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San Diego breweries that left a mark in 2015

Benchmark, Council, Modern Times, New England, Rip Current, Societe, Stumblefoot, Toolbox

800,000 barrels of beer on the wall...

Two poems by Tim Eddy

Observations from the Driftless Region of Wisconsin

Little Square Bales A high sky is here with that breeze from the west. Talkin’ rain Monday. Sabbath won’t be no day of rest. My brother’s out there now, baking up to the rake. Roll ...

The Gloomies' synthy surf trip

North County trio has a hit with "LSD"

Andy Craig likes to surf. He grew up soaking in Encinitas beach bliss. But he also needs to rock. The mellow overload caused Craig to escape to New York. “San Diego is a good surf-culture ...

Local coffee beers, blondes, creams, wheats, Germans, and Belgians

Hot coffee beers New English Brewing Company, Zumbar Chocolate Coffee Imperial Stout — 9.3% ABV Made in collaboration with Sorrento Valley neighbor and coffee roaster Zumbar, this reigning gold-medal coffee beer parlays a blend of ...

Flamenco virtuoso Fred Benedetti breaks down his hits list

Italian Japanese

"Most people would know me as a classical guitarist who also plays flamenco and ethnic-flavored music,” says Fred Benedetti, who cites among his most inspirational predecessors “Andrés Segovia, Pepe Romero, John Williams, and then move ...

Eat it with your gums

Amble into the Yemeni restaurant

Areekah? Eureka! Yemeni cuisine ancient and, in Southern California, rarified.

Blues bad boy Jonny Lang grows up

Lang takes the stage at Belly Up on Tuesday

Years ago, blues guitarist Walter Trout (who recently came back from the near-dead) saw the handwriting on the wall. “Every town I go to has got its own teenaged guitar slinger these days,” he complained ...

Chango voodoo

Local indie act Botanica Chango plays a record-release at the Irenic on November 4

Josh Becker (aka Chango Chango) from the group Botanica Chango sums up his band’s sound as being “voodoo pop.” What is voodoo pop? Well, let’s examine “BB and the Beat,” currently available on the band’s ...

San Diego's best bottle shops

What kind of beer do you crack open for refreshment when you get home at night? These are the best places in the county to stock your fridge or beer cellar. Bottlecraft The many positive ...

Truth is, Oscar season is upon us

Do younger audiences remember who Dan Rather is?

Cate Blanchett is seated before a panel of aggressive, mostly male Republican types, being grilled about her involvement in a scandalous, headline-grabbing story. A quick-to-YouTube camcorder doc titled Hillary Goes Benghazi? Not yet. Truth is, ...

Yes, there will be Harleys in heaven

It all flows from knowing God

Interview with Pastor Al Hester of Evangelical Free Church of America

Beers that impressed the experts in 2015

Some guys try new beers for a living. I asked these local craft bar and bottle shop beer buyers to discuss a few local beers that have stood out to them in 2015. Scot Blair ...

Uphill both ways to El Cap

A most challenging hike in mountain-lion country

Take a strenuous hike to enjoy views from the Cuyamacas to the Coronado Islands.

Theme park celebrity

Lakeside native Natalie Emmons makes it big in Japan

Natalie Emmons’s road to becoming a Japanese pop star began with a meeting of foreign-exchange students six years ago. “I always had a fascination with Japan,” says Emmons, who was raised and still lives in ...

The NFL will lie to you. Anytime. Anywhere.

Dog-and-pony show reeks of NFL ego

Chargers public hearing on relocation.

What warrants Halloween immortalization?

Weather pattern? Famous idiot? The options seem endless

Go as Kim Kardashian’s glistening buttocks.

Surfers will roar at PB Point

Nature will tell you if you should be out that day

Paddle around the peak or get out of the lineup!

Servants of cinema

Film Forum curator and Ken Cinema manager move on

A little over a year after pouring wads of dough into building a new screening facility for the San Diego Central Library to ostensibly house their popular Film Forum program, Ralph DeLauro, series curator for ...

HOA tricks, lies, and deceives ... and residents still don't care

Maybe paying the board is a good idea

“Why are all these foreclosed homes submitting ballots?”

SD County tap houses

Where San Diego’s beer culture really lives

Tap houses are where beer enthusiasts comingle to talk about the great ones and the weird ones, to compare notes and to show off their respective palates. In the best tasting rooms you may find ...

Your demons are a bore

You’re under a curse? So what?

Not all amazing clowns don a costume.

San Diego's best IPAs, sours, browns, reds, session ales, and pales

Incredible IPAs The style that put San Diego on the world beer map tastes great at nearly every brewery in town, and naming just a handful as the best would short-change everybody. I tried to ...

Good for the gander?

This time the shoes are on the feet of Michael Hansen

Even a staffer for Republican mayor Kevin Faulconer, uber-champion of the big-money real estate industry, can turn out to be a NIMBY, the acronym for “not in my backyard” used derisively by the mayor’s wealthy ...

New breweries to watch

There are 18 new breweries in the county this year? That’s as of October. It’ll take days for you to try them all. So I advise you to prioritize these promising upstarts. Second Chance Beer ...

San Diego’s income and poverty numbers better than most

But cost of living is near the highest

If you want a cushy life, be a bureaucrat, lobbyist, or politician.

Westerly views over Presidio Park

Luxury home buyers are invited to Mission Hills

Mission Hills history for sale as well.

San Diego’s tastiest tasting rooms

Breweries like to set aside some comfortable space for guests to enjoy a few beers. Many, maybe even most, could best be described as utilitarian. But these breweries went the distance to make sure their ...

Stone Temple Weiland, Murder City Moody

...and the best of the rest in San Diego clubs this week

Sunday 1Sunday night at-a-glance: from Edmonton in Alberta in Canada, indie singer/songer Sean Nicholas Savage sets up at Soda Bar behind his new record, the new-wave-y Other Death...Phish guitarist Trey Anastasio rides Paper Wheels, his ...

Failure, King Khan & BBQ, No Knife

...and the best of the rest in San Diego clubs Halloween weekend

Thursday 29With their attention to production and texture, Failure were/are the Pink Floyd of alternative rock, the missing link to Muse, if you’re into them. Overshadowed by grunge radio, Failure had a brief but loud ...

Thoughts on the late Bill Kolender

That’s Pretty Sorry I read your obituary on Bill Kolender. All you could do was dig up dirt on the poor guy, huh? Matt Potter, that’s pretty sorry. I’ve lived here for 51 years, and ...

Best brewpubs, greatest gastropubs, and beautiful beer gardens

San Diego’s best brewpubs If tasting rooms exist to serve fresh beer to beer enthusiasts, brewpubs place a premium on serving fresh beer alongside good food. These spots foment a greater felling of community, attract ...

Record-release roundup

New music from San Diego bands

Victoria Wasserman’s release party for Victoria Naomi STFU happens October 29 at House of Blues. “I’ll be giving out CDs and performing some of my favorite Amy Winehouse songs, as well as my own material,” ...