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Online poker refugee Bryce Daifuku lives across from Tijuana country club

I could lose $5000 right now and I wouldn’t feel anything

“Now, I have a much better understanding of money. I understand that it goes in and it goes out.”

My religion now is Love alone

From the poems of Al-Maarri

Tread lightly, for a thousand hearts unseen Might now be breathing in this misty green; Here are the herbs that once were pretty cheeks, Here the remains of those that once have been. Afearing whom ...

Now you know: Radio Bandiego

"We’re working with the bands to help bring a higher-level attendance to clubs and concerts.”

NFL team could play in L.A. in 2016

Goodell upbeat on L.A. at S.F. meeting

The Associated Press is reporting today (May 20) that a National Football League team could be playing in the Los Angeles metropolitan area in the 2016 season. The window for applications would be moved up ...

Creativity comes to the third wave

Middle East inspirations and natural ingredients land in North Park's crowded coffee scene.

The already saturated North Park coffee scene took an unexpected turn in early May when Holsem Coffee opened on University at 30th. While the small-batch roaster offers seven single-origin coffees plus both light and dark ...

A drummer's dance with Mr. Booze

When Dave Madden sprung back to life, a priest was reading him his last rites...

When Dave Madden, drummer for indie-pop group Kingdom of Lights, sprung back to life after his heart stopped beating from organ failure, a priest was reading him his last rites. It was then that Madden ...

How different is Nepali food from lowland Indian food?

A promise of heat

What did the rest of the world do before the Spanish brought tomatoes back from New World?

Interview with Good Kill star Bruce Greenwood

Besides his recent role as a wealthy developer on TV’s Mad Men, Bruce Greenwood may be most familiar as the fatherly Captain Pike in J.J. Abrams’ s Star Trek reboots. In Good Kill, he plays ...

Wilder times for Grossmont High alum

"Yeah, he was always a Country Dick kind of guy. He lived and died rock and roll.”

San Diego’s Eliot Wilder fooled around Grossmont High and then L.A. and ended up in Boston. His latest work, Quartet, fuses classical and hip-hop. He took questions over email. What was the music scene like ...

Where do you keep your Dracula Boots?

Kid Congo and the Pink Monkey Birds on the bill of this week's Gig To Get To at Casbah

In January, Brian Tristan announced that he would assume the identity of his alter ego, Kid Congo Powers, full-time, at least onstage. Not such a bad move — Kid Congo and the Pink Monkey Birds’ ...

Three of clubs

The Reader's on the case of all that empty space

The California Theater hasn’t hosted a show since 1989.

Buying stuff for a Memorial Day party is a patriotic gesture

Door decal features Abe rocking Wayfarer sunglasses with “Original Hipster” written below

Celebrate Memorial Day like a Lincoln.

Punk rock ain’t no bitch, Mom!

Half-empty cans, cigarette butts, rubbers, and blood stains mark the end of a good time.

Chad, 11:45 a.m.: “Aye dawgy, what time are you all headed south?” Derek, 11:46 a.m.: “It might be later than we originally planned cuz I have to go to the hospital. But I will be ...

Anza-Borrego’s forest of miniature trees

Popular hike leads to a pinyon forest and spectacular views

Whale Peak, though not the highest peak in the Anza-Borrego Desert State Park, is high enough at 5349 feet to offer spectacular views of much of the park and mountain ranges in Mexico and Arizona. ...

George Bernard Shaw pays a rare visit to the Old Globe

A Shavian rinse

Arms and the Man succeeds despite an antsy itch to entertain.

Nobody heard of Blake’s burden before this

Dear Hipster: Is there anything about a person’s name that would preclude him or her from hipster status? Say, you wanted to be a professional wrestler, and you tried to bill yourself as King Tutu, ...

Ride wild surf movies at San Diego Surf Film Fest 4

It appears as if the San Diego Surf Film Festival has hit a happy reef. The annual event has become so popular that, after three years of calling Bird’s Surf Shed their home base, SDFF ...

