September 11

9/11 could have been stopped in San Diego

Khalid al-Mihdhar and Nawaf al-Hazmi lived in Clairemont and Lemon Grove

The 9/11 attacks could have been derailed in San Diego, had the CIA not spiked a memo alerting the FBI about an Al Qaeda terrorist who was coming to the United States and ended up ...

What was Omar al-Bayoumi doing in San Diego?

Why did he befriend the 9/11 Pentagon hijackers?

Bayoumi met the hijackers at a Los Angeles restaurant, found a Clairemont apartment for them, helped them open a checking account at Bank of America, and hosted parties for them in San Diego and El Cajon.

NYC's 9/11 Memorial

Visiting Manhattan, I had always relegated my trips to uptown, never to the Battery Park area, Wall Street area or... the World Trade Center. Of course, coming into the city from the south, I’d seen ...

San Diego's Arabs and Moslems on 9-11

One year and fifteen days later

San Diego’s Arab and Islamic communities have mixed feelings about September 11, 2001. Some blame Osama bin Laden, some fault the United States, and still others blame all parties involved. With one exception, these speakers ...

San Diegans recall 9-11

I couldn't believe this was happening in America

Just about everyone remembers that moment on September 11 when he or she first heard that hijacked airliners had flown into the World Trade Center. Here, 101 men and women tell how that moment that ...

Al Qaeda Effect

San Diego travel business can feel it.

The complete financial impact of the 9/11 attack on the World Trade Center will never be accurately calculated, but among those most hurt are travel- and tourism-related businesses. Many of San Diego's travel and tourist ...

Atrocious Act

Black Muslims react with horror to September 11.

Given their numbers, Mahdi said he was surprised when Oprah Winfrey interviewed Muslims for her show, a program called "Islam 101," and did not speak with one African-American.

How San Diegans reacted to 9-11

In case they attack, are you ready?

“I wrote a note for my husband and son and left the TV on so they would see it when they came downstairs. And then I had to pack up my daughter and drop her off.”

Did Bin Laden's Brother Live a Secret Life in San Diego?

One of Osama's 54 siblings involved in Sorrento Valley bulb business

What was Binladen, now 35, heir to a multibillion-dollar Middle Eastern fortune, doing in San Diego? And why would he be involved in a small-time tulip-importing business -- based out of a two-room office in Sorrento Valley?

Who Will and Won't Fight and Why

Few young San Diegans are eager to respond to 9/11 attacks

Many San Diego stores display the American flag and patriotic slogans, such as "United We Stand." Many draft-age men wandering in and out of those stores, however, don't seem ready to join the fight. Loc ...

SAIC and SPAWAR get big government contracts

Top terrorism experts seek help.

Many of the nation's top terrorism experts not directly employed by the government work for La Jolla's Science Applications International Corp., whose structure and activities are said to closely mirror the government's clandestine intelligence operations.

No One Knew I Had a Knife in My Pocket

Former SEALs square off on airport security

Elson maintained that “The most important issue is not Flynn: it’s the terrible state of civil aviation security. It’s just a matter of time before we have another catastrophic terrorist attack like Pan Am 103.”

Where We Were

9-11 - what do I tell the kids?

The phone rang around 7:40. I was standing just inside the open bathroom door tucking my black Land's End T-shirt into a gray knit skirt. Eight-year-old Rebecca and six-year-old Angela had dressed themselves in their ...

Terror party

9-11 attackers liked San Diego strip bars

"They must have given me over $10,000 to party with them. I suppose I could have made five times that amount if I'd agreed to have sex, but that's not my scene. I'm not a prostitute."

Let’s Be Friends

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