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Our son's autism test score was down to 15

Chula Vista small farm yard a factor?

“So, the whole of my front yard is 100 percent edible,” says Jeri. "There’s not one thing — not even the hibiscus, which can be used for tea — that is not edible. I have ...

Bassic instinct

Museum of Making Music's new Low exhibit is all about that bass

“Our intent is to reveal the bass,” says Kamau Kenyatta, about LOW: The Power & Beauty of Bass, the newest exhibit at the Museum of Making Music in Carlsbad. “Everyone feels it, so we did ...

An omelet as big as a pregnant armadillo

Too big!

“Our regulars?” she says when I ask what they eat. “Anything with gravy. Lakeside loves gravy.”

Slayed by Slashes

Borderland goth-rock band slashing its way into San Diego music scene

Esteban Rene admits this Saturday’s venue of choice isn’t the usual place for a live rock show. La Bodega is located in a converted church in Barrio Logan. “They don’t have a real setup for ...

Pick your chai

A chai tea should provide a cinnamon kick

“The temperature heat followed by the spice heat...I like it.”

Q: What to do with all those old t-shirts?

A: Seamstering

Hey Hipster: Love your column so I can keep up on what’s hip as a junior-senior! I noted with interest your resolution to get rid of your old concert T-shirts. NO! NO! Don’t do it! ...

Kaufman’s Cincinnati Crisis

Grace is never cheap

Writer and co-director Charlie Kaufman’s stop-motion animated film Anomalisa is a very fine portrait of the despair at the heart of a comfortable middle-aged white man in America circa right about now. British-born Michael Stone ...

The versatile Devotchka

Four players, 12 instruments, their own odd universe

A band named “Girl”: at least that’s what the group’s members (none of whom are Russian, by the way) claim Devotchka stands for in that particular language. No, this is a four-piece based in Colorado, ...

Rolling green

Cathryn Beeks converted an old bread truck into a mobile recording studio and more

“This area is my mobile studio,” Cathryn Beeks says, sitting in the forward passenger area inside an old bread truck painted lime green and black. On Facebook, the singer/songwriter/show producer now also lists her occupation ...

How to fly the friendly skies

To Jerusalem, with politics

A staffer for Democrat Bob Filner when the fallen San Diego mayor was in Congress, Humberto Peraza, has been cleared to travel to Israel for free, courtesy of the American Israel Education Foundation, an affiliate ...

No trailblazers wanted in Parry Grove

A quiet walk in lush chaparral, with Torrey pines and spectacular ocean views

The trail begins just north of the Torrey Pines Lodge Visitor Center at the top of the hill with a walk through Whitaker Native Plant Garden, named for Thomas W. Whitaker, a plant scientist and ...

Wine, love, coffee

“Aha!” exclaimed the commodity coffee drinker

Manzanita Roasting Company opened in December, cooking single-origin beans on a 15-kg Loring roaster in North County. The couple behind the coffee wholesaler is relatively new to the business. Weston and Samantha Nawrocki initially met ...

Cocktail caviar

Bust out the eyedropper and stir up some cocktails

“I’m going to put the tonic, Aperol, and sodium alginate in that container, and then you need to emotion-blend it while I’m over here mixing the calcium lactate and water in this container.”

On releasing a Mustang

Deniz Gamze Ergüven rides herd

France’s Oscar entry for best foreign-language film

America’s Got Talent, but does San Diego?

Comedians, dog acts, dance troupes fall all over themselves

Felix the Fire Cat arrived at the San Diego Convention Center at 5:30 p.m. on January 11. When the doors opened early the next morning, he was #2 in line for the San Diego auditions ...

The Jersey Lily comes to San Diego

Part one of two: Becoming an actor

When the world’s most beautiful woman came to town.

Need help surfing?

You're not alone

Depending on the tide, but usually around 1 p.m. on Saturday afternoons at the north end of La Jolla Shores there will be, weather permitting, a canopy with a colorful owl hanging from the frame. ...

Lawsuit filed over paramilitary training facility in Alpine

Shoot first. Ask later

As promised, environmental attorney Marco Gonzalez has filed a lawsuit against the County of San Diego for granting a permit to a 160-acre firearms training facility called Covert Canyon tucked away in the mountains of ...

Tijuana’s quest for independence

Posada in Pasaje Rodríguez an occasion to present new era of politics

This month, an unprecedented race for mayor of Tijuana and district representatives will commence. An amendment made to the Mexican constitution in 2012 opened the door for independent candidates to seek office in 2016. Beginning ...

Scene: North Park, late ’70s

Before it was cool

Dear Hipster: I grew up in North Park in the late ’70s, and I went to Alice Birney Elementary School. Since I lived in North Park before it was cool, does that make me an ...


I thought yall cared about me I thought yall were different I defended you, all of you From the mean words other said I tell them how you helped me I tell them how you ...

Pyles of film

Several San Diego artists caught on film performing for The Pyles Sessions

“Tim usually puts one on every other month, as a part of his Loudspeaker radio show on Sunday nights,” says videographer Craig Rian, who films performances for radio jock Tim Pyles’s video and EP/CD series ...

Dr. Robert Frank Mansueto: “Guaranteed growth rate.” Hmm...

Annuity ad misleading, claims overblown

Forbes columnist Ken Fisher proclaims, “I hate annuities.… The contracts are huge, obtuse, confusing and hence rarely read. Sales reps rarely realize the lies they peddle.” Sales commissions can be 8 percent or more, says ...

Strong feelings about last week's cover story

"Obama put us in the toilet, and if Hillary’s elected, she’ll pull the handle."

Correction “Not Another Yoga Studio” contains inaccurate information. ECP Commercial has not been the leasing agent of this property for over a year, which is well before the incident that was reported in your paper. ...

Grandma isn't scared of the end

"She will not get better."

She's 89, and she’s not panicked.

Let the Chargers leave for logical reasons

The U-T fires a few shots

After decades of what many have characterized as abject supplication to the Chargers-owning Spanos family, scribes of all varieties at the Union-Tribune have taken off the gloves. Last week a sportswriter for the paper bemoaned ...

Double dose of Earthless

Plus Blue Öyster Cult, Andy Frasco, and Deadbolt in San Diego clubs this weekend

Thursday 14Classic-rock band Blue Öyster Cult are radio-famous for hits such as “Godzilla” and “(Don’t Fear) the Reaper,” but they are YouTube-famous for the hilarious Saturday Night Live skit “More cowbell!” You know the one. ...

Things to do in the middle of January

Travel & Adventure, stuff you should know, and two film festivals

Thursday | 14 A showcase of narrative, documentary, animation, and Latino features and shorts. Films will be screened at the 180-seat Borrego Springs Performing Arts Center, and every show is expected to sell out. Networking ...

Car Seat Headrest in hyperdrive

Plus Devotchka, Ladysmith Black Mambazo, and Real Estate's Martin Courtney in San Diego clubs this week

Sunday 17Devotchka plays world music with an edge. Lots of edges, actually — the burlesque frontwoman was married to shock-rocker Marilyn Manson. Before you head up to Belly Up on Sunday, you can read all ...