a necessity in the U.S. and should be regulated by the government because fluxuating fuel cost can devastate our economy and destroy our way of life . The Oil boys are bucking Obama all the way because they know he's coming not because he's against free market but because no one business should have the power to dictate and manipulate the nations economy. Example-

It dosen't take a rocket scientist to figure this one out. If the price of Tuna was to go up to ten dollars a can which is acceptable in a free market you start really developing a love for chicken salad. But if the cost of fuel goes up to 10.00 a gallon or the cost of the many life saving medications were to triple in price. people would die and you could stick a fork in this country, we would be done.

Most of the good ol boys that are bucking the new health care proposal are doing it because they like good ol politics - If Obama wants to get those guys in line and behind him. All he has to do is give them some good ol fashion politics. Give them something to worry about, like a threat from Osama stating that he was planning on blowing up a mid western city and how our intelligence uncovered the plot and imprisoned all the people involved and are keeping them in an undisclosed area ( we love to read that kind of stuff) and we also found out that Korean leaders were meeting with Osama so we beefed up our troops in Korea and are prepared to strike if neccesary and then Obama should make some real "Cowboy Remark" like, if any body, anywhere even looks wrong in our direction I will not hesitate to let the dogs loose. or something of that nature . That should do it - Then Ol Archie will get up out his lazy boy walk toward the tele and shout out " It's about damn time" then he goes into the kitchen and walk up behind Susan and grabs her around the waist and looks deep into her eyes with a saturday night look and she says " it's only tuesday and the ke kisses her on the mouth and she swoons and says "Oh Archie" Yep that'll get em riled up and willing to follow Obama anywhere. Hey I go door to door and I meet these guys all the time as long as we are winning they'll go along with anything. And we need to stop using the "Social" word give it a new word, well it actually might be too late for all that now.

I don't really know what the health thing is really all about or even read every word about the stimulus package. But I do know that we have a real president thats honest sincere and sharp with an ol school player at his side to show him how to get things done., He has Hillary and Bill working with him with a strong team composed of all different kinds of people that are there because they are the best people for the job and they are trying to repair the damage that was done by "W." And furthermore I think he's gonna do it. Last but definitely not least. A BIG "SHOUT OUT" FOR OBAMA'S SECURITY TEAM AND PLEASE KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK.


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