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9/11 could have been stopped in San Diego

Intelligence failures

The 9/11 attacks could have been derailed in San Diego, had the CIA not spiked a memo alerting the FBI about an Al Qaeda terrorist who was coming to the United States and ended up ...

Creation of the world

In the beginning of the world, all was water. Whee-me-me-ow-ah, the Great Chief Above, lived up in the sky all alone. When he decided to make the world, he went down to the shallow places ...

Elephants at rest

Hills Like Elephants' frontman and drummer take a call from New York

“Sean Davenport and I decided to move to New York.” Michael Alan Hams offers this as the main reason behind Hills Like Elephants’ recent disbanding. Two days after the August 25 release of Tacet, the ...

Cloudy, juicy, with a chance of bitterness

San Diego brewers craft Vermont's IPA style

West Coast IPAs famously established San Diego breweries as major players in the American — and eventually global — craft-beer scene. But lately another regional IPA style has emerged as the contemporary favorite. Some call ...

Giving back to the GOP

The fund spent $252,214 in an unsuccessful effort to elect Ellis

Republican Ray Ellis has bowed out of his runoff race against Democrat Barbara Bry, who bested him by a sizable margin in the June primary to succeed La Jolla city councilwoman Sherri Lightner. Now a ...

Latin America's "Gringo Trail"

With stops in Peru, Bolivia, Colombia: a first-person look in this travel footage.

The "Gringo Trail" refers to the well-trodden backpacker route within Latin America, encompassing Mexico and Central & South America. In 2015 I spent 3 months on "the trail." This region of the world is so ...

Donna and Cory go after Jan

Frye gets Briggs to sue city attorney Goldsmith over biased ballot language

Former councilmember Donna Frye is asking that a judge order the San Diego city clerk to correct misleading and biased statements the city attorney's office made in describing a ballot initiative that, if passed, would ...

Ypsitucky — goes with everything but hip-hop and reggae

El Monte Slim finds a fiddle, a new name, and a new twang

‘We came together while playing in El Monte Slim, and when that was put on hold almost two years ago, we just decided to keep it going with Heather Vorwerck on fiddle full-time,” says Ypsitucky ...

Interesting fall vegetables

Where to find wax beans, purslane, persimmons, cascabella peppers, and sour gherkins

September enters what Suzie’s Farm likes to call “shoulder season.” “The ground is hot, the air is dry, and plants hate this just as much as we do.” In other words, the fruits of the ...

I do not know that “all things will be well”

Three poems by Mary-Patrice Woehling

The Abandoned Garden The grass has grown so long it’s gone to seed. Azaleas blossom in the untamed hedge. The side lawn is a wilderness of weeds, And ivy tumbles in the flower beds. They ...

Allison's shock factor

Allison Adams Tucker punks-up her jazz show

“Wanderlust was created to be a musical travel postcard of sounds and images from around the world in six languages,” says Allison Adams Tucker of her third full-length, which debuts September 16 at North Park’s ...

Where endangered species thrive

An island in Encinitas

The Manchester Preserve is an island in an urban-suburban setting where endangered species such as the Del Mar manzanita, Orcutt’s hazardia, San Diego thornmint, and California gnatcatcher can thrive. Since the Center for Natural Lands ...

Date night suggestions

Here are some cheap or free (but fun) options

Bills need to be paid, the kids need to eat, and the bank account is light after a round of expensive dentistry for the family. (If booze is the number-one curse of the Irish, bad ...

Screaming down the plains

Oklahoma boasts natural beauty, friendly people, and a unique sense of itself

If you have half a heart, you’ll leave New Village Arts’ Oklahoma! happily humming “Oh What a Beautiful Mornin’” while visions of scurrying chicks and ducks paint a picture of pastoral grandeur second to none. ...

Rise above plastics

Surfirider Foundation hosts discussion

Since the mid-1980s, we have read of plastics in the ocean. Most of the plastics found are tiny particles that are consumed and passed through the food chain. Larger pieces of plastic, such as grocery ...

Retro Attaboys

Fanny & the Attaboys keep it roots-true

Frontwoman Tiffany Christie of Fanny and the Attaboys knows her old-timey quintet may have gotten more attention if they were around 20 years ago when retro-swingers like the Squirrel Nut Zippers and Big Bad Voodoo ...

Let the $13 Fiery Jackal happen

#lifeslittlemysteries — solved!

Dear Hipster: I have one of #lifeslittlemysteries for you. Why is it that whenever I don’t need a drink at the bar, the hipster bartender comes over to check on me with that little, “You ...

Does Sully sink or swim?

Reader movie critics talk it out

The title of Clint Eastwood’s latest, Sully, works as a two-edged nod to both titular hero and what the National Transportation Safety Board wanted to do to his reputation. There isn’t an American alive who ...

Where Gandhi and C-3PO converse

Writers, artists, musicians floated to San Dieguito Academy.

SAN DIEGUITO ACADEMY’S DESIGN would fit better amid the incohesive architecture of Tijuana than the square sterility of Southern California, where rows of beige-and-white dwellings and office buildings cloak themselves in the camouflage of each ...

Kalabash turns one

La Jolla music and art school celebrates a year and expands horizons

“I’m a songwriter,” Natasha Kozaily explains. “And when I teach music to my private students, I encourage them to write songs.” Not so much the method-book approach, the 30-year-old says about the curriculum at the ...

Louis Schooler hit with $150 million fraud fine

Real estate swindler disappears on lone 3500-mile sailboat journey in the South Pacific

As the owner of San Diego’s Western Financial Planning Corporation, Louis Schooler hoodwinked a lot of people over three decades. Early this year, following a legal struggle that went on for four years, Schooler was ...

Sam Outlaw's crooked country

If you can't beat 'em... Country singers are setting up at rock clubs

Sam Outlaw, the country singer from Los Angeles, presents something of a cultural paradox. Country-music haters complain that their music’s lost whatever authenticity it may have had back when Merle Haggard and Patsy Cline and ...

Beloved Egg Nazi

Six-dollar bacon, eggs, and toast

“Now I have taken over this place. And that will soon be my mobile kebab business.”

Faulconer’s free Frisco

This is really a “gift” question

Mayor Kevin Faulconer has pledged not to seek higher office during his current term, but his best backers can always hope. Last October, email recovered from San Diego’s ethics commission shows, the mayor took off ...

Zombies, Blondie, Midnight Pine

...and the best of the rest in San Diego clubs this weekend

Thursday 8The English psychedelic-pop group the Zombies, best known for ’60s radio hits “Tell Her No,” “She’s Not There,” and “Time of the Season,” last year released the warmly received Still Got That Hunger record. ...

Letters about bike lanes continue to roll in

"Our mayor drives the largest SUV manufactured, a Ford Excursion."

Tens Would Suffer Your crossword is a little messed up this week. I know crosswords are getting meta-tricky, but really? It looks like they didn’t quite finish, and you just went ahead and printed it. ...

Spotlights shine on the Casbah stage

...and the best of the rest in San Diego clubs this week

Sunday 11Brooklyn’s “sludgegaze” trio Spotlights will be the gig to see this week. Touring in support of this year’s very recommendable set of slow-core heaviosity (think Hum, Melvins, Bloody Valentines), Tidals, is the husband-wife team ...

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