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What was Omar al-Bayoumi doing in San Diego?

Why did he befriend the 9/11 Pentagon hijackers?

Bayoumi met the hijackers at a Los Angeles restaurant, found a Clairemont apartment for them, helped them open a checking account at Bank of America, and hosted parties for them in San Diego and El Cajon.

Pushing up the sky

The Creator and Changer first made the world in the East. Then he slowly came westward, creating as he came. With him he brought many languages, and he gave a different one to each group ...

San Diego bands releasing records in August

Summer spike sees new Meeks, Blink, GonjaSufi, and Chica Diabla

New recordings are dropping all over town on Saturday, July 30. Encinitas-based punk reggae rockers Hazmatt has a CD-release party planned for Mr. Peabody’s in Encinitas. Sight Unscene’s third full-length, While the World Unfolds, drops ...

Mission Bay soliloquy

Time to dive

Swimming in Mission Bay takes less motivation in July. The chill you usually feel for 23 seconds in late June is gone. I believe where I swim has the clearest water of the whole bay. ...

North Coast Rep stages Ain’t Misbehavin’ with triple-threat actors

Waller’s songs tell stories.

With one major exception, the North Coast Rep’s doing a bang-up job with Ain’t Misbehavin’, Murray Horwitz, Richard Maltby, Jr., and Luther Henderson’s musical revue/tribute to the legendary Thomas “Fats” Waller (1904–1943). The title comes ...

Trios only

Vista's strange show-stopper — no bands bigger than three!

One brewery owner laments that the City of Vista’s music scene is stuck in neutral even as its beer industry is exploding. “We’ve been working with the city to do live music,” says Hans Haas, ...

The Bees of Bennett Valley

Fresh, herbaceous and very refreshing

Inspired by a photograph his fiancée took during a recent visit to Bennett Valley, Bankers' Hill bar manager Zack Gray developed the Bees of Bennett Valley cocktail, a cross-pollination of the lemon-honey-and-gin classic Bee’s Knees, ...

San Diego wants more optic fiber

Google it

Google Fiber, which is negotiating behind closed doors with San Diego mayor Kevin Faulconer over the terms of possible high-speed internet system here to compete with cable operators and AT&T, has signed on the international ...

You should've taken a break from Pride to see The Twentieth Century Way

(No disrespect to Kesha.)

Nothing says “equality and an end to homophobia” quite like garbage in the streets and drunk, sunburned straight people enjoying an excuse to slip on a tutu and some sequined leggings.

At Jimmy's Famous, stuffed like an overnight bag

Zing to it

Just imagine: A shipload of starving, scurvy-ridden Spanish sailors struggling ashore through the tidal mud flats and seeing...this? A deck full of tourists and well-heeled Diegans scarfing away at ribs, burgers, and cervezas? They missed ...

Close to the edge on Neptune Avenue

Bluff-top homeowners seek to prevent erosion

Surfrider and two members of the California Coastal Commission are challenging two homeowners’ plans at the bluff’s edge on Neptune Avenue. While the City of Encinitas approved the projects 40 feet back from the edge ...

The uncontrollable Dani Bell

Ms. Bell talks tarantism and being part of the Redwoods collective

Tarantism is “a psychological illness characterized by an extreme impulse to dance, prevalent in southern Italy from the 15th to the 17th Century, and widely believed at the time to have been caused by the ...

Gypsy’s one mother of a musical at Cygnet

Mama Rose could have been, as someone says, “a pioneer woman without a frontier.”

The great musical Gypsy begins with Baby June and Louise auditioning for Uncle Jocko the Clown. He obviously loathes tryouts and children. Louise is inaudible. Just when you’d expect him to scream, a vocal bomb ...

Nudists welcome gypsies

San Diego's first Gypsyfest to be held at a nudist resort

The cofounder of Quel Bordel, San Diego’s “world punk” band, first discovered the site for their upcoming music festival when they were scouting for a site for band photos. “We were looking for abandoned train ...

Comic book classics on screen

Ten Con cures

The banners are down, the fanboys back in their parents’ basements, and the convention center no longer a giant roll of flypaper used by corporations to ensnare the costumed souls that make it through the ...

Encounter shy mariposa lily and showy penstemon on Desert View Trail

Gaze into the desert from this mountain viewpoint.

For the first-time visitor to the lush green pine and oak forest covering the more than 6000-foot Mount Laguna, it can be astonishing to learn that the desert is only a short distance away. If ...

