Off the top I gotta give a “shout out” to the Wounded Warriors over at the Balboa Hospital never forget they took a lot of licks for us. So give em a job or drop a line or even a thumbs up, let them know they are appreciated. Moving on the other day I woke up and was just not pissed off enough so I turned on the 700 club. And it was just what the doctor ordered, Ol Pat was talking about Obama in a good way for a change and was in total agreement with Obama because somebody in D.C. found out that W. was doing some dirty dealings with the C.I.A. , and wanted to press harder and maybe even bring charges against W., well anyways Obama said he was not interested in what happened in the past but was more concerned about the present and the future. And for the first time ever Ol Pat was on the same page as Obama. On another tip, I was doing my flag thing for M.O.M. as usual and stopped and spoke with this woman that was complaining about just being able to pay her mortgage this month. ( This was near La Jolla) She started pouring salt on Obama in a big way and of course I held my tongue in place, she called him the Obominator and a terrorist . I still stayed cool, then she said that she was from Chicago where she was an administrator in the C.O.R.E.( Congress Of Racial Equality) back in 69 and even marched with MLK back in the day. So now I was stuck, I had to know more. She went on to say that Obama has done more damage in his short term than any other president ever. ( I had to say something) So I said that the problems started with the high fuel prices during Bush’s administration. She acted as if she didn’t hear that, and went on to say that she marched with Dick Gregory ( which meant she wasn’t a racist white woman) and went on to say that Obama is rubbing elbows with the terrorist. So I then asked if she was a flower child and an activist she said she was an activist back in the day. Then she said it wouldn’t be so bad if he was a real American black man, but he’s not. ( I was totally confused ) Then she said he loves the Arabs that are terrorist and cares nothing about the people of Israel. Ok ‘I figured it out then and told her I had to keep moving on, then she confirmed my suspicions when she gave me one more insult to carry with me on the road. She said that “Obama was a Mishugina and you know what that means”. That lady stayed on my mind for a long time and I could really picture her at demonstrations back in the day wearing bell bottoms and a tube top with out a bra and she was probably a real looker too with a lot of passion and screaming at the top of her lungs “down with the man” and now 40 years later sitting in her million dollar home upset about her finances , I’ll bet she dosen’t even know that she has become the man.


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