On the value of fish wrap...

Expert says Tribune Co. wanted to buy U-T in gloomy 2008

Ken Doctor, probably the reigning expert on the economics of the newspaper industry, said yesterday (May 19) in a story for that Chicago's Tribune Co. wanted to buy the U-T in depressed 2008 for ...

Papa Beutner’s gifts of politics

The soon-to-be publisher of U-T San Diego — recently unloaded by exiting publisher and local Republican titan Douglas Manchester to Chicago-based Tribune Publishing — is, like his predecessor, a big money giver to California politicos. ...

Attacked by a 300-pound sea lion

One of my diving friends, a commercial urchin fisherman, says his most terrifying underwater occurrence in over 20 years of diving several times a week was at the Channel Islands. He worked off a hookah, ...

Do Not Allow

Chasing Calm

“I find it funny that all the solutions popping up to address tech stress are technological are more apps to help you combat the effect of dealing with too many apps.”

Grandma drove a tank while pregnant in 1948 Jerusalem

Israel was the first foreign country I visited, in 1980, four months after I was born. Although my Jewish-ish parents didn’t take my brother and me to temple, I went to the Holy Land six ...

Pit bull kills dachshund; Solana Beach man kills pit bull

Wiener dog avenged

Felony animal cruelty or protecting his puppy?

Temple of Wes

Prada's precious new watering hole makes Milan the hip destination.

Dear Hipster: What would be the ultimate hipster vacation destination for this summer? — Deb, Golden Hill Well, until recently that might have stumped me enough to cop something lamely ironic, and overzealously punctuated, like, ...

San Diego water torture

The death of Chris Burden last week of melanoma at the age of 69 merited an extensive obituary in the New York Times. He was, the paper wrote, “a conceptual artist who in the line ...

A book on getting the guy

What are you reading right now? “Get the Guy: Learn Secrets of the Male Mind to Find the Man You Want and the Love You Deserve, by Matthew Hussey. He’s a matchmaker and relationship coach. ...

First, what the heck is a quasar?

Post Title: Questions about quasars? Quick — to the observatory! | Post Date: April 20, 2015 This April I participated in the Blogging from A to Z April Challenge, writing about different San Diego hotspots ...

Questions and suggestions

Basic Questions While the article “NightmAirbnb” does a good job painting a poor-me narrative of retired school teacher Rachel Smith being picked on by the big bad government, it lacks real transparency. Rachel listed her ...

Stones rolling into Petco

Plus GBH, Smiths Undercover, Gary Wilson, and Mystic Braves in San Diego clubs this week

Sunday 24“The master of the pan flute,” Zamfir, plays a three-hour tribute to the whimsical tunes of Gilbert and Sullivan at Petco Park Sunday night. Tour reports say the 74-year-old Romanian pop star “totally shreds ...

X squared

Plus Rezillos, Blues Explosion, Sage Francis, and Sleeping People in San Diego clubs this weekend

Thursday 21From Edinburgh, Scotland, circa 1978, comes first-wave punk band the Rezillos. Singers Fay Fife and Eugene Reynolds comprise the core of the group known more for its new-wave leanings than thug-punk screaming. Part B-52s ...

“Jane Eyre” and “The Elgin Theater”

Jane Eyre “I’d like you to meet my books,” you said on our very first date, on the first of June, when you introduced me to all the books you’d read, who must have approved ...

May 19 dock totals

16 anglers aboard the Chubasco II 1/2 day morning run caught 1 sculpin, 1 sand bass, 1 rockfish and 74 calico bass. 50 calico bass were released. The Dolphin 1/2 day am run with 7 ...

Niccol on drones

Extra missiles, please

The battlefield in Andrew Niccol’s Good Kill is within the soul of Major Thomas Egan (a drawn and dead-eyed Ethan Hawke), a former fighter pilot who now spends his days in a metal box on ...

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