Even the kids like bowling

One hammered two strikes in a row

The leisure days of summer make my mind wander to all the extras I can’t find time to do the rest of the year. One such activity is bowling. The whole family enjoys it but ...

Death of a darling

Oh, creative types!

David dropped his head, and, with the faintest hint of a smile, whispered, “I hate you.” This phrase has become the swan song for each of his arguments in their moment of death.

Wartime on the boulevard

Riston Diggs finishes his military stint and is ready to rap

La Mesa–based MC Riston Diggs (the Known Unknowns) recorded his debut album, The Blvd Experience, following the completion of a nine-year Navy career where he served as an aviation administrator. I asked him about the ...

Nightshade Stevens fields a few questions for her bro

Black is a great place to start

Much as it pains me to ignore your collective problems for even a moment, I’m on vacation this week and unable to answer your letters. But, fear not! I’ve persuaded my cousin, Caroline...sorry, I mean, ...

Please, anything but sidewalk stars

Avenida Revolución goes Hollywood, restaurateur goes ballistic

"We’ve witnessed tourism making a slow comeback. But it’s not at all the type of tourism that wants to see star-studded sidewalks."

New Mission Hills library gets adornment

Clocked-out artwork

Esoteric may not be the only word to describe the city’s latest tax-financed public arts project, but it could turn out to be the kindest. Numbers recently posted by San Diego mayor Kevin Faulconer’s Open ...

Apple cider + full puppet nudity this week

And here’s a place to race your motorcycle

Thursday | 28 This “adult musical” is a look at life in New York featuring a cast of both people and puppets. In its Broadway debut, Avenue Q scored the “triple crown” of Tony wins, ...

The Warrior Cats series — like, yeah!

Sharon Jurist shares her favorite books

What are you reading? “Jedi Search, by Kevin Anderson. It’s a Star Wars book. I read Star Wars and Star Trek books. I’ve got a number of them at home, and I also check them ...

Never mind Bullock’s — Target is the future of dying malls

Target instead of Bullock’s, Macy’s instead of the Broadway

America’s ubiquitous shopping malls are starting to disappear. It’s not surprising, because the mid-to-lower section of the middle class — many malls’ major market — is vanishing. There is even a website that keeps the ...

Gary Clark Jr. — not your daddy's blues

Two sets of Sonny Boy Slim at Humphrey's this week

Although you wouldn’t know it by the way he plays the blues, Gary Clark Jr. calls Michael Jackson’s Bad tour one of his earliest musical influences, perhaps the first big push that had him playing ...

The pasta water’s on the boil — have some wine

Three poems by A.E. Stallings

Ritual Ritual is firm where life is fickle, Steps in, hands us formula for hurt, Things to do: cross ourselves, stand, bow. There are no words, we protest, but somehow Ritual instructs us what to ...

Jimmy Whispers, Fitz' Tantrums, Savages

...and the best of the rest in San Diego clubs this weekend

Thursday 28Bujwah Strangers stages Chicago’s bedroom balladeer, Jimmy Whispers, at the Hideout Thursday night. “Who is Jimmy Whispers?” you ask. Only “the greatest bedroom the tri-state area.” Says so right at the beginning of ...

Everybody's lives matter

Including bluefins'

If Only It is a shame that a good citizen like Rachel was “forced” to leave California, mainly because of our pathetic laws. After reading her story, it frustrates the hell out of me that ...

Durans, Weezer, Claypool Lennon Delirium

...and the best of the rest in San Diego clubs this week

Sunday 31The Australian blues guitarist/singer C.W. Stoneking sets up at Soda Bar Sunday night. He’s an award-winning stringman and performer practiced in the art of vaudeville blues — an old-school entertainer with a gift for ...

July 21 Sudoku Contenders

Evil Tony Abboud, Coronado, 2. Bliss Beedle, Encinitas, 2. Joseph Ciprian, Little Italy, 2. Alford Claibone, San Diego, 2. Patrick Driscoll, Santee, 2. Andy Freeburn, San Diego, 2. Rafael Gaceta, San Diego, 2. Butch Hays, ...

July 21 Crossword Contenders

Martha Awdziewicz, Clairemont, 2. L. Barling, El Cajon, 2. Evelyn Bowser, Hillcrest, 2. William Brewer, San Diego, 2. John Bruno, Escondido, 2. Dennis Butterworth, San Diego, 2. Chris Byzewski, San Diego, 2. Leslie Chase, Campo, ...