Obama has been in the whitehouse for six months, and nothing very significant has happened, ok' a lot of significant things has happened, and he is plugging away at this social medicine thing which is a beautiful thing. Suppose the hospitals or pharmacuetical companies were to pull a stunt like the oil companies did and up there prices by 150% ( more than double). And blame it on speculators, a lot of people would probably die. Ok' the whole country will be like one big HMO with social medicine, but I'm sure the wealthy will still get preferential treatment and have private docs. But for the people in the middle which are the ones that are really running the show, this is a blessing. Oh well, guys like Pat Robertson are waiting on Obama to make a real good mistake. Oh by the way "Can I talk"? ( I can't stand his ass). The things that he is doing in the name of God should be a federal offense. But in america if you got stuff people will take you serious just like the lady that was throwing salt on Obama in "More Thoughts", if she was pushing a shopping cart filled with plastic bags in the middle of downtown, I would have just smiled and kept going, but nooo she had a million dollar home near Lajolla.

She had stuff, so ya gotta listen to them or take them seriously. Can you be smart if you are broke? It's only acceptable if you are young and a student in america. So Pat has money and he is a good christian he says. He blends poisonous messages in between the scriptures (I,m not lying). This guy is way off the chain and needs to be shackled and gagged, sometimes I wonder which god he is working for. Well we live in America and many people have died so that guys like Pat can have a right to say what he wants, especially since he's got stuff. On another note, went to the beach the other day and was talkin to the people while doin my flag thing and found that most of the people that I talked too living around Mission beach were actually Californians from the inland counties - this was a surprise HHHMMMNNN. Oh before I forget Arnie was on the tube the other day with the shortest speech ever recorded I bet, He said "California is in trouble and that he was not going to raise taxes to get us out of the hole and for all californians to stand up" that was it ( Man this dude is way too cool). So that leaves selling state lands to developers that are not building very much these days because of the unpredictable fuel costs and unstable economy. So again Arnie I say market one of California's biggest assets, "It's Name". Everybody wants a piece of the "California Cool" Everytime somebody comes into a large piece of money - where do they move? California, " It's the place to be" So if by chance you can't be in California you could look like it. I propose getting movie stars to model clothing and endorse a certain outfit that will be manufactured by the state in order to help the state through these times and the payment for there time will be community service that can be converted to monetary charitable write-offs. It's amazing how the rich have fund raisers for kids with flies on them in other countries even though the kids never really see the money. But now the state of California is in trouble and the schools and teachers are in trouble, I mean we have an Actor/ Govenor that would be perfect for organizing and creating a way to get this state back on track by doing something totally radical which is the norm for California anyway. So again Arnie think out of the box and do something totally different and get Californian's involved. Not by asking for hand-outs, but by creating a new enterprise and creating jobs to off set the monies being lost. I think the state should capitalize on being the best. Let's face it, only one can be the best and how long can it last? Today California is the best place in the world to live, I say let's keep it that way. Do not close our schools and librairies Arnie.